Abyaar Pier 8 Marina

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by iceton, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. GoldBDM

    GoldBDM New Member

    I don't have an apartment there but yes, I know a lot about them.
  2. Pier8buyer

    Pier8buyer New Member

    Hello, anyone there who can give some advice/ updates on Pier 8? We bought a unit and have been waiting for years. Abyaar Dubai office no longer answering any calls or emails.
  3. Pier8buyer

    Pier8buyer New Member

    I am interested in joining you. Please advise if this is still possible. Thank you
  4. Longterminvestor

    Longterminvestor Administrator

    I have watched the Dubai property market from afar with great interest. Surely the new regulations should cover investors who have been the subject of delays? I thought the whole point of these new regulations was to give investors and developers more protection and make the market more transparent?
  5. david d

    david d New Member

  6. david d

    david d New Member

    Hi I am also unfortunate to have i
    Bought an apartment in pier 8, impossible o contact developer , not getting any feed back on status of project very hard to find out what is happening can anybody update if they have any news .)?
  7. david d

    david d New Member

    Pier 8 has been under cancellation decision on RERA website for nearly a year ?? Does anybody know or sueing Anyaar can give us an update as to what is expected outcome )?
  8. Hasnain

    Hasnain New Member

    I have 2 bed in Pier 8 and i wanted to know has anyone been able to contact the developer or has been able to get a refund for their investment.

    Please update
  9. loophole11

    loophole11 New Member

    Hi, any updates on the project?
  10. david d

    david d New Member

    Dear All,

    Does anybody have an update got and email from RERA trust care about they are considering cancellation . I think getting enough investors together and perusing a class action .
  11. david d

    david d New Member

    I spoke to the sales person on the ground from Anyaar working on Hilliana only. Was told to call Kuwait. No answer from kuwait
  12. david d

    david d New Member

    I am interested I have 2 properties in pier 8
  13. david d

    david d New Member

    Received 17.9.2018 from
    RERA trustcare whondeal with projects who are in the cancelled list with RERA;

    project is cancelled . currently we are waiting for the committee to meet and decide on the project either to activate ( project active It means to be completed again) or to transfer the project to court for liquidation
  14. david d

    david d New Member

    Yes I can be emailed on ddobouny @ Gmail com
  15. david d

    david d New Member

    A class action may stop them just canceling it and allowing Emaar / dubai gov just to write of the investors who bought apts in the property and re sell a substantially built project to one of their wealthy mates... no normal country would allow abyaar a listed company to not finish a job with being bankrupt they would have to finish even if loss making Dubai protection of investors is zero the fact they are allowed to not contact any of us for 10 years and now Cancelling with nothing to little compensation while allowing abyaar to continue selling apt’s on another project is outrageous

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