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Sara's Residence

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by lyndsay552, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. lyndsay552

    lyndsay552 New Member

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  2. Hameed

    Hameed New Member

    Have you invested into this development?
  3. lizzy2u

    lizzy2u New Member

    went past a few weeks ago looked like nothing has happening could see no one on site.yes it should be up and running so dont know whats happening
  4. Leila

    Leila New Member

  5. wanderlust

    wanderlust New Member

    Has anyone bought at Sara's Residence?

    Hi All
    Still researching possible options re buying holiday home/rental opportunity in Hurghada. Two possibilities are, get something that is due to be finished in few months so we can get benefit by end of year or put a down payment on one which is due for completion end 2009 (the extra time means extra budget).
    I have been advised by a couple of agents that Saras Residence would be one good option however have heard conflicting reports re this development and wondered if there was anyone on the board that had any experience/knowledge of the apartments here?
    Thanks a lot, much appreciated
  6. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi I have merged your thread with this existing thread on Sara's residence. There is a search facility where you can look for existing threads. If you click on the link on the 1st post in this thread it will take you into the previous closed thread on Sara's.
  7. Leila

    Leila New Member

    Hi, well, all I can say is that it is right on the main road, on a T-junction. I suppose that if you bought at the back it wouldn't be too noisy. The traffic there isn't too bad at the moment. It looks over the Simbad complex, the hotel and the aquapark. The artists impression is a little 'creative'!!
  8. wanderlust

    wanderlust New Member

    Thanks a lot queenie40something, will get the hang of it soon!!!
    Keep up the good work ,this Forum is a mine of information for 'greenhorns' like me !!!
  9. wanderlust

    wanderlust New Member

    Thanks a lot Leila, all info good info
  10. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Wanderlust - your welcome and dont worry you will get the hng of it. There is always a moderator to help so just give us a shout. Dont worry about making a mistake or doing anything wrong as these can easily be rectified. It is difficult when you are a newbie knowing if there are existing threads etc.
    There are lots of helpful members here who can help out on all sorts.
    Good luck in your search and keep us updated. Are you planning to visit Hurghada in the near future?
  11. RedSeaInvestor

    RedSeaInvestor New Member

    In my opinion Sara's is one of the nicest looking developments in the El Kawser area. Congratulations to anyone who has bought there.
  12. Hameed

    Hameed New Member

    Does that mean it will not be finish as scheduled for August/ September?
  13. Dear All,
    Sara rsidence is one of the best developments located in Heart of the town(Hurghada) its 3 minutes walking from Hurghada Promenade, Beside Bowling center, Beside supermarkets, Restaurants Bars, but in same time its not noisy, Its amazing and almost finsished I hope they will deliver the units in time, i think they sold mre than 50% of the project and point is same developer of sahl Hasheesh Projects so its amazing developer
  14. Hameed

    Hameed New Member

    Has anybody got any latest pictures of Sara's Development, both inside & outside?
  15. wanderlust

    wanderlust New Member

    Hi All
    Has anybody on here (or does anybody on here know someone) who has bought into this development?
    Is there going to be a bar or restaurant on site, and will access to apartments be secure?
    Any feedback greatly appreciated.
  16. will be 24 hour security for the compound, and the shops down stairs we wait to know what it will be, I'm on vaation and will try to make pictures as soon as I get back there :)
  17. wanderlust

    wanderlust New Member

    Thanks a lot Realestatemart
    You seem to have valuable info re this development, can you tell me it will have a 'secure entrance' system and how large will the pool be?
    Have you any idea of the numbers/natonalities of people that have bought there ?
    When is the expected completeion date, I head it was supposed to be March 2008!
    Thanks so much for your time
  18. Hameed

    Hameed New Member

    I belive Sara's residence is centrally located, there is easy access to all amenities. Therefore, there are various shops all round the Hurghada Promenade which is a recent development specifically designed with tourists in mind. The Hurghada Promenade begins where Sara's Residence is, I believe?
  19. Hi Wanderlust,
    Don't mention it we are here to help each other and support our online family members, for completion date its as follows:

    Construction on Sara's Residence is now entering the final stages, with the exterior fully complete already. Completion
    is scheduled for 1 September 2008.

    for swiming pool I think its not so big but I don't know what is the exact size but attached pictures will give you a better idea :
    for facilities and following is the list of the benefits:

    German developer
    Satellite TV in all apartments
    Internet throughout
    Swimming pool
    Beautiful landscape gardening
    Roof terrace with barbecue areas and domed seating areas
    Hurghada's best shops and restaurants just a few hundred metres away
    200m from the sea
    Sea views from some apartments and from the rooftop terrace

    and following is finishing description:


    High quality ceramic floors
    Tiling in kitchens and bathrooms
    Two coats of pain in light, scrub-resistant colours throughout
    Aluminium-framed windows with toned panes
    Wooden doors throughout
    Electrical installation including wiring for satellite TV
    Pre-installation for digital TV, telephone sockets, television and Internet
    Kitchen with stainless steel sinks, marble worktops and mixer taps
    Ideal Standard branded bathroom sanitary fittings with mixer taps and extractor fans
    Wash stand of natural stone with porcelain sink and mirror above
    Central water heating
    Maintenance charge of EUR0.7 per m2 per month

    Attached Files:

  20. wanderlust

    wanderlust New Member

    Thanks so much for this , it really is uplifting to feel a part of such a positive and helpful community.
    Do you know anyone that has bought here ?
    Is there a secure entrance system to the apartments?
    Thanks again
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