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Here at Property Forum we are passionate about providing excellent educational resources, events, courses, articles, videos and ebooks for anyone interested in making money through property.

As we speak, our team are hunting down the very best property resources available today (both offline and online, free and paid for). Our goal is to ensure you have all the property guidance and advice you could possible need, at the click of a button.

You can get started by looking at the featured experts in our ‘Education’ menu above, browse through the latest best-selling books from Amazon and we highly recommend joining our active property forum where our thriving community members are available to offer guidance and support for all things property.


Educational articles, interviews with property experts, property mentorships, TV shows and property events .

Property Events

We have a specific forum dedicated to listing all the upcoming property events in the UK and worldwide. It’s completely free to list events if you have one to promote, simply join today and tell us about your property event here.


Educational Resources

Read the introductory posts in each individual forum to get background information and free resources on each specific forum topic. We have forums on over 100 topics, giving you free information on everything from HMOs to overseas property markets.

Property Mentors

We partner with the property industry’s leading mentors to give you access to webinars, online courses and events. Our ‘Education’ tab on the navigation bar has details of property mentors who can help you kick start your property journey.

Sky TV Shows

In 2016 we launched a TV show on Sky’s dedicated property channel. The series featured industry experts in property law, property development, evictions, HMOs, joint ventures and property finance. You can watch the entire series as a Property Forum member for free.