Episode 4 – Jim Haliburton, The HMO Daddy

Jim Haliburton (‘The HMO Daddy’) joins Nicholas Wallwork for a special HMO Chat Show episode…

How will HMOs adapt and succeed after the new safety measures caused by Covid-19?

DATE: Thursday 11th June, 12.00p.m.
HOSTED BY: Nicholas Wallwork, Property Forum’s CEO
WHERE: Broadcast LIVE on Property Forum TV on YouTube
GUEST SPEAKER: Jim Halliburton, the country’s leading HMO expert and also known as ‘The HMO Daddy’.

Jim Haliburton appears on chat show

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The theme for this Chat Show Podcast…

With new, stringent (and seemingly long-lasting) safety measures affecting all businesses due to Covid-19, managing an HMO with multiple tenants faces its own set of unique challenges. But even when social distancing is set to become an everyday part of our lives, the demand for shared accommodation that HMOs offer is as high as it has ever been. In this episode of Property Forum’s Chat Show, Jim Haliburton (highly experienced HMO landlord with his own TV series which cemented his reputation as “The HMO Daddy”) and Nicholas Wallwork (HMO developer and CEO of Property Forum) come together to discuss how HMO investors can move forwards successfully within the new safety considerations outlined by Covid-19.

They also discuss how demand for HMOs might change following this pandemic, and what new opportunities there will be to start, or grow, an HMO portfolio.

This Chat Show will cover:

• How HMO landlords are reacting to Covid-19 and what they are reporting as the main issues they are facing.

• How HMOs might adapt moving forwards, to be able to adhere to Covid-19 safety regulations (and how to help tenants stay safe).

• How the HMO investment strategy might be affected in the next 6-12 months.

• Will there be new opportunities to step into the HMO market (or expand your current HMO portfolio) off the back of this pandemic?

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Introducing our speakers…

Nicholas Wallwork

Nicholas Wallwork

International For Dummies Author, Entrepreneur, Property Investor, Developer and CEO of www.propertyforum.com.
Jim Haliburton

Jim Haliburton

The country’s leading HMO expert, also known at ‘The HMO Daddy’ following his popular TV series of the same name.

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HMO landlords or Investors considering stepping into the HMO investment market.

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