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Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Pakhtun, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Pakhtun

    Pakhtun New Member

    Hello all. I paid the downpayment and quite a few installments on an apartment in Dubai under a company called "Best Homes". After a while, I had to relocate (due to an unrelated event) and wanted to sell this property so I could get some extra cash. However, when I tried to contact the company by phone and by email, no one would answer. Their website, www[dot]besthomesemirates[dot]com - , is now up for sale. I had someone look into their company in Dubai but their offices were empty and the supposed site of the construction was untouched. I sunk a lot of money into this so I can't just leave it like this, but I don't know what to do. Any advice at all would be appreciated. I'm desperate by this point. Please help. Thanks.
  2. iffatgharbi

    iffatgharbi New Member

    I am so sorry to hear abt your situation - but honestly I know nothing about this project. I hope you will receive responses soon from people who r similar to ur situation

    good luck
  3. Pakhtun

    Pakhtun New Member

    Thank you so much for replying. But do you have any advice in general on what to do in such a situation? From what I can figure out this is a widespread problem in Dubai. What do other people usually do? Thanks.
  4. amalho27

    amalho27 New Member

    Since you are from Canada, it would be easier if you complain to authorities there about the developer. Their office address is as follows :
    Best Homes Canada
    Best Homes Ltd
    191 Helen Avenue,
    Markham ON L3R 1J7
    Tel: (905) 479-9600
    Fax: (905) 479-9151

    I too have lost a lot of money with them and their Dubai office is sealed now by the Dubai Court. Any help will be appreciated.

    please mail me your details on amalho27 at yahoo dot com
  5. rajsaluja

    rajsaluja New Member

    I am in same situation like both of you and looks like there is no one who can listen to the problems of the investors.
    any ideas if RERA can help us here, let us grow our community and then we can approach the authorities together.

    Any ideas please share

    Good luck

  6. mediaexpert

    mediaexpert New Member

    I am in the same situation like all of you.

    I liked rajsaluja idea

    Let us work together and then we can approach the authorities together.

    Good luck
  7. rajsaluja

    rajsaluja New Member

    hello mediaexpert,

    can you send me email on rs66877at googlemail dot com and then we can discuss it further?

    good luck
  8. mediaexpert

    mediaexpert New Member

    I sent email to "amalho27"

    did you see it?
  9. king baby

    king baby New Member

    global golf residence....

    hi all

    I have the same problem in the global golf residence which are under construction by best homes emirates company.....

    I bought a flat at this project on the year 2008 and already paid half of the flat's price but the delivery date was on 2011 and still now I could not receive any information around the project.
    the website of the company suspended and I only could check the construction site condition in google earth which simply could seen that there is no activity there for last 2 years.
    is it possible to get back our money or something else?

  10. rajsaluja

    rajsaluja New Member

    Hello King Baby,

    Can you please send me email on rs66877at googlemail dot com and I will contact you to discuss it further?
  11. king baby

    king baby New Member

    I sent an email to you rajsaluja......
    did you receive it?

    see you
  12. rajsaluja

    rajsaluja New Member

    Hello Pakhtun,

    Can you please send me email on rs66877at googlemail dot com and I will contact you to discuss it further?

  13. WilliamF

    WilliamF New Member

    I'm also looking to get contact details for the people behind Best Homes. I understand the offices, have move and then closed with just a mobile number on the door. I'm helping out a friend who bought 5 apartments in Global Golf 2.


  14. WilliamF

    WilliamF New Member

    Big thanks to Raj for getting touch and letting us know what's going on. Great forum!!
  15. Malik1967

    Malik1967 New Member

    Dear Fellows,

    I have also invested in GGR. But donot know what to do.

    Can somebody held me with the info in this regard. (Smalik3 - hotmail)
    Last edited: May 15, 2012
  16. king baby

    king baby New Member

    are there any way to get back our money completely? is it a good way to go there and talk face to face with managements of the company?
  17. Malik1967

    Malik1967 New Member

    There is no body avialable to talk to. The offices are closed. The phone line and website suspended.

    The mobiles of the concerned people 2-3 , i use to talk are not working.

    Donot know what to do now. If somebody have more details , please share and guide.
  18. Mokhamed

    Mokhamed New Member

    Dear hope you are doing well,
    i sent you an email .moreover i had a same problem and i am living in Dubai so i do recommend if we can a group of 5-10 investor and open case against best home and RERA as project was with ascor account so RERA has to refund the money to us , i am in Dubai and some of them in Europe and Canada , America, etc.. so if we can make group we can do some many active via media and low in your cities and Dubai ,

    my point is project was guaranteed by RERA since they have ascot account so let them refund the money back to us .

    [email protected]
    please contact me
  19. Mokhamed

    Mokhamed New Member

    Please contact me . i am trying to collect group to open case against them to get our money back especially project has been guaranteed by ascor account by RERA
    [email protected]
  20. Mokhamed

    Mokhamed New Member

    No dear i tried the same 3 time before , they told me go open case in Dubai court and you will not get anything as your money with RERA in ascor account not with us. by the way since project was with ascor account why we not get our money back from RERA , RARA guaranteed the project . i am in Dubai and i will try to find a solution as i lost a lot of money,
    [email protected]

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