Introducing John Howard, The Property Expert


“I’m delighted to pass on the extensive knowledge and experience that I have gained throughout my career, onto like-minded, aspiration and ambitious decision makers who want to live the exciting lifestyle the property world can offer.”

John Howard is known in the industry as ‘The Property Expert’. He is a property professional with 4 decades of experience and proven acumen in developing, trading and investing. John’s proficiency stems from the purchase and sale of over 3,500 houses, apartments and developments within the UK. As part of John’s commitment to the industry, he also shares his wealth of knowledge through his books, seminars and TV appearances. If you want to learn from the best in the property industry, with no-nonsense, high value, accurate and fact-filled training, John Howard is the man to learn from.


John Howard’s one day seminars offer insider tips and hard-nosed, practical advice on the business of property development, along with unique insights that have made John a successful property developer. His no nonsense approach gives you an incredible level of practical advice, with no upselling. With his straightforwed honest advice, you can act immediately to gain great success. Not only will this seminar help you to make a profit from property, it should also save you time and money. Here’s what you can expect to learn in just 1 day…

✓ How to get started and put a deal together

✓ Where to find funding and investors for your property deals

✓ How to avoid common pitfalls faced by novice investors

✓ Understand the process of how to buy and sell property

✓ Which types of property to choose – apartments or houses, residential or commercial, urban or rural?

✓ Where to find and buy properties, from auctions to online

✓ Which type of property development to go for – renovation, restoration, or new builds?

✓ Tips on buying to let and buy-to-let mortgages

✓ How to trade in a rising market or dropping market

✓ How to avoid going under during property recessions

Whether you’re a first-time investor looking to start out in the property industry, a complete beginner, have already purchased a few properties, or are already working in property, this seminar is for you!


Meet John Howard, The Property Expert…

John’s experience is vast; including traditional houses, hotels and large scale developments. Having worked in residential and commercial property for many years, John has formed many valuable partnerships with leading industry contacts, adding breadth and depth to this expertise and knowledge. The latest acquisition in John’s portfolio is a £26 million development funded by Homes England. John is a director and shareholder of various property management companies, financial service providers and numerous estate agencies, including Fine and Country Norfolk. All of which provide an all-encompassing understanding of the property world.

John’s one day seminars have been tailored to improve the success of those who wish to learn more about developing, investing or trading property. John has a track record of developing, investing and trading and is still actively doing so. John’s seminars show you what he believes is possible and he will not make outrageous statements which are simply not possible to achieve.

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Read John’s book on the complete guide to all aspects of property development and investment!


Hear what recent attendees of John’s one day seminar thought…

“Thank you for a brilliant seminar today, it was great to hear from someone who has such a vast industry knowledge and is enthusiastic about what they do. I was on the fence as to whether property development could be a choice for me after graduation. After hearing you speak today it is most definitely something I will be pursuing – I am very inspired.” Joe, London

“I have been to several property courses and seminars over the last few years trying to develop my knowledge. I learnt more in the first half an hour at your seminar than all the others combined! Thank you!” Harriet, Norwich.

“It was refreshing to hear from someone who has actually traded, invested and developed property and has traded in lots of different market states. Enlightening!” Claire, Norwich

“Thank you for a great day, I learnt volumes and you told it exactly how it it”. David, Cambridge

John’s expertise has been seen across SKY TV, press, events and educational books…