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Yield and how to calculate it

Yield is probably the most important calculation you will need to pay attention to when researching whether a property investment will work financially for you. Yield tells you how much of an annual return you investment is likely to provide. It is calculated by expressing a years rental income as a percentage of the property purchase price.

As an example, if the predicted weekly rental income on a house is £200, times that by 52 weeks to get the estimated annual return (in this case, £10,400). If the house price is £100,000 then the Yield would be 10.4%.

Yield Calculator


Annual rent


Stamp Duty and how it effects landlords

Every time you purchase a property in England and Northern Ireland you are liable to pay Stamp Duty. This is a land tax payment which is payable on every property costing most than £125,000, or more than £40,000 for a second home. Because Stamp Duty is due on every additional property you buy it’s something that every landlord must understand and consider before expanding their portfolio.

Stamp Duty is applicable on both freehold and leasehold properties, whether you are buying with a mortgage or buying outright with cash.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Effective Rate 0%
Tax Band % Taxable Sum Tax
Less than £125k 0 £0 £0
£125k to £250k 2 £0 £0
£250k to £925k 5 £0 £0
£925k to £1.5m 10 £0 £0
Rest over £1.5m 12 £0 £0
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