Where to buy in Portugal?

Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by frediokl, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. frediokl

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    I'm currently renting a place in the Algarve and am thinking of buying somewhere in Portugal. But at the moment I am not convinced the Algarve is the place to buy. I can't see there being much capital apperciation, its already too expensive and with all the building going on I'm sure the supply is going to outstrip demand. I remember the days when it was impossible to find a place to stay here in August, now its not a problem at all. The days of full occupancy are gone!

    Can anyone suggest any other areas in Portugal I should be looking. I know all the talk has been about the silver coast but I am considering Espinho. Its still relativly cheap, about 120K euros for a 3 bed apartment, and with ryanair flying to Porto I think prices should rise as the Brits discover it.

    Does anyone know what the long term rental market is like in that area. The plan would be to rent out the property and use the income to pay my rent here in the Algarve. Maybe even leverage it and use the rent to pay a mortgage on a one bed place here. Two for the price of one!
  2. omostra06

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    check out the central region around Tomar
  3. Magellan

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    central portugal, around coimbra is probably the best place to experience the "real" portugal while still enjoing reasonable weather - if that is what you are after.
  4. maria

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    Silver coast - Portugal


    I think you might reconsider the silver coast. You can still buy property at good prices at about 20 min. from the coast. Happy to answer questions.
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  5. Oliveira Trindade

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    Algarve 1st in Top 20 Best Places To Buy

    Just to remember. On Channel 4's 20 Best Places To Buy Amanda Lamb chose her 20 recommended property destinations: top of the list was The Algarve.
  6. jdmat1

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    You are partially correct - whilst the website does mention Portugal as a Country - the programme that aired on TV made specific reference to the Silver Coast. The statistic mentioned was a 360% componded growth over a 10 year period. In other words, if you invest 100k now - it'll be worth 360k in 10 years time. This research was done 2 years ago.
  7. thedon

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    Having bought 2 places in the East Algarve [Olhao & Tavira], I'm still happy that this area offers serious value.
    Plenty of the same sun that shines on the West Algarve. Plenty of properties between €100k and €150k. Plenty of renters [particularly Portuguese] who want to escape the glitzy, noisy, more expensive West. Plenty of good air connections into Faro AND a shorter distance to drive. Ok, not as many golf courses but this will change. And the world doesn't revolve around golf anyway.
  8. mad_zzzb

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    Best Places in Portugal

    Well there are several type of interest in Portugal.

    If you like to see green fields all the year and wander in the nature you should go to the nothern regions, specially on the Districts that make border with Spain. There are big national parks with all kinds of animals and plants and walking circuits that cross them.

    In terms of beachs there is a long coast but from South to North there is an high temperature variation in land and in water. I'd say Algarve's, Vicentina and Alentejana Shores are the most wanted due to it's weather and water.

    If you enjoy high temperatures and arid terrain with a feeling of isolation you definitely have to go to inner Alentejo lands.

    There are also some new dams on Portugal rivers that are creating some niches of good Real Estate with great landscape and water activities.

    There are so many good places to invest and to live that you should plan a one month trip to know the country and make your choice.
  9. cane corso

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    I'm a new member on this forum so I'll introduce myself quickly.

    I'm Belgian (Flemish part) and have been to Portugal in the beginning of the year. I almost bought a piece of land but then decided to walk away from it to think it over...resulting (as always) in a "no buy".

    I visited central portugal (Covilha/Castelo Branco/Idanha a nova/etc) and really liked the environment. But - I would like to move to Portugal to make a living - not to buy as an investment and the big question is always: will I be able to make a living...as I work in the IT Sector for 16years now as an IT Analyst and don't see real opportunities in that area. Some people advise B&B / 4x4 Adventures / etc...but seen the distance from main Europe (Belgium/Netherlands/France/etc) I see a big issue here seen cost of transport (fuel/highway tax/etc). Any comments from members on the forum here?

    As to prices of property: maybe there is still a big difference with UK but if I look at prices for a 3bedroom house on a plot of 600m2 ... prices are not that much cheaper as here...or I'm looking at the wrong websites...

