Property mentoring with Nicholas Wallwork and Martin Roberts!

Nicholas Wallwork and Martin Robert’s 1-2-1 mentorship sessions are completely tailored to help you with your specific development or property investment issue or question.

Whether it’s advice on maximising profits, planning options, structuring a Joint Venture, finding the right funding solution, navigating the fast-paced auction room, or deciding which investment strategy is right for you, their tailored mentorship sessions offer incredible personalised value that gives you real, measurable results.

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Nicholas and Martins’ combined 45+ years property investment expertise can help you avoid costly mistakes and common errors when developing or investing for the first time.

grow in confidence

Having expert mentors by your side from start to finish, means you can be confident you are making the right decisions, at the right time, with your property investment or development.

maximise profit

Nicholas and Martin understand how to maximise profits and add value, even from the smallest spaces, having developed £60m+ worth of property to date.

Understand funding options

Nicholas and Martin can explain your all your funding options, helping you understand which options are feasible for your project, and how to structure and present a deal.

Trusted by the international publishing brand FOR DUMMIES, Nicholas has released two books with the New York-based publisher Wiley: Investing In International Real Estate For Dummies and Brexit For Dummies.

He is an established property developer and investor with over 20 years in the property sector, specialising in commercial to residential conversions, HMOs and Serviced Accommodation strategies.

Nicholas is an Angel Investor on the popular TV show Property Elevator, has regularly appeared as a property market commentator on SKY TV, and is a well-respected event speaker, property mentor and YouTuber.

His career highlights include:

  • Developed over £60million of property to date
  • Holds a current portfolio worth circa £30million
  • 20 years of property development expertise

Perhaps best known for presenting the popular BBC TV show “Homes under the Hammer”, Martin Roberts has spent the last 25 years of his career sharing his property knowledge across TV, Radio, educational courses and now, through mentoring.

Nearly 20 years of that was writing and presenting the hit BBC property auction show, which is now in it’s 26th series and is shown around the world to critical acclaim.

Martin is a UK and overseas property investor and developer and a respected media commentator, appearing across BBC TV & Radio and on SKY, CNN and in numerous National newspapers and magazines.

His career highlights include:

  • 20 Years writing and presenting Homes Under The Hammer on BBC TV
  • Author of ‘Making Money from Property’ and ‘The Property Auction Guide’.
  • Active, hands-on property investor and developer with a varied multi-million pound portfolio

All you have to do is choose the mentorship option that suits you best.

You can start with pay-as-you-go sessions to help you begin the relationship in a cost-effective manner while you explore the benefits of mentoring, or sign-up for a mentorship package. The choice is yours.

Nicholas and Martin’s mentoring options take three different directions: Pay As You Go Mentoring, Acquisition Mentoring and the opportunity to Joint Venture with them. But what is the difference?


This package of six 1-2-1 mentoring sessions is designed to offer help and guidance to property investors and developers on a smaller scale. The package consists of:

  • 3 x hour-long mentoring sessions with Nicholas Wallwork (each one tailored to a topic that would benefit you most. See a sample 6-session package here).
  • 2 x hour-long sessions with Martin Roberts. Learn from his extensive property auction expertise and the business acumen and mindset it takes to succeed in the property sector.
  • 1 x hour session with leading property tax and corporate structure expert Tony Gimple.
  • Suitable for both first-time and seasoned investors.
  • 6 sessions can be booked when you need them most but must be taken within a 6 month time frame.

2. Acquisition Mentoring

Acquisition mentoring is designed for large-scale development projects that require a great deal of time and effort. With Nicholas and Martin on board, your project can be supported throughout the entirety of its build.

  • Help sourcing, acquiring and building out a site.
  • Suitable for sites with a GDV (end value) of £1 million+.
  • Receive full access to Nicholas and Martins’ dream-team of experts, consultants and surveyors.
  • Perfect for hands-off investors or overseas investors wanting to invest in the UK.
  • Great if you need more full-time guidance or effectively an outsourced business partner.


Become a Joint Venture partner with Nicholas and Martin and profit-share in the success of future development projects together. This unqiue opportunity is perfect for:

  • Hands-off investors with £500k+ who want to benefit from the high returns the property development sector can offer,  but lack the strategic expertise.
  • Anyone who owns potential development property (such as an office building, retail property, or land). They can help you develop your site so you benefit from the development profit, not just the land value.

What recent clients have to say...

"I chose to work with Nicholas because he was offering consultancy expertise and personalised advice - not a one-size-fits-all course. In return I got 150% commitment and support from him at all times and he delivered huge value in helping me figure out a strategy that is right for me. He shares his knowledge freely, never holds back and it's a pleasure to work with him. His insights are indispensable and come with the benefit of 20 years experience in the sector. He's excellent value for money compared to less experienced people in the industry. In a crowded market, I can't think of anyone better to work with if you're serious about success."
"We didn’t know enough about the development process to go it alone and so needed guidance and a not insignificant amount of hand holding - Nicholas was perfect. He helped us identify the site, recommended a plan of action, put us in touch with a really good finance broker builder and QS, and then helped us set up a team of professionals, consultants and contractors so we could turn the plan of action into reality. We are now looking to complete and exit the project and Nicholas is using his very extensive contacts and wealth of development knowledge to help us execute our strategy and fulfil our very particular short, medium and long term property goals. We would highly recommend Nicholas."

What do I get as an example in the 6 Session Package?

Have a look at how Nicholas and Martin’s 6 Session Mentoring Package can be tailored to your needs and how you can benefit from their expertise in property investment and development.  

This is just an example 6 session package, you can have different sessions or different topics if you desire. Different levels of experience will require a different structure. 

