TAMANI ARTS Offices Business Bay: Change of Developer!

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by paparulo, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. SKK

    SKK New Member

    Hi paparulo,

    Got the following email from iberstone.spain in response to my membership request:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your interest in joining this private group.

    As you may understand, we need to identify you as investor, to make sure that only real investors can share the information handled within the group. Please send me copy of your SPA (only pages showing area, price and signatures) together with a copy of your passport to see that you are the one on the SPA.
    After receiving those I will include you in the group and update you on the next steps we are about to take.

    (group Administrator)

    Should I go ahead?
  2. paparulo

    paparulo Member

    Dear Skk,

    Yes, paparulo is my nickname. You can go ahead.
  3. Hass

    Hass New Member

    Hi Dear,
    I am new in this fantastic forum, please some body help and give some information bout Tamani Art Offices, I have bought tree units with parking from KM and last year I heard the developer has been switched to IAH, I am living in US, they called me and informed they are going to send me a new contract, I will not sign it at all, can somebody tell me what is going on for this project and how possible I can get my money back with it's disadvantage.
    Thank for your help
  4. paparulo

    paparulo Member

    Dear HAss and All,

    The best option to get answers to your questions is to join our private group.

    If the links previously provided did not work, try this easy way:

    On Google search: type "google groups" --> click on "google groups" --> click on "browse all" --> type "tamani arts 2014" --> click on "tamani arts 2014" --> click on "apply for membership".

    Please try.

  5. iloilo

    iloilo Member

    Could I still upload my agreement page/s and be part of the team to go to the lawyer.
  6. santos123

    santos123 New Member

    Dear paparulo and others

    I am new in his forum

    I also have property in Tamani arts I bought in 2007. I am frustrated that the legal costs are high to take KM properties to court. We have a good chance but need to spend money to get our money back. If we all pull together we can take action and the cost will be divided and then its affordable for everyone. I also refuse to sign the new contract and now they are trying desperately to get more money in and giving discounts on the monies outstanding. I still did not give in.
    Please let me know who is willing to join me in take them to court.
    I have a good lawyer in place in Dubai.

  7. rallyman

    rallyman New Member

    another development by the developer properties

    hi guys i have just been told by rera that aci's niki lauda tower has been taken over by these same guys has anyone been to the offices of the developer properties ? or have any contacts there ? how can i join your group ? i have already been down the court road for the last 7 years .... and am no further forward despite winning at all levels .
  8. iloilo

    iloilo Member

    Hi Paparulo,

    I already applied for membership but I did not receive any email as yet confirming the membership. The response says: MEMBERSHIP APPROVAL PENDING. Please help.
  9. paparulo

    paparulo Member

    Dear iloilo,

    Please apply again and make sure you check your spam folder, as my response could have gone there.
  10. kristy

    kristy New Member

    Thanks for share this information. Its really interesting.
  11. iloilo

    iloilo Member

    New Announcement from IAH

    Recently IAH emailed an announcement:

    Dubai Land Dept (DLD) has issued a circular in regards to completing the registration of your property (completed/under construction) in accordance with Law 13 of year 2008 concerning the Interim Real Estate Register and Circular issued by the Land Dept dated 7/11/2013 concerning the application of the fees of the Land Dept.

    Our records show that registration fee of your Unit at the Land Dept equivalent to 4% of the total Sale Value has not been paid.

    Hence you are kindly requested to pay the registratiobn fees prior to June 30, 2015 to avoid penalties as per the latest attached circular from the DLD.

    If you have completed the registration formalities of your properties, kindly disregard this email.

    How can we pay the 4% of the total sale value when we have not yet signed the agreement with the new owner?

  12. paramh

    paramh New Member

    Hi, we also bought unit and have been notified very recently regarding reduced size.

    We had meetings with develpers and investors, who are discouraging us from taking legal action.

    Please help how we should proceed with this?
  13. MuhammadRaza

    MuhammadRaza New Member


    The developers cannot legally change sizes and then charge you for it. There is a slight tolerance but this will be stipulated in the original SPA that you signed.
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  14. mike.stewart

    mike.stewart Member

    Other developer investor

    Hi all,

    I'm an investor in another development in UAE, and like to learn as much as I can from your experiences, as I see that the investors are individuals with busy primary lives, residing all over the world, and not having up-to-date information, while the developers are all in Dubai, protected by UAE laws and courts.
    I invested in 1 unit in KR, in Sports city and have had problems with delivery time, and also the change of heart by the developer to run the property not as a apartment-hotel, as was promised, but as a rental.

    Can I join your group and share my experiences with the solicitors and developers?

  15. afzal ahmad

    afzal ahmad New Member

    We are forced to go to court. I need to join this group.

  16. afzal ahmad

    afzal ahmad New Member

    we need to put up our case by taking collective action. Please share with me your line of action.

  17. chandrasen

    chandrasen New Member

    I have checked with the local lawyer in Dubai and he said that the case has to be filed against 2 parties i.e KM Properties and Property Developers. The chances of winning this case is very high but it may take long time and it may be too expensive.

  18. paparulo

    paparulo Member

    Guys, we´ve been already through all these dialogues, inquiries and visits to IAH. If you want to take advantage of that info, please join the private group as indicated in previous posts.
    You wont get anywhere negotiating individually...

  19. kissbhai

    kissbhai New Member


    Hi All,

    Even we are one of the buyers in parklane tower, but we have not signed the new SPA and we are following the DLD heads to help us out.
  20. B2B

    B2B New Member

    Have you considered fraud investigation?

    Have you considered fraud investigation? In Europe cases like this is 100% sure fraud. Maybe go direct to police is the best option?

    "The Dubai Government today introduced tougher penalties of up to 20 years in jail for those involved in "fraudulently" seizing private and public money, in the latest step to stamp out corruption in the Emirate. The law is designed to "safeguard public and private funds in Dubai," read a statement released by the office of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, who issued the new law in his capacity as the Ruler of Dubai. Offenders faced a maximum of five years in jail, but with the new regulations they could face between five to 20 years. The statement said that the law stipulates the immediate release of those convicted of defrauding the government or private firms of their funds should "they fully return the money to [its] lawful owners or through settlement agreements negotiated with their debtors." A number of senior executives in Dubai were tried following a sweeping campaign by Dubai government to combat corruption in corporates."


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