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International City - England

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by stefancaspersz, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. stefancaspersz

    stefancaspersz New Member

    Hi All,

    I'm new to this forum. I've put a down-payment on an apartment in England X16 which according to Tamweel was supposed to be ready by 31st December 2006 :) and then they said 30th March 2007 :( and now they say end May 2007. :mad:

    Does anyone have any information about the actual due dates for the England sector hand over?

    Thanks and regards.
  2. ian131

    ian131 New Member


    I have 2 apartments in X18 in England, the last email I had back from my agent was that it will be handed over on Feb 28th???:confused:

    I am still waiting for him to get back to me regarding a new date, if anyone has any more info it would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Razneer

    Razneer New Member

    I have an apartment in the Spanish Sector and the hand over dates seem to keep moving. Nakheel are very unreliable in giving out information. You are not the only ones in this situation so dont fret too much just yet. :cool:
  4. nima

    nima New Member

    hi england folks!

    Can you let me know if your buildings have all facilities included with the price of the unit like swimming pool, gym and internet connections? :)
  5. ian131

    ian131 New Member

    hi, I didn't see any pools or gyms on the whole development when i was there in Nov 2006:confused: :confused: :confused:
  6. nima

    nima New Member

    Thanks for the reply Ian

    Well this is what the agents are saying that England is prone to get better rents as they have all facilities compared to Persia. I was told by my agent that only architecture of the clusters vary but no extra add ons!!!:confused:
  7. JJDubai

    JJDubai New Member

    Contact at Tamweel

    I too bought an apartment in England Y17 and they have been delaying dates since October. Now they say they are not clear when.

    This is the person to call, Jeevan Suvarna - +971505187752 at Tamweel if you have bought through them.
  8. ian131

    ian131 New Member

    Rental amount for england

    I was informed that England is quoted as being a place which will demand higher rental/resale rates; as people from the middle east and India etc associate England with wealth and so want to say they live in that section. I don't think it has any better facilities?
  9. ian131

    ian131 New Member

    I've had an email back from my agent saying the handover date for X18 is the first week in May:rolleyes: I hope so, but i've been given dates before and they have come and gone.

    As always any info would be greatly appreciated:)
  10. reddevil82

    reddevil82 New Member

    ummmm, no official word but I go to IC almost every day and as far as I can see and this is MY OPINION. England could be off by around 2-3 months at the least. Morocco that has looked ready since last December is STILL not handed over so I think England is in queue after that. The building of England have also been painted pinkish peach color and look worse than before.

    The only reason England could get more rent is cause of the name BUT the market will be more saturated by then so I doubt it. I have an IC maps with building types and number of buildings and the total is ......... 387 buildings. Only 60 approx have been handed over. Rents starts at 40k studio and 55k 1 bed in China and are now 35k and 48k depending on payment flexibility. So I think and shudder when lets say 260 out of the total buildings are ready.

    Now some official words from Tamweel. ONE building (in Persia) has been handed over from all the buildings they sold in their promotion. I can get official word as things develop.

    Honest suggestion to owners, if you are ok with finances and want decent rent. Be flexible in checks payments. Offer more than standard 3/4 checks. People all over the world work on monthly rent payable in advance by 1 month. Overseas owners will get residence visa and will open accounts so can trust someone with depositing checks. I can safely say that you will get 40k for studio and 55k for 1 bed even today if you agree to 12 checks. And you stand to benefit as next year even if rental cap is 7% (as it is today) then you get to increase 7% of these higher values on contract renewal.
  11. mapy

    mapy New Member

    England Handing over

    Hi folks,

    Heard that the England X cluster will be handed over by June/July....anyone has confirmed news abt it?
  12. ian131

    ian131 New Member


    Hi Mapy,

    Who have you got this information from?

    I'll ask my agent for yet another update, and post any news.
  13. vishal73

    vishal73 New Member

    Hi I also bought an apartment in England Y5. I called Tamweel last week and they are saying they have dates for Y2 AND Y12/Y11 but thet dont have any information about other clusters.But they do mention that it may take 2 more months for the rest.:confused: :confused:
    Hey JJ Can i call Jeevan to ask for the possession?
  14. vishal73

    vishal73 New Member

  15. ian131

    ian131 New Member

    England handover/colour


    I've still not had a new date for X18, can some please confirm the colour of the buildings in England as reddevil82 has stated that they are pinkish/peach, but my agant informs me that they are white???
  16. vishal73

    vishal73 New Member

    HI ALL,
    Has Anyone any news about England cluster handover dates? I have purchased a flat through Tamweel in England Y5. Has Tamweel started handover any of the clusters in England?
    Any information about the probable expenses at the time of handover?
    Please do update me.
  17. vishal73

    vishal73 New Member

    High Maintenance fees in International city

    Hi all,

    I heard that the maintenance fees for the International city is around 11-12Dhs/sq.ft means 8000Dhs annually. If the fees for the apartments/villas in Marina,Springs and Meadows is 12Dhs/sqft, then 11 or 12Dhs/sqft is not justified for international city.

    I think we should unite together through this forum and raise our voices against this high price.

  18. ian131

    ian131 New Member


    I've just had an email stating my building will be handed over on the 17th July. It looks more promising than usual as my agent has attached Nakheels unit registration guide:rolleyes:
  19. Zoheb

    Zoheb New Member

    My agent says that my building X6 has a tentative date of 20th June but I should not book my flights just yet. How long does handover tske. Not looking to spend more than 3 days and then to fly out Lahore.
  20. vishal73

    vishal73 New Member

    England handover

    HI IAN,

    Yes its a good news the England cluster starts to be handed over finally.
    Ian does handover means that the keys will be handed over to you after doing all the dewa things for water,electricity and all other formalities.
    Infact i dont have a clear idea what is the process of handover and how much time does it takes in reality?
    Ian it it possible for you to attach the Nakheel registration guide so that we can see and get prepared in advance.May i know who is your agent?

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