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Hania Beach, Central Hurghada, Egypt - Due for completion Summer '09.

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by redangel7861, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. redangel7861

    redangel7861 New Member

    Just put down a £2,000 reservation on this pre-release. Priced at £700 per Sqm. Will go up to £800 on the 01.03.08. Developer will have a presenation on the 29.02.08, where if interested I can choose my apartment (2 bed 71 sqm at £50,000). 40% payable upfont and remainder 60% payable on completion.

    Mortgage with large international bank written into contract for 60%. I have been told that this will involve a UK developer, 40% will be kept in Escrow account until completion and the apartments will overlook the beach and sea.

    I have also been told that the finishing will be "incomparable" when compared against other developments in the area.

    NOTE: A NEW THREAD FOR HANIA PICTURES HAS BEEN STARTED HERE. Please share any development pictures on this thread to help create a visual diary of progress.
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  2. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned


    Haven't heard of this development before,where in Hurgahada will it be located?.
    Also who is the developer any idea?..
  3. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi WA I found it on the web and all it states is that it is 15 mins from the airport and 5 mins from Downtown.
  4. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    Hi Queenie,

    Thanks for that,the reason I was asking as the first post says central Hurghada so was Just seeing if it was in Sekalla,will take a look at it.
  5. redangel7861

    redangel7861 New Member


    This is at the pre-launch stage so no details have been realeased yet. On the 29.02.08 I will be attending a launch evening where all plans will be released. I have been told that the location is ten minutes from the airport and even closer to the local village.

    All I know is that it will be a reputable UK based developer, all monies will be held in Escrow, completion is due Summer 09, 40% upfront and 60% on completion (mortgage written into contract with large international bank (HSBC I believe), in terms of luxury and finishing none of the local developments will compare with this development, £700 psqm now (if you put down £2,000 pre resevation deposit before 29.02.08 - fully refundable) goimg upto £800 psqm on the 01.03.08.

    Location will be forntline beach, 170 apartments being built (Studio to 2 bed apartments with roof terrace). First 100 reservations will be guranteed frontline beach and sea views.

    Details so far:

    Studios – £21,000 – £31,500 (30m2 – 45m2)

    1 bedroom - £31,500 - £42,000 (45m2 – 60m2)

    2 bedroom - £45,500 up to £70,000 (65m2 – 100m2)

    Hope this helps.
  6. SHO

    SHO Member

    Its beach-front in Al Ahyaa (on the road between Hurghada and El Gouna).

    This is where most new developements beach-front will be released this year as its the only stretch you can find decent beach-front plots. The government also has plans to promenade the main road along this stretch leaving cars to use the other outside high-road towards El Gouna and Cairo. Should be a great place to invest and get in early.

    PM me for more info.

    couple of pics attached.

    Attached Files:

  7. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    Looks good guys,so are you saying it's on the same road as the Hotel Safir?.
    By the way are you back George?.How was your trip?..
  8. SHO

    SHO Member

    No its not near the Safir...thats in the centre of Hurghada...

    Yeah got back friday, excelent trip, got a lot done... was cold for some time though!!

    Back out again in a few weeks :)
  9. redangel7861

    redangel7861 New Member


    What are you opinions regarding investing in this area. I have invested in Morocco where I have purchased 2 Bed penthouses in Saidia and Marrakech. I am now looking to diversify into Eqypt. This location and project seem ideal in terms of investment. What are your opinions??

    Comments welcome
  10. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    RE location

    Hi George,

    Sorry I have just seen the location on your post,I do apologise.
    So you got any jobs going,maybe a post for a manager who could take all this travel strain off you,I'm available.LOL.
  11. SHO

    SHO Member

    Are you willing to reside in Egypt?? ;)
  12. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    I will be moving out,but it's going to be about three years before I get out there i'm afraid.I was out there whilst you was there but only for a few days,we went round the Arabia district I was amazed at the amount of new development going up,looked good.It was very cold but hey I'd rather be there anyday.
  13. SHO

    SHO Member

    January is normally the coldest month and this one has been the coldest for a while... its been a strange winter!!

    What do you plan to do in HRG? Retire/work or just relax in the sun?
  14. redangel7861

    redangel7861 New Member


    Agree, looks like a great project. Originally I was going for a 2 bed 70sqm. I decided instead to gor for two studios at 35sqm each.
  15. redangel7861

    redangel7861 New Member


    Yep, just reserved on Friday and made my deposit today. I have been told that 1st 100 reservations will get option of prime location ie. frontline beach and sea views. I have also been told that the the finishing and quality will be far better that anything in the local vasinity.

    I have also been told that the option of two studio's should yield higher rent and better capital appreciation whan compared to one two bed apartment.
  16. redangel7861

    redangel7861 New Member

    Hi WelshGirl.

    Could you please provide details of the developer.

  17. redangel7861

    redangel7861 New Member


    It would be great if you could provide contact details.

    Again, Many Thanks.
  18. Stevie Gee

    Stevie Gee New Member

    Hi guys, glad to find this forum. I have just reserved a 1 bed apartment in this development today. It does sound like a good deal so far but I don't have too much info.

    anything you guys can give me would be good.

  19. hi

    hi i this project the one on the way to Elgouna???? if same may be make you some pics but it still same since 3 years
  20. dantamplin07

    dantamplin07 Banned

    Hi if anyone who has reserved would like any additional pics please let me know

    kind regards

    Daniel Tamplin
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