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With the uncertainty of the economy and property market as we move forwards out of Covid-19, what does it mean for property finance products? Has the availability of different types of property lending altered? Have lending criteria and interest rates shifted? This episode of Property Forum’s Chat Show covers all these questions and more, discussing the market-wide finance options available today for property investors, developers and landlords.

We also covered private finance (including JVs and Loan Notes) from both the developer and investor perspectives. This included specific guidance on how to attract private investors in today’s climate, PLUS the best ways to structure this type of lending agreement to be attractive to investors, whilst ensuring flexibility and cash flow for the developer.

We also discussed Joint Venture lending from the investor’s perspective – what level of return can you expect and how can you protect your investment.

This is essential viewing if you want to understand all the finance options available to you today, as we move out of Covid-19.

This Chat Show covered the following topics:

• TODAY’S availability for all types of lending… including Bridging, Development Finance, Land Development, Commercial Loans and

• Tips on how to present your property investment projects to lenders (both private and high-street)

• How to attract private finance for your property development business (including structuring Joint Venture Lending and Loan Notes).

• Opportunities for private finance INVESTORS to invest in Developer Finance in today’s market (and how to be diligent about protecting your investment).

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Introducing Our Speakers...

Nicholas Wallwork

International For Dummies Author, Entrepreneur, Property Investor, Developer and CEO of www.propertyforum.com.

Lucy Barrett

Managing Director and Founder of leading property finance brokerage, Vantage Finance.