Developer Loan Note Investments

Developer Loan Note Investments


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Developer Loan Note Investments offer a ‘hands off’ opportunity to receive between 8-12%
annual returns through property. This type of investment is still performing well in today‘s
market, but only if you invest with the right developer. Understanding what Due Diligence you should be doing is critical to ensuring you invest as securely as possible.

As experienced investment agents and developers, Nicholas’s team at Redbrick Wealth
understand the Due Diligence process inside out.

This FREE 8 page Due Diligence Guide to
investing in Developer Loan Notes is essential reading and includes a 43-point checklist

If you are considering investing in a Loan Note opportunity, it’s likely you will resonate with some of the questions below. These are the most common questions we hear from investors who are considering Redbrick’s Loan Note opportunity. In our video series, Redbrick’s CEO Nicholas Wallwork answers all these questions in detail, providing transparency and education around Loan Note investments.

“How safe is my money?”
“Will market fluctuations (like Brexit) affect my investment?”
“How can you afford to pay 8-12% returns?”

Redbrick have a leading reputation for Loan Note investments

Redbrick have
already repaid £20
million of funds to
private investors.

They have NEVER missed
a single monthly interest
payment in nearly 10

Their expertise spans
across TV, web,
press and globally
published books

In the world of property reputation is king.

If you are actively considering investing in a Loan Note opportunity, there are several reasons why you should consider Redbrick’s Loan Note. Our track record with investors is second to none. We have delivered on every single development, paying returns on time, every time, to our investors.

Our reputation also extends far beyond the development arm of the business…. we own (the world’s largest international property forum), and regularly appear in the media (inlcuding SKY TV) to share property and development commentary.

Meet Nicholas Wallwork, CEO of Redbrick
and international For Dummies author!

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