Platinum Membership

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PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP IS JUST £19/MONTH has always been (and will continue to be) completely free to use. However with our passion for helping our users progress on their property investment journey (or indeed, to help them get started) we have put together a paid membership option which give users some incredibly unique benefits…

Over half your membership fee each month is invested in real, live property investments!

Our membership allows you to invest £10 each month in real property investments, so you can start to build your very own portfolio whilst learning more about property by chatting on the forum. Membership also gives you access to a unique collection of discounts and freebies from leading property companies and services.


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£10 each month is invested in real live property investments, through Property Moose…

Each month you can choose from a variety of property investments to place over half of your membership fee into. Our partners, Property Moose provide a unique platform allowing you to invest small amounts of money into real, live investments… and to potentially benefit from real, cash returns, starting your own property portfolio.
*Your capital is at risk if you invest, please read the full warnings on our site.

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Every month there are exclusive and unique reasons to become a Property Forum Platinum Member for just £19.

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Free educational webinar

Belinda Grashion is a self-made property millionaire with a passion to help others succeed in property investment. She provides a range of online and face-to-face courses to share her most successful property investment strategies. As a Platinum Member you get free access to an educational webinar and online course.

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Discounted Landlord Insurance

Get an exclusive 5% discount on landlord insurance products. You can never tell when incidents such as theft, vandalism, flooding and fire will occur and as a landlord you should always be prepared. Platinum Members receive an exclusive 5% discount from Falcon Insurance on landlord products .

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Free Property Magazines

Property Investor News is a leading investor publication providing high level professional analysis & unbiased opinion on property investment. Property Forum has secured your first 3 issues for FREE when you subscribe with them for 1 year.

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Property Deal Alerts

Platinum Members receive email alerts each week letting them know all new property investment deals that have been added to the forum. Your weekly email summary will include every type of investment from across the globe.


£10 of your membership fee each month will be invested in a real, live property investment of your choice through Property Moose. All other special offers, discounts and freebies may change month-to-month to ensure we bring you discounts on the most relevant and up-to-date products and events. You are free to unsubscribe at any time.