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Veranda Sahl

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by swim-maestro, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. swim-maestro

    swim-maestro New Member

    We have just bought a studio at veranda in sahl hasheesh which included the 9% pre-launch discount price.
    Has anyone else bought here and what are your opinions on this development? Personally i think sahl is gonna be massive!What do you think?
    We have also bought in hurghada(westside village)and seen a 30% equity increase in 6 weeks... Westside are building 660 units over 44000m2 compared with veranda buiding the same amount of units over 130000m2!!
    We have invested in both these developments as we fell in love with egypt and envisage spending 6 months in the uk and 6 months in the sunshine!
    My vision is in 10 years time sahl is going to be just as luxurious as they forecast and with the limited amount of property in the resort whoever gets in early is gonna make a killing!
  2. propertastic

    propertastic New Member

    Veranda is a very nice development.

    From the masterplan alone, I didn't realize how good it was. It was only when I got on site and discovered how high an elevation it is at, with really nice views over the golf course and the bay that I saw how much potential it has.

    It's fabulous for anyone who likes swimming as well as there are plenty of them to choose from.
  3. swim-maestro

    swim-maestro New Member

    Thanks for that im off to put my speedos on!! lol
  4. Lsab

    Lsab New Member

    Hi Swim Maestro, welcome to the forum. I've seen this development advertised in 'A Place In The Sun' mag but don't know much about it except it'll be out of my price range unfortunately. We had wanted to buy in Sahl but couldn't get the finance together so went for Hurghada - Regency Beach. For other members that might be interested, any information that you could tell us about Veranda would be very welcome.

    Meanwhile if you've a spare few minutes, maybe you could introduce yourself on the Introductions thread at the top of the page. It's not compulsory but it's a popular thread for us all to 'meet' the other members of the forum. Speedos optional :D

    If you need any help navigating the forum just give one of the moderators a shout.
  5. swim-maestro

    swim-maestro New Member

    Hi isab thank you for your kind welcome to the totally property forum.Myself and my partner(tinkerbell) who has also posted on this forum will introduce ourselves on the introductions thread in due course.
    As for veranda we purchased a 42m2 studio for the bargain price of £34500.The sheer design of veranda(spanish style villas only 2 storeys high on an elevated location) with endless facilities including country/beach club/50m olympic swimming pool and golf buggies to transport you to the beach!!
    A big plus is the maintenance arrangement it is a one off 5% of the purchase price deposit. i.e you pay a fee of 5% into a 'pool' bank' and interest from this account covers all maintenance costs whilst you own the property and when you sell you receive your full 5% back and the new owner buys back in at the same rate.I hope this makes sense!? :) we believe the exclusivity of sahl hasheesh will offer us the greatest return on our investment and a fab place to live!!!
  6. Lsab

    Lsab New Member

    I really didn't realise that studios were available in Sahl at that price - not far off what we're paying for a junior suite on Regency Beach. Every time I hear of a new development I wonder if I'd be better off with it! I think once R. Beach gets moving I'll be glad that I stuck with it though. Congratulations on both your purchases.
  7. Congratulation Swim Maestro you did the right choice Sahl Hasheesh is the perfect place
  8. reda1904

    reda1904 New Member

    Hi Putneypj,

    I don't know much about Paradise Gardens as we didn't go into it much as it doesn't really appeal to us but we have looked at Veranda in detail. We met the architect and developers at The Place in the Sun Exhibition last month and that really confirmed for us that Veranda is going to be every bit as good as they say. After talking with so many salesman that just seem to tell you what you want to hear it was refreshing to meet people that appear very genuine and they certainly have an excellent reputation to uphold so i'm confident they will deliver what they promise.