    Now - we hate the bad weather here and would like more sun...:) Is central Portugal still a good place then or do we need to go deeper south?

    When I was over, I also noticed that English is almost not spoken/neither French/German or any other language...so if you're not speaking Portuguese...you're lost apparently. Now I do want to learn the language, but I also know it's not an easy language to learn...so how is that treated by the local people...say you need to go to town hall to get papers legalised or when going to a bank for a loan...etc etc etc...

    So - I'm really looking for some experience feedback from people who made the move over to Portugal and start a new life overthere (so not as property investment or holiday retreat)...

  10. mad_zzzb

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  11. Investec

    Investec New Member

    Have you had a look at Madeira Island ?
    Most definitly worth a look ,Been in Algarve and Madeira ,i can definitly recommend you this little island as an investment prospect.
    Good luck
  12. medseA

    medseA http://www.turkish-property-world.com

    I think Algarve is the place to buy :)
  13. l.a.a.s

    l.a.a.s New Member

    I don`t know exactly what kind of information you may need, but i`m at your disposal to help you if i can.
    I`m in Dão Lafões region. For instance in my urbanisation there are people from Suisse, France, England and Lisbon

    Best regards
  14. fivestar

    fivestar New Member

    good investment

    In this moment, the best place to buy houses in Portugal is in
    the central area of Portugal.
    Algarve is now very english in all aspects (prices,people,houses), even the
    Portuguese don't like Algarve anymore.
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  15. l.a.a.s

    l.a.a.s New Member


    I agree with you , there are already a lot of people showing interet in these regions

    Best regards

  16. fivestar

    fivestar New Member

    i agree

    i agree with you
    that's one of the good areas to invest now "Silver Coast"
    near to everything an yet far away from the croud
    it is the midle land
  17. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Beautiful island - lived there long enough and know it very very well, but as an investment? There has so much construction there over the past years that how can there be enough demand to cover the offer? (heh whoops I mean supply - was thinking in Portuguese and translated directly - "Oferta")

    Porto Santo however is another story completely, although in truth I haven't been there for quite a few years so things may have changed drastically.

    Buying for lifestyle on the other hand, I can't think of anywhere I'd rather retire to than Madeira. (And I don't mean it's an island only for elderly people, I mean it's an island for people who don't have to worry about financial obligations).
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  18. omostra06

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    Depending on what type of investment someone is looking for, there are lots of opertunities in Central Portugal, if someone is happy to do some renovation work then there are some great little farmhouses and cottages made from stone that are great for investment, little bit of money and time and good profits can be made.
    other options are buying a piece of land and applying for planning permission, once the permission has been granted (about one year in some cases) then the value of the land shoots up, most people/builders/developers dont want to wait a long time for the planning to go through and will pay more for plots with approval allready done and ready to start building, some times these can double in value.
    other investments can be apartments to rent out, especially the university towns where there is a great demand for apartments, so good rent and capital growth can be had.
  19. Mamacats

    Mamacats New Member

    Hello Canecorso,

    I am an American married to a Portuguese man after making some USD we moved to Portugal to live out the rest of our years……………
    I am retired but my husband still works full time.

    One point I wanted to make was we purchased a new home in a sleeping town, eleven years later it is considered a city; our home at the moment is worth double the value according to local real estate agencies.

    As to the language; in Lisbon, Cascais and Algrave you may find many Portuguese who can speak English, not that they want to.
    The other areas of this country you may find children and young adults who have been taught English in school but have such little experience outside the classroom are reluctant to speak it.

    In rural areas of this country you can forget the idea of surviving without the language “Portuguese”
    We live smack in between Lisbon and Setubal 40 minutes away by car from each of these cities. The beaches in the Caparica area; Fonte Telha, Praia Rainha are wonderful and we receive rain about one to two months a year.

    Diane aka Mamacats
    Ragdoll Breeder
  20. abelhas

    abelhas New Member

    why anyone could think they can move to portugal and not learn portuguese is beyond me!
    initially it seems impossible - but portuguese isnt so hard to learn.

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