TAMANI ARTS Offices Business Bay: Change of Developer!

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by paparulo, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. Kamran saleem

    Kamran saleem New Member

    We have a unit in Tamini Arts.. We received no news and no info regarding the building.
    Then we just got a letter out of the blue 10 days ago. from The Developer Properties LLC, no new contract or documents to sign..
    Said we could have 30% discount on the rest of the money, and if we don't pay we risk losing the property and monies paid to date.
    We have paid around 50% of our unit off.
    It's a 700 area unit, but from reading the above, it seems these are being chopped down.
    I have tried to join group and have sent a message asking for invitation.
    Hope we can find out some info or do something..
  2. Sham

    Sham New Member

    Hello Every one
    I have just found out about this Forum.
    I have also invested in Tamani office building.
    Its a same situation with me . How ever I have paid in full with out realizing it.
    I would like to join you all if it can be any help.
  3. Rose Stairs

    Rose Stairs New Member

    Hi Investors of Tamani Arts!


    Yes, I would like to join forces with everyone with regard to finding a resolution on securing our investment.

    How do we proceed? Please advise.

    I would like to coordinate with everyone and get in touch with paparulo since I assume he is the facilitator of the team.

    Thanks and please contact me.

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  4. Rose Stairs

    Rose Stairs New Member


    Can someone please reconnect with me to help find resolution for our investment.


  5. Rose Stairs

    Rose Stairs New Member

    can someone help me join the forum in google groups. when i enter no tamani arts 2014 coming up on search. i need to join soon as i would like to obtain results too on our investment. thank you.

  6. S Gupta

    S Gupta New Member

    Can someone please connect me to the moderator of this group. We are also in the same situation.

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