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Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Pakhtun, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Malik1967

    Malik1967 New Member


    I visited Duabi land department. The project is cancelled.

    The information i recieved from them is to apply to liquidation at with the following details.

    Project name, developer, your name, Nationality, unit#, amount paid, escrow account number and amount in escrow account (this is required to be obtained from INJAZ (Dubai academic city). Donot send any attachement with e-mail to RERA. As i was informed RERA will reply on e-mail.

    The developer remained lying to clients that the accounts is ESCROW (Most of the people are having this problem).

    Based on RERA response, we can get togather. I hope this will help all.
  2. Malik1967

    Malik1967 New Member

    InJAZ (Mashreq Bank) take 03 days to provide Escrow account statement (Passport copy + all documents, Payment reciepts, contract copy is required to be submitted)
  3. Mokhamed

    Mokhamed New Member

    many thanks dear for your support hope we will get our money back
  4. Mokhamed

    Mokhamed New Member


    i am free and please send me your mobile number by email , we can meet and do the next step together , as well as i am ready to help anyone overseas and can not come to Dubai free of charge i am really need this money now and i can understand all of you whom not in Dubai and can not do anything,
    [email protected]
  5. Mokhamed

    Mokhamed New Member


    Dear Brothers,

    i visit RERA yesterday and they confirm that project has been cancelled and that is big chance to get our money back , just you have to send email to RERA ( [email protected] ) with full information ( project name - your name - amount has been paid - etc..) then thwy will confirmed received email directly than we have to wait for final approval from RERA to get our money back , moreover i am still trying to get in contact with some one from MASHREQ bank to get official paper with amount has been paid in ascouer accounr , please advise if some one can help,

    good luck
  6. nguyenanh422

    nguyenanh422 New Member

    I'm also looking to get contact details for the people behind Best Homes. I understand the offices, have move and then closed with just a mobile number on the door. I'm helping out a friend who bought 5 apartments in Global Golf 2.
  7. rajsaluja

    rajsaluja New Member

    Does someone has more information about Besthomes coming back to dubai and will finish the projects?

    please share your experiance about how long it takes for a project to be cancelled by RERA / LD?

    Appreciate any feedback
  8. king baby

    king baby New Member

    hey guys
    maybe my question had been asked before but I try to ask it again:
    do wee need to do anything to fine a solution for this problem? I mean what should we do for beginning the procedure?

  9. mediaexpert

    mediaexpert New Member

    is there anyone get his money back. or any reply from RERA.

    i bought a flat in GGR.

    you can email me on hjaghsi at yahoo dot com
  10. DpkPanj

    DpkPanj New Member

    I am also in same situation, please lets team up together to go LAND DEPT,

    I can be contacted 050-9044707
    dpkpanj at gmail dot com
  11. DpkPanj

    DpkPanj New Member

    Dear member --- Malik1967 & other members

    could you all share the INJAZ (mashreq bank) account number to save headache with Mashreq Bank. Please guide me as well, i want to recover my invested money..

    I can be contacted on 050-9044707
    dpkpanj AT gmail DOT com

    Awaiting your timely assistance.
  12. mediaexpert

    mediaexpert New Member

    Hello King Baby,

    any new update on your project. because i have invested in the same project GGR
  13. pndr

    pndr New Member

    Dear All

    I'm living in Dubai and trying to help my cousin who bought an office in Rescom Tower Dubai Sport City.

    I heard from an ex Best Homes employee that they moved to International City. As you said landlines, fax, website not functioning and the their office in Attar Tower is vacated.

    I read the previous threads saying that we can email/contact RERA with full details and get our money back.

    Anyone has done so yet? Any feedback from RERA or MAshreq bank for the Escrow account?

    Looking forward to your reply threads
  14. king baby

    king baby New Member

    Hi all
    I hope everybody are well
    Long time no news
    Are there any news about the procedure in your side?
    Some time I think that it will be good to go there to the RERA or some organisations like that to follow the procedure. What do you think?
    Is this efficient to write a letter to RERA and explain the subject?

    With regards
  15. DSC MAN

    DSC MAN New Member

    " Rescom Tower Dubai Sport City."
    This plot cancelled and earth works back filled as of mid 2012
  16. king baby

    king baby New Member

    Hi again

    I wrote a letter to RERA and explained about my problem.
    What do you think? Could I receive any help or response from there?
    Is it needed to write whole information entire letter ? Because I just write the problem about GGR project.

  17. Prasad

    Prasad New Member

    Best Homes Global Golf Residences

    Hi Guys,
    I cannot trace the details of this project in RERA. I mean Developer name and Number , Project name and number .Can some one assist pls.
  18. Prasad

    Prasad New Member

    Some info atlast

    Developer ID 358

    Project Number Project Name Trust Acc. Number Bank Name
  19. king baby

    king baby New Member

    Hi all

    I've sent an email to RERA and gave my information to them.
    But there is no reply by the RERA.
    is there anybody sent an email to RERA and receive any reply ?
    Please inform me if there is so.
    Thank you for your advices.
  20. king baby

    king baby New Member

    Hi all

    There is no news from you guys.
    I sent two mail to liquidation email address of RERA. But only receive that "if your projects are in cancelled list we will contact with you" and it is an automatic reply and no further.
    Is there any other news by you ?

    See you,

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