What will US$1 million buy overseas?

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Yes, do let me have further details on India, Dubai and Malaysia. I have an investment maturing in November which will bring in about 750k and I am right now looking at various alternatives to re-invest the proceeds.


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we did a small article recently on an interesting opportunity
"What do you get for your Million(euros)?
Fancy becoming lord of the manor, well,actuall, owning your own village?
For a million euros you can do just that at Borgo di Aragno, a village in a mountain area of Italy where there are the equivalent of about 40 homes for sale.

The village is 8km away from the administrative capital of abruzzo: L'Aquila,. In addition, the cable car of campo imperatore (ski resort) is just 10km away and, taking the nearby motorway, you will be halfway from Rome & Pescara. The village makes an interesting sight cut into the mountains. It is also on the border of Gran Sasso national park.

The area has been identified in the town planning scheme of L'Aquila as a " residential zone to be restored" and the creation of a first-class mountain village is bound to find potential clientele both in Italy and in the international market.
The sale includes 12 natural caves in the area.

Another option is Vicoli's castle and Borgo, a hamlet of about 20 properties (two occupied),also available for a million euros.

On the southern bank of the river Nora, Vicolis ruins are a mix of old houses and a frotress. The town hall is willing to give free permission to the investor who wants to restore the old fortress for a public use, such as a hostel, art school, museum etc.
The area is half an hour's drive from Pescara'a Airport and is easy to get to from the main roads."


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Costa Rica

Considering large condo's/villas and also lots (and how big?)
We are buying a Macadamia farm in Costa Rica. We will subdivide it into residential and commercial lots. We will use investors dollars to improve the land, then sell lots at a minimum of $6 per square meter and profit very well for our group.


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Also, are there any brokers here that sell properties of any kind in this price range...? Say... between 750K and 1.5M?
Before I could offer any sort of advice whatsoever I would need to know more about you, your attitude toward risk, your patience level (short term invest or long term). What use you wished to put this investment to. etc etc.

The price range would not be the hurdle for any agent - we can all find you pretty much anything to fit a price range - it's your requirements that are important and if I cannot meet those requirements (unlikely though that is) then I would certainly have on my books the expert who could.

Feel free to contact me if you wish to continue any sort of dialogue - good luck with whatever you decide to do.


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We have a very nice development on our books in Pipa, Brazil which is being designed and managed by a developer that built another fantastic development not far away.
For a mil you could buy 4 villas, which judging by the management's past history in the other resort they manage, should have 75% occupancy per annum.

Should earn you a very nice chunk of change every year.


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Costa Rica Real Estate option...

Hi. Here at Costa Rica we are developing a large condominiums project that we expect will generate nice rental income for the next 5 years. Also the price of the condo will increase in the next 3 years. We are working on a beach front properties project. If you are interested PM for details. Prices go from $350K (2-3 bedrooms) to $850K (penthouses).
Hope you make a nice deal with your money. Good luck.:)


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Singapore is a good place to consider as the property is strongly back up by the newly Intergrated Resort with 2 new casinos and also the Resort that Sentosa is building at the bay of the small island located near Singapore.
Good security and no worry of crimes, which I am contented and feel safe living in Singapore.
Email me or can call me directly if anyone is interested to know more about Singapore Property.
Be it a deal or not, we can make friends and know more about each country. :)

Donny Yeo
donny.era [at] gmail com


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Costa Rica opportunity

Check out Isla Moin. This will be the first of it's kind on the Atlantic side of Costa Rica. Now anyone cruising the Caribean can park in Costa Rica for the Hurricane season. You can dock at the Marina or in your back yard. Phase 1 sales are just beginning and the prices are fantastic. You can get a 5000 SQ FT custom home on a large lot on a canal like the InterCoastal set up in FL for $1.5 Mil. I live in CT and it would cost me almost $1.5 just to build a nice 5000 SQ Ft house.


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I dont know about private messages and emails, but if you noticed, the threadstarter never posted since the day of his second post.
Maybe he wanted to tease you :)
Anyway, when some is interested to invest a million, he has to specify as many details as possible.
Would it be Europe, or SAmerica or Asia, or ..., the destination of the land , ... , would it be an emerginf market or an already settled one, ...

Anyway, think about Moldova, East European Pearl.
Moldova is for those that missed Romania and the Baltics.

I can offer you a lot of information if interested.

Take care!

Ann Jenkins

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Considering large condo's/villas and also lots (and how big?)
One million dollars can get you quantity or quality depending on what you have in mind, whether as rental investment or residence. Malta offers a friendly modern lifestyle with a colourful culture and business opportunities and is aimed at becoming a financial hub in the Medittereanean. Being a small island, beaches, night life etc are all within easy reach. Land is at a premium because of its size and now it would be the right time to invest. The island's second language is English but many are also fluent in Italian.Let me know if you are interested.


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Hi Chavo,
There are a number of options open to you. Would it be somewhere you would like to use? Are you restricted with not wanting to travel too far? Are you looking for return on your money as opposed to capital growth in a short period of time? You also need to bear in mind the different laws pertaing to property ownership in some countries, ie forming offshore companies to buy the property or needing a foreign national as a nominee for the purchase. If the property is freehold or leasehold.
Any questions please reply back to me and I will see what the best way for you to proceed will be.
Kind Regards,
Prestige International Realty
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