1. Overall Strategy

With Nicholas Wallwork
Before you start your next property investment, you must have an overriding strategy in place. A well-defined strategy considering your end-use, corporate structure, tax, wealth protection & finance setup (to name a few) is critical to success in the property industry. Proper strategic planning also allows you to plan for risks and contingencies, helping to avoid nasty surprises further down the road.

3. Tax with Tony

With Tony Gimple
Tony Gimple is one of the UK’s leading Property Tax experts and fellow panellist on Property Summits. Tony can help you get your tax & corporate structure situation in order from day one. These areas are often overlooked when people jump into a new property investment; however, you profit further down the line by covering these vital foundations from the start.

5. Property Auctions

With Martin Roberts
This session with TV presenter and journalist Martin Roberts will give you a unique and incredible insight into property auctions! You will benefit from behind the scenes insight and tips from Martin's attendence at 1000s of property auctions on his 20 year stint at BBC's Homes Under The Hammer. Learn from real life stories of investors and developers who have taken the plunge and bought property through fast-paced auctions.

2. Finance

With Nicholas Wallwork
There are so many different financing options available in property, from bridging loans, mezzanine loans, land & development loans right through to commercial mortgages; the key is to find the right one for you and your specific deal. To get you going further building your own power team, we can then put you in touch with our personal broker whom we trust with our whole portfolio.

4. Sourcing, Deal Analysis and Offers

With Nicholas Wallwork
When sourcing a great deal there are a number of key factors to consider. Nicholas will help you understand where to look, how to build valuable relationships with agents and 3rd party deal sourcers, and share his best performing tips for sourcing off-market deals direct. He will also explain how to analyse a potential deal and help you navigate the negotiation and offer-making process.

6. Mindset, Ethics and Success

With Martin Roberts
Be inspired by the incredible success of Martin Roberts in the property sector and how he attributes much of that to the right mindset, having an amazing power team behind you, and enusring you run your business ethically from the ground up. This high-value session will help you implement everything else you learn in these mentorship sessions in the right way, starting off on the best foot for success.

Brand Entrepreneur represents Tony’s 45-years of hard-won practical experience across a range of sectors, including the Private Rental Sector (PRS), where he has worked with many Buy-to-Let (BTL) Landlords, Property Investors and Developers.

Tony is Nicholas’ go-to tax consultant and comes highly recommended. Tony has worked with Nicholas on many of his property developments over the years, offering professional tax advice with his HMO conversions to larger-scale developments.

Click here to find out more about Tony’s expertise on his LinkedIn profile. 

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Initial Mentorship SessION

£ 49
was £495!
  • 1 hours full mentoring session
  • Discuss the best strategies for you
  • Price will be refunded on booking a mentoring package
  • A FREE Property Forum Membership

Frequently asked questions

Nicholas Wallwork is a multi-millionaire real estate developer, successful entrepreneur and property investor. His years of experience has led him to be a trusted and knowledgable property and business mentor and is consequently a TV personality appearing as an investor on Property Elevator.

With his own YouTube channel and podcast, as well as running the world’s largest international property forum,, Nicholas is passionate about providing education and support to his fellow property investors and developers. His latest books Investing In International Real Estate For Dummies and Brexit For Dummies are now available to buy on Amazon.

From his personal portfolio, Nicholas is well-known for his HMO property conversions (houses in multiple occupations) and has taken on many large-scale property developments. With his reliable team of experts, Nicholas has an understanding of all aspects of a project and a wide variety of property investments. Also, Nicholas thoroughly understands all elements of the property market, from sourcing to negotiating, to development and finance. With so many investment strategies around, get in touch to see if Nicholas can offer help and advice to your property development.

Nicholas offers 1-hour mentorship calls to enable him to help investors and developers around the world. His mentorship is not a course; it is an opportunity to help you with a specific problem, get started in a particular strategy or overcome a specific problem. You are able to choose the topic of your conversation, allowing you to decide where Nicholas’ expertise would prove most valuable.

These sessions are quite unique to other lengthy mentorship help available; Nicholas offers a personalised service, ensuring his support has the best possible chances of making a huge difference to each individual. All of his calls take place from his Reading-based office and can be carried out as a telephone call, or face-to-face over Skype or Zoom. 

To ensure your time on the call is as productive and helpful to your individual situation as possible, Nicholas asks that you email detailed information on your project/investment (or a list of topics/questions you would like to cover) at least two days before the call.

Within this correspondence, feel free to include a guideline of the problems you are currently facing or the type of things you would like to seek Nicholas’ advice. By having a plan to prepare for, Nicholas can provide the best possible value.

Nicholas guarantees that the value he can add to an investment or development (whether that’s in money saved, or increased profits), will outweigh the cost of his mentorship call.

Please get in contact using the ‘Enquire Now’ buttons above, and we will be in touch to arrange a preliminary 10-minute call to ensure your project/investment is suitable for Nicholas to help. To book in your appointment, you can follow the link to choose a slot today. 

'Taster' Session

£ 49
  • 1 Mentoring Call
  • Discuss the best option for you
  • Price will be refunded on booking a mentoring package
  • FREE Property Forum Membership


£ 2,750
  • 6 x Mentoring Sessions
  • 5 x Sessions with Nicholas
  • 1 x Session with Tax Expert Tony Gimple
  • FREE copy of Nicholas' For Dummies book

Please note: our six-session mentorship package comes with the option to pay in two or three monthly instalments. Please get in touch with us directly if this is preferred.

additional Sessions

£ 495
  • 1 x Mentoring Session
  • Topic tailored to you
  • Use alongside 6 Session Package
  • FREE copy of Nicholas' For Dummies book