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Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Pakhtun, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. mike.stewart

    mike.stewart Member

    Hi London Buyer

    I am an investor in another property in Dubai but have been looking for good legal option to bring against the developer and get a full refund.
    Are you able to let me know if you have a strong, experienced legal contact in Dubai?
    The key is to force the developer to pay back. Arbitration is the easy part.

  2. LostCanadians

    LostCanadians New Member

    We're also looking for options to exercise our rights and the developers contractual obligations. We also believe arbitration is the best method.
  3. LostCanadians

    LostCanadians New Member

    Does anyone have any further updates with GGV 2 and GGV 3? or doubtfully – any success?!?

    We have recently received a letter demanding full payment on defaulted payments or risk of forfeit on all deposits – after claiming that the old reservation forms are null and void; and not once provided any notice of payment request or records of any default.

    After being promised they would: honour all deposits; offering reduced rates on our flats to current market value; letter of credits; new reservations forms

    Now we are being bullied into default. Any one else have similar experience? Or can provide some help or support?
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  4. London Buyer

    London Buyer New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I am sure you already know developers are buying up stalled projects. Global Green View II and Global Gulf Residence II has been bought by another developer.

    Make sure you register your details with RERA, easiest way book a couple of days off, go to Dubai, go to the RERA headquarters with your contract, receipts of investment (ie. proof of purchase) and register your details.

    All the details of RERA and its location, phone number, opening times are online.

    You will then likely have to sign a new contract with the new developers.

    THIS IS ASSUMING YOUR INITIAL CONTRACT IS NOT VOID, as arbitration may break the contract on your side.

    Kind Regards
  5. AR99

    AR99 New Member

    London Buyer,

    Can you elaborate if the registration is for cancelled or active projects?

    No one listens and guides in RERA office, so how to register easily?

    Thanks for help.

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