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WANTED Overseas investments

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by PRNIX, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. PRNIX

    PRNIX Guest

    I am trader for a City Investment bank in London, and as myself and many of my colleagues have just had our bonuses, we are looking at overseas property investments. A good mate of mine works for a company based in spain and they do some overseas stuff and has told me to come on the forum. She has been pitching me on Morocco for ages and has said I should invest there. I fancy Egypt myself as I am a diver, but some colleagues are saying its not the best option. basically i want to know whats hot and whats not.

    All advice welcome.


  2. globalinvest

    globalinvest New Member

    Hi there

    I've got a friend who is involved with this company:
    Investors Provident

    They specialise in various overseas destinations, including Morocco and Egypt like you mentioned.

    Get in touch with them if you are interested.

    Happy investing.
  3. DC

    DC Member

    Nixy be in touch. thanks Dc.
  4. sunline-property

    sunline-property New Member

    Real Estate Boom in Montenegro

    have you already heard about Montenegro. It's really hot spot.
    If you are interested in investment you can contact us.
  5. Investy

    Investy Senior Member


    I went for Saidia Morocco - the leading Government resort.

    Nothing comes close - Ive been invest abroad a number of years so I do a lot of research.

    Golf resorts are ten a penny but Saidia not only has 3 courses but they are on a large beach and has a cutting edge massive marina and the sports and leisure facilities simply dwarf all others.

    Add to the the short flight time, the onsite rental agents , the 11 onsite hotels (free eyes), and the fact the season will be year round (the facilities alone will see to this) and you have a truly unique investment.

    I like the look of places like Montenegro but the seson is far to short.

    Id recommend the Lejardindefleur product on Saidia - thats where all the Premiership footballers are buying.
  6. PRNIX

    PRNIX Guest


    Thanks for all the info. I am looking at Morocco (either Jardin de Fleur or La Plage) now and possibly Malaysia.

    Egypt I think would be great but a bit too personal for me as I would want to use it all the time myself!!! I already have 2 properties in Spain that I use and I dont think the wife would agree to another lads weekend retreat for me!!!!

    Also had discussion about Mexico, Brazil and Cuba!!!

    More advice welcomed!
  7. yousuf

    yousuf New Member

    Hi Nixy

    Why don't think about dubai? its one of booming Market in RealEstate sector nowdays where you will have ROI 40% Keep in touch [email protected]
  8. meljean

    meljean New Member


    please make contact we can help you and your friends.
  9. daz1966

    daz1966 New Member



    I have posted here re, montenegro can get a great return from investing there...we have a development that ranks as the best new development the the country.....all you have to pay is the reservation fee of 3000€ to reserve (refundable), then 20% deposit + 2% admin.....that would be all you pay for 5 years....(2yr build time and 3yr guaranteed rental of 6% index linked).....amazing properties fully furnished (luxury) 400,000€ 2bed apartment would only cost around 85000€ (as above)....with capital appreciation running at 20-25% this is a one off oppertunity...

    Egypt....we have just been given the go ahead to advertise a new development build time 18mths....the prices are 50000€ for 3 beds 125m2 upto 60000€ for 3 bed 125m2.....but these are on the 1st floor and 3rd floors...superb oppertunity...we have the exclusive on this....mail me ar [email protected]

    If your bonus is a good one why not invest in Italy.....some of our exclusive property oppertunities for prime property property run upto 32,000,000€ maybe a bit expensive....
  10. Alanyabay

    Alanyabay New Member


    If you are thinking to buy property for investment, i suggest specially med. coast of Turkey, prices are still so cheap and you can find really good projects with cheap prices, during last 3 years prices of projects increased almost 30% for each year,we have elections in this year and we believe that after this year prices will go on to increase, economy is stable and going to be better, mortgage system is new and will be better in a few year, this factors will effect to real estate prices in a good way.
  11. PRNIX

    PRNIX Guest

    Bought now!!!

    Thanks for all the tips guys. I have taken the plunge today and gone with the following:

    Superior Hills in Natal
    Banyan Curve in Malaysia
    Jardin de Fleur (RT6) in Morocco

    Fingers crossed these investments work for us!!!
  12. PRNIX

    PRNIX Guest

    I bought through International Property World. A very close friend of mine is the manager there. I also got some advice from a couple of other agents/friends via the forum. My friend at IPW told me to come on the forum to do my own research before i committed and I have to say it was great advice because it really helped me make up my mind.
  13. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Hey Im an owner on Lejardindefleur - I didnt realise you had a dedicated section, Ill check it now.
  14. Ivana06

    Ivana06 New Member


    Why do you think about Croatia! I keep harping on about the place but it is wonderful. The Adriatic sea is perfect for diving/sailing. The food is fantastic and now that Easyjet/Ryanair/Wizzair all fly to the coast people are flocking there for holidays. I bought a holiday apartment last year and we are half booked for this season already!

