Is it better to buy or rent?


Justin D

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I’m currently paying an amount of $1270 per month for my apartment, with all services included. Recently, my friend has been giving me some suggestions about what to do in the near future. He says that instead of spending this amount per month, I should buy a condo, and constantly pay it off in the future. The idea is good within my knowledge, that the condo will gain value in the future, then I can sell it after a few years with a profit. He also suggested a new condo project within demand and I liked it. I live in a metropolitan city. How much will it cost for a modest, 1-person condo? Your suggestions are invited.


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I agree that buying a home is better than renting because you got to choose whether to live there or have it rented out to other tenants. But if you are stuck about selling your home fast, you must deal with direct home buyers so that you can achieve seamless transaction. You may visit if you are wondering about its process.