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What will US$1 million buy overseas?

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by Chavo, May 5, 2007.

  1. Chavo

    Chavo New Member

    Considering large condo's/villas and also lots (and how big?)
  2. Chavo

    Chavo New Member


    Also, are there any brokers here that sell properties of any kind in this price range...? Say... between 750K and 1.5M?
  3. investor27

    investor27 New Member

    Hi, if its Morocco you wish to invest please refer to the PM ive sent you, good luck with investment choice.
  4. Robert Gavin

    Robert Gavin New Member

    There are some very cheap places and 1 illion can get a lot.

    If you are looking for sheer qaulity/quantity then pick place slike brazil or eqypt
  5. DC

    DC Member

    750 to 1.5 million Dollar Properties

    We have properties in that bracket up to 15 million euros. 20 million dollars. So feel free to contact us.

    It depends on your objectives. ie. What do you want to buy or achieve.

    PM if you want to talk

    DEOSYL New Member


    Well U could buy my property (2704 sqm) in Somerset West, South africa for half of the US$1 mil. and then convert it into a guest house, large pool, tennis court, sea views, easy access to everything.



    ;) PM if interested about South Africa
  7. maria

    maria New Member

    Portuguese Silver coast


    Have you consider Portuguese Silver Coast for investment?
    I might be able to help. please email [email protected]
  8. maria

    maria New Member


    Have you considered Portuguese Silver Coast for investment. This are is becoming increasinly known all over the world.

    I might be able to help, please email [email protected]
  9. Donny

    Donny New Member

    Nice Place with good security.
    Property is rising now..
    email me for more detail
    [email protected]
  10. pjm

    pjm New Member

    I would have to say for that kind of money you would be best to look at southern portugal with great capital growth and fantastic weather all year around. Look at or email me [email protected]
    Best Regards
  11. djkevin31

    djkevin31 New Member

    HOw about Dubai

    dubai is the best opportunity you ll have come accross, if u need any other details mail me on the id below and i ll give u, the best options.
    call me if u want quick & good returns.
    also with 1 Million dollars u can buy a lot in Dubai. And just grow your money to watever u wish to.
    Kevin. Cell: +971559140231.

    Julfar Real Estates.
  12. rfaraon

    rfaraon New Member

    Good day, maybe you have heard about pristine beaches in the philippines? or heard news about real estate boom already rising here? For your guidance, Philippines has a lot to offer all over the regions, I was wondering if you are interested in owning a Condominium unit here in Manila, which can be rented out to others for profit in return...Further, you can also try out a vacation here in any location that you want, Palawan, Cebu or Bohol which are one of the main tourist destination spots here in the Philippines......
    ....I am a Filipino Citizen and I am engaged in real estate business. If you are interested, I can give you proposals to choose from, just E-mail me so that I may give you information, pictures and other details.

    Rechelle F. Dela Cruz
    e-mail add: [email protected]
  13. John

    John New Member

    Any updates on whether or not you have got sorted?
  14. Kenya07

    Kenya07 New Member

    Diani Beach-Kenya

    Hi there, With that kind of money , you can buy ready -made villas, cottages or beautiful beach front land where you can build a nice resort. Return on Investment Guaranteed. Kenya's tourism is on the rise and the accommodation facilities are dwindling. What about a nice camp at the world's famous Maasai Mara?

    e-mail me for more information: [email protected]
  15. New Member

    India, Dubai and malaysia are good opp's.. get in touch if you are interested
  16. ferreira

    ferreira New Member

    Contact me we have apartment blocks for sale, close to the sea and other developments that might be of interest.
    Best regards
    Orlando Ferreira
    [email protected]
  17. robh

    robh Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    for just 200k $ more I know of a plot with 2km beach front in brazil ....
  18. lurife

    lurife New Member

    $1 mill

    Whit $1 mill you will buy a lot of real states in Costa Rica, Central America.
  19. andyk2

    andyk2 New Member

    Fantasy Property League

    Everybody wants to push there own, but here´s what I would do with $1.000.000............

    3 leasebacks in France on max finance = $75.000 deposit - the rest is self-financing

    A suite at a condo-hotel in Panama = $50.000 deposit - the rest is self financing

    2 high quality apartments in Dubai with draw down finance = $100.000 deposit

    A couple of investment properties on Sahl Hasheesh, Egypt to flip = $150.000 deposit

    A villa on Mediterrania Saidia for short term rental and then sell on (less than 3 years) = $200.000 + finance (should be self-financing)

    Cash out on a couple of good quality apartments on the North coast of Penang, Malaysia = $200.000

    A "BMV" house in Spain (cash out) = $225.000.

    That´s my million. Anybody got their own views?

  20. Jitugosrani

    Jitugosrani New Member

    Yes, do let me have further details of what investment/s I can do in Dubai with 1.0M. I have an investment maturing in November where I will collect some 750k and right now I am looking at various avenues of re-investing these funds.
    Thanks and regards
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