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Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by iceton, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. fazal1

    fazal1 New Member

    I think if you are an estate agent then you have the responsibility to get the correction information from Abyaar please before relying on the information by the seller.
  2. khadija88

    khadija88 New Member

    currently the project is only completed 48%
  3. samalibhai

    samalibhai New Member

    Pier 8

    I just joined this forum. I am in the process of filing a lawsuit against Abyaar to try and get a refund for my investment in Pier 8. Anybody interested in joining the suit?
  4. stephenshilstone

    stephenshilstone New Member

    Have you managed to get any completion date from the company?, the date I gave was an expected date of completion. (latest completion date) meaning there will be updates.
  5. GoldBDM

    GoldBDM New Member

    Still no progress there. No workers, no cranes, no work, no nothing. :(
  6. mirro

    mirro New Member

    ok you can send me your contact or email me for more discuss
  7. samalibhai

    samalibhai New Member

    Please message me

    I bought a one bedroom in Pier 8. Please message me and I can call you to discuss.


  8. mrbhatia

    mrbhatia New Member

    Hi Sameer,

    I have bought an apartment too in Pier 8. Was told in October that the building contract has now been signed and work will commence in 2 weeks time. Called today and was informed construction still not started and the only contact who knows about Pier 8 is out of the country....

    I will be interested in talking to you further. I am on 0044 7448145000.

  9. samalibhai

    samalibhai New Member

    Dear Vikram,

    Don't waste your time trying to find the status of the building. The construction has been delayed indefinitely and I am now in the process of filing a civil lawsuit against Abyaar. I have already paid 85,000 AED and the lawyers are working on preparing the papers. Where are you based? Are you in the UK?

    I can call you now if you are available.


    Sameer Alibhai
  10. mrbhatia

    mrbhatia New Member

    Hi Sameer.

    Yes I am based in the UK. I am on my phone now if you are free?

  11. samalibhai

    samalibhai New Member

    I tried calling you - but the phone went to voicemail. I will call you on your Monday night.
  12. mrbhatia

    mrbhatia New Member

    Ok. Let's talkMonday evening UK time. If I am not available please leave me your number and I will call back.
  13. samalibhai

    samalibhai New Member


    I just left you a voicemail. Call me back when you are free. Thanks.
  14. ABfromUAE

    ABfromUAE New Member

    Pier 8 status

    Hi, I'm AB. I own a 1BR in Pier 8. Would like to have some update from investors of Pier 8. As the developers seem to be just giving dates and postponing their commitments. If any of you have some first hand information it will be great. Tx
  15. bahjat omran

    bahjat omran New Member


    I am looking to buy in pier 8 and make up my mind to buy after long hesitation.can anybody encourage me if i can go ahead or not?looking forward to hear from anyone as i am very concerned thanks
  16. GoldBDM

    GoldBDM New Member

    Bahjat, why would you be so eager to buy in a tower which was delayed and there is no construction going on at all???
    There is so many nice towers in Marina, not to mention ready ones. I am strongly advising you not to go ahead with Pier 8.
  17. bahjat omran

    bahjat omran New Member

    Thanks for your advice.the only thing is that because within my budget and you can not find in marina in this price with payment plan.the agent stated that they will continue this week
  18. GoldBDM

    GoldBDM New Member

    My advice is not to listen to the agent because the agents want to make money, that's all and they want to sell no matter what. Today is Thursday, so when this week they will start?

    They keep saying for the past 2 years that the construction will restart again "next week", "next month" and so on so my only question how naive you have to be to even consider buying in this tower considering the history and the fact there is no work at all!
    If you can't afford Marina, look into other areas.
  19. bahjat omran

    bahjat omran New Member

    I am so naive toward marina .however,thanks for your advise?do you have any apartment there as it seems you are angry from them and you know a lot about them

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