Developer Loan Note Investments

Download your free Due Diligence guide to investing in Developer Loan Notes…

Property Loan Note Investments are a way for investors to obtain one of the highest interest rates currently available in the UK (typically around 8-12% annually), and are an alternative to investing on the stock market, or in more conventional property investments such as buy-to-let. Loan Notes are used in the property industry, by developers seeking to raise capital to fund their upcoming development projects. Your funds are usually held in a specially limited company called a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and are secured on assets (in this case, property). This all helps to protect your investment and gives investors security.

Loan Note experts Redbrick Wealth have create a free 8 page guide, which includes a 43 point Due Diligence checklist. This is essential background reading for anyone considering any type of Developer Loan Note Investment. The PDF guide includes…

✓ An introduction to Developer Loan Notes

✓ Understanding the risk verses the potential reward

✓ A detailed guide to researching a developer’s track record

✓ How to do Due Diligence on the current property market and a specific development project

✓ A 43 point checklist to follow to ensure you research any Loan Note Opportunity thoroughly

Protecting your money in any type of investment is all about undertaking thorough Due Diligence and ensuring you understand any potential risk involved. Property Forum strives to provide free education to help investors protect their funds and make informed decisions that work well for them.