Help wanted with Best Homes Emirates Apartment

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Pakhtun, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. rajsaluja

    rajsaluja New Member

    Hi Friends, same story with me as well, I have spoke to customer service and they gave me liquadation email to write and they have automatic message that if your project is cancelled they will contact you. there is no one who is responsible for all this.
    Any ideas what can be done next guys? does RERA has any guidelines that how long they will take to cancel a project if it is in under cancellation period.
  2. king baby

    king baby New Member

    Actually I think some guys which are joined here and live in dubai could help us about this issue. (Cancellation period)
    Also what is your sugesstion to go to dubai and talk with the RERA directly?
    Is this a good choise?

  3. king baby

    king baby New Member

    no news from you dear members....
    if there is any new information please let me know...
    I want go to dubai and follow the procedure by myself. could it be a good choice or not?
    there is no return from liquidation part.

  4. kazmi313

    kazmi313 New Member

    I am in the same Problem like all of you.

    Is There Any New News
    Any One Get There Payment Plz Do Reply Us

    Our A lot Of Money Is Block With Best Home

    I have Taken 2 Fleet

  5. king baby

    king baby New Member

    Dear Sayed
    I have the same problem llike you.
    but there is no news from the members since few last months.
    Is there anyone here which are located in the dubai and have the accebility to the RERA and some places like that?
    please let me know if there is any updates.

  6. kazmi313

    kazmi313 New Member


    Some One tel me that Best Home Is coming back to Dubai
    In 1 or 2 Month

    That Is not Conform may be they will come or not..
  7. virgo_2k

    virgo_2k New Member

    Hi guys,
    It was a relief to see some info on this subject on this forum. I am also one of the victims from GGR-II project is Sports City. Just wanted to ask if anyone succeeded in moving forward towards the right reduction for money refund? I have paid 50% of the total price for a studio apartment there.
  8. king baby

    king baby New Member

    Dear Virgo
    thank you for your joining
    I am active on this forum since several months but unfortunately there is no news and there is no progress on this forum. I want to ask from guys whom are live in U.A.E : do you have any access for asking questions from RERA or any attorney about this issue?

    thanks you all
  9. ali akbar

    ali akbar New Member

    Ggr i

    I have also paid 50% of money for studio in GGR I ,and sent a mail to RERA but apart from automated reply from RERA I did not get any assurance,i am also worried what to do.
    i am residing in dubai form last four years,and required furhter help to recover my money.

    if some body has any contact detailsfor BETTER HOMES please share .

  10. ali akbar

    ali akbar New Member

    Dear KAZMI
    Thanks for Info,but could you tell how reliable is this information,as if it is true than this is the only way to recover our money.
  11. king baby

    king baby New Member

    dear ali akbar
    I think all of people who are in this group received the same automated mail from RERA.
    I want to ask you that if you are live in dubai do you have ability to go to RERA and talk face to face with person whom responsible for these kind of issues? actually I do not know what is the RERA? does it have any office?
    let me know if you could find any news

  12. ali akbar

    ali akbar New Member

    Dear King

    RERA Is real Estate regulatory meet them personally would not help they will tell you the same thing to send the details through mail.i spoke in land department in Dubai they told me that the liquidation committee has not yet made as soon as it made they will let us know...lets hope for the best to come.
  13. king baby

    king baby New Member

    Dear Ali Akbar
    thanks for your reply. so the best solution is to sit and watch that what will happen in the future. :)

  14. Prasad

    Prasad New Member


    Hello friends , what is the latest feed back on your efforts to get refund from Best HomesGGR1/2
  15. Prasad

    Prasad New Member


    A friend advised me that Rera is still not ready for liquidation process.
    They are collecting data and making their department ready. When they are ready ,
    they will contact all interested persons like us.
    So the best thing is to be patient n wait
  16. IftikharAli_InDubai

    IftikharAli_InDubai New Member

    Besthomes is not coming back to dxb it looks like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi everyone.

    As you guys all are well aware BestHomes have left the country for what ever reason, but they have left everyone stranded.

    I don't think they will be coming back, not for a long time though.

    They are all now in Canada, Toronto. CHILLING OUT.

    As far as the project is concerned or the different projects some have been bought out by another group of investors in the mind frame of continuing the construction.

    I believe GG2 looks safe at the moment along with a few more.
  17. Prasad

    Prasad New Member

    Hi Iftikhar Ali , do you know who has taken over the GG1/GG2 projects ?
  18. London Buyer

    London Buyer New Member

    Hi Iftikhar and all other fellow users,

    I along with many others bought a Global Greenview 2 apartment in International City from Bst Homes, following the advice from this thread I will be registering my details with RERA if liquidation goes through.

    Can you please expand on the knowledge you have regarding new developers buying these projects and whether Global Greenview 2 will be built

    This information is invaluable as I am also in the middle of dealing with lawyers and arbitration and am at a cross roads regarding what to do going forward.

    Thanks in advance
  19. dlnash

    dlnash New Member

    London Buyer: Were you able to resolve your issue with Best Homes?
    Did you file a case against them?
    What was RERA planning to Liquidate?
    Please get back to me asap.
  20. motorhouse2

    motorhouse2 New Member

    Project Update

    Hello All, I have good news

    I also have a unit in this project and have been contacted by the new developer. The project construction has restarted and it will be completed by this December. If any of you have not heard back from the new developer please let me know and I will forward you their contact information.

    The government has also updated information about the project. if you go to the following link and type in project number 595 you can see photos and inspection reports from the government. I am very happy with the way the new developers are handling the situation. /English/Pages/Project-Indicator.aspx

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