    We liked the overall look of the complex and especially that they are only building on 20% of the area and the rest is landscaped with lagoons and tropical gardens. Some of the developments closer to the beach just seemed to bit too high density and we liked the openness of the surroundings at Veranda. Also the golf course should be a big attraction for potential renters and if we decide to resell in the future. We are yet to make our decision on what we will go for but Veranda certainly ticks most of our boxes.
  9. swim-maestro

    swim-maestro New Member

    Hi red1904, Myself and partner have bought a studio at veranda although the development is not 'beachfront,it is going to be away from all the noise and all the hustle and bustle so therefore being quieter and more exclusive..
    Apart from the diving off the beach i envisage that most residents at veranda are going to want to stay around the stunning lagoon pools and all the facilities.Personally i think you have the best of both worlds at veranda!
    If the developer produces what is promised im going to be a very proud owner of one of the most sought after properties in sahl...Have a good day :)
  10. Seems lots of Veranda Owners are coming here that is perfect to join :)
  11. Jersey Bean

    Jersey Bean New Member

    I'd agree. As Veranda is still in the early stages of development, it hasn't the exposure yet of some of the earlier sites so it's good to be able to contact other buyers. A question for those who have chosen Veranda, have you seen anything of the preliminary sales agreement yet ?

    Marcel & Jayne
  12. The Smart Money

    The Smart Money New Member


    After alot of reading and discussions with my better half we have decided to invest in veranda.

    1) Are their any studios still available at the Veranda development?

    2) Is their a discount for paying for a studio using payment plan 1?

    3) how long is it between each of the 12 staged build payments? i.e. 2 months etc

    I and my girlfiend intend to use the property ourselves, but it is primarily viewed as an investment. does the developer offer any guaranteed rental schemes (with personal usage) ?

    kind regards

  13. Jef1

    Jef1 New Member

    I had a price list for the Veranda e-mailed to me this morning from a UK agent and there are appears to be a few of the studios still available from £37,800 plus the maintenance fee.
  14. The Smart Money

    The Smart Money New Member

    Could you email me it Jef? my email add is btlpropertyhotmailcom

    so i assume you are planning on investing their too, im tryin to do some of my own due diligence, do you have any links to the masterplan for sahl hasheesh?


  15. rossantony

    rossantony New Member

    studio plans

    plans for the studios are posted in the property for sale section.


  16. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi all - I have created a new thread for Veranda and taken the posts out of the Sahl Paradise Gardens thread and put them here.
  17. rossantony

    rossantony New Member

    Welcome to the Veranda! (Introductions)

    To everyone interested in Veranda, whether owners or interested parties here we can discuss, debate, and hang out.

    We can post here update pics from the development, so if you have any please post them here.

    I have a couple of nice shots of Marcel & Jayne (our first buyers) but I will leave it up to them to upload their own piccies!

    We have been waiting a long time for the contract, but I have been told it is due very soon.

    For those of you that do not know me, I used to work for the developer and egyptian master agent, but now I sell all quality developments in Hurghada. So I hope that you trust my opinion is not over biased, although I admit I do have my own personal favourites!

    My name is ross antony donaldson, for the record I was born Jersey, Channel Isles, in 1971. I was educated in Jersey, (St Georges, Victoria College, Hautlieu) and also at the University of Alicante, Spain. I lived in Mallorca for many years, and have a deep affection to Spain. I am having a house built there at the moment in Costa de la Luz. I have been involved in the property industry all my life. My father is a developer, my mother a UK based real estate agent. Outside of work, I enjoy film, books, the beach, and the odd beverage. My partner Michelle is training to be a massage and beauty therapist.

    I live in Hurghada, on the Village Road.
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  18. Jersey Bean

    Jersey Bean New Member

    Hi Ross,

    More then happy to post some pictures when we have something suitable (and I've learnt how to do it). Perhaps after our holiday to El Gouna (and our reccie of Veranda) we'll have something to share.

    Marcel & Jayne
  19. rossantony

    rossantony New Member

    new pics of public beach are infront of veranda!!

    enjoy! beautiful beach!! beautiful water!

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  20. Hello
    Is this the private beach for Veranda?
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