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Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by iimz, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. iimz

    iimz Banned

    Dear All

    What are the market predictions from Warsan Estate. I have reservation token for the launch but i am not sure if it would be a property easy to flip once purchased. Any advice
  2. Investoman_uae

    Investoman_uae New Member

    Warsan launch has been delayed.

  3. iimz

    iimz Banned

    From Dubai - Warsan

    Yes it was delayed and yesterday i recevied a SMS inviting me for a launch tommorrow. So launch is tommorrow. So i am not sure if you i should buy or not attend the launch because i suspect the price will be anything over 3.5 Million

    Is it easy to flib
  4. wesrae

    wesrae New Member

    I think there will be a possibility to flip it, you just have to be realistic about the premium. I have a ticket and intend to do the same. I am hoping to sell within 1 week for maybe a 3% premium.
  5. iimz

    iimz Banned

    From Dubai

    Well if i get a unit tommorrow, i dont mind flipping it for just 2.5 %. Let me know if there is anyone interested.
  6. a_awtaney

    a_awtaney New Member

    Well, another property from Emaar, which is the most trusted builder currently. This for sure indicates that the heat will be on.

    To give you'll an idea, if i get through with my token, i already have ready buyers at 3% premiuim.

    I feel you can expect 5% in the first week if there are no new Emaar launches coming up in short time.

    All the Best ;)
  7. iimz

    iimz Banned

    Well in that case, can you as well find a buyer for my anticiapted unit. If you know anyone who can also offer me 3% i am ready to dispose. And i suspect that 90% chances are that i will fetch a unit.
  8. suas5

    suas5 New Member

    congrats you got the tickets guyz coz i tried to get one but in vain, please a little advise on getting tickets as for maysan too i missed out .
  9. suas5

    suas5 New Member

    how does one get a ticket ?

    can you suggest me a way to get the token coz i had tried in the morning early 6.30am ,
    appreciate your expertise
  10. a_awtaney

    a_awtaney New Member

    Hey iimz

    You needn't get worked up for disposing your property. You can find potential buyers at the launch itself. People tend to get stressed out while waiting for their number to arrive and most of them don't like going back empty handed.

    That's the moment i describe as HEAT!! Make use of this heat. You will find many agents around. Get your deal done between 2 to 3% before you leave.
  11. a_awtaney

    a_awtaney New Member

    Hi suas5

    Emaar declared they had a problem with their network which stopped most of the people trying to register. I believe their bandwidth was too less for some reason. I started from sharp 6am and continued till i could get atleast 1 token. I finally managed to achieve it by 7am.

    Then as i continued trying to help out my friends, i got 2nd at 7:15am and 3rd at 7:20am.

    After around that time, i noticed the site became efficient, but the good numbers were done.
  12. AAPROP

    AAPROP New Member

    when can you actually start registering. How can one know of the time window allowed to register interest for a project. Can any one share the experise. Thank you.
  13. rg_andi

    rg_andi New Member

    Warsan prices started at 4.7 m AED for 3 bed townhouse & 5.1 m for 4 bed !!!

    How realistic is this price?
  14. AAPROP

    AAPROP New Member

    did u buy it?
  15. rg_andi

    rg_andi New Member

    No, would you?
  16. benho

    benho New Member

    the price is going through the roof.... what is the completion date for the project?

    I wonder how the price can be sustained?
  17. rg_andi

    rg_andi New Member

    completion in 2010
  18. iimz

    iimz Banned

    I decided not to go for Warsaan Launch. I think it was again overpriced. It perhaps was a good for long term investment.

    I heard people selling their unit at 0.5% premium at that launch.
  19. rg_andi

    rg_andi New Member

    I agree

    the premium was 0.5-1.5%, not worthed the hassle in my opinion.

    average price of AED 5 m, tbut nothing great about poroject/location
  20. MMSM

    MMSM New Member

    It is because of people like you that the market will crash.
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