    Prices are cheap but steadily increasing, so now is a good time to invest, before their announcement into the EU. After that prices will rocket.

    Check out this estate agent for properties/investment opportunities.
    Domus Property

    Good luck in where ever you decide! Please ask if you need any more information. :)

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  15. thetravelbug

    thetravelbug Banned

    Depending on budget if building a villa or small exclusive complex near Golf course and spa resort in central Bulgaria is of interest let me know. Beautiful scenery, good development prospects, walking, mountain biking, hunting, fishing, water sports etc...

  16. laxmi

    laxmi New Member

    Property Fund

    Are you interested to Invest European Property Fund, Which gives you 8% fixed Return and in 6 years the fund may be double.
  17. Raquel

    Raquel New Member

    Murcia, the best investment

    Hello there PRNIX;

    How are you? I have read your posts and I think you maybe really interested in investing in a Golf Resort here in sunny Spain.

    I work for a very important development company here in Spain: Trampolin Hills Golf Resort. This marvellous project is to be built in two million square meters space; there will be an 18 holes golf course, a health care clinic, restaurants, schools, supermarkets and shopping stores what more could you ask for! There will also be a green areas for parks, gardens and so on, tennis courts, a luxury 5 stars hotel, restaurants, golf club, communal and private swimming-pools, 24 hours security services,.etc.

    If you are thinking where is it? Campos del Río is located in a very peaceful exclusive place 35 minutes away from the Mediterranean coast and the San Javier airport and 15 minutes away from Corvera´s future international airport. Murcia City is only 15 minutes away and nearby are the most beautiful villages like Mula and Archena famously known for their thermal spas.

    We count on building a grand 2.500 luxurious homes, apartments, attics and villas ranging from 99.000 and 400.000euros. Spanish prices with affordable payment terms!!! Trampolin Hills has a history several successful projects in the past such as Garruchal´s and Roldán´s both here in the region of Murcia.

    What we have that will interest you!
    An apartment free if you buy 20 units.
    2 or 3 bedroom apartments that comes with one garage space and community swimming-pool, attics own Jacuzzi and more than 53m2 terrace and 4 bedroom 3 bathroom villas, there are 4 different models to choose from all sitting on at least 450 m2 plots.

    In the desire to get the best for the customer, has built accommodation full of details and facilities, and thought to give them a small paradise on it.

    Also, I would like to give you some little information from our new just released development:

    Trampolín Royal Dream that is placed at the high area of the Mula River, 5 minutes from the golf resort that we’re building right now Trampolín Hills; also only 5 minutes from our next project TRAMPOLIN MULA. Just 35 minutes from great beaches and the current airport of San Javier and also 15 minutes from the future airport of Corvera and Murcia City.

    At this privilege place with its amazing environment, we can add an extension of 400.000 m2 with 350 luxury villas in private plots with sports areas, green and leisure places and complete equipment services with commercial zone, 24 hour security.

    Among the benefits that you shall find as owner of these residential projects is that into the price is GOLF SHARE included, which you will be able to use for play with preference on all the golf courses that our company is developing right now.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me for any additional information.


    For more information or to set an appointment to visit our show homes with no commitment, don’t hesitate and give me a ring or e-mail

    I hope what I have to offer you are just what you are looking for.

    Best wishes,

    Raquel Bernal, Sales Department
    [email protected]
    tel.: (0034) 687 58 35 67
  18. Raquel

    Raquel New Member

    i almost forget

    oh! sorry, Nixi, I almost forget that you can sell your property in this development before deeds which is very interesant for investors, above all our star villa which is 168.000 € now and will be 300.000 € soon!!!
  19. DC

    DC Member

    Yes Rachel, and it happens to be illegal. I hope the Spanish tax authority dont see your public postings otherwise you will be in jail. Tax evasion is a crime. Dont promote criminal activity.
  20. DC

    DC Member

    Sorry it is not illegal if the investor pays their capital gains tax and other taxes, but is if it is not declared. Spain is an awful place to invest.
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