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WANTED int'l City full building in france or italy !

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by pookie, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. pookie

    pookie New Member

    Hey ppeeeps !!! how are yall doing !!! i need a full building in international city preferably in france , italy , spain . URGENT! the price should be really good !! and not a typical market price !!

    and if anyone of you got any inquiry !! you can email me at my email , i do get good offers!! so holler !!

    Pookie . !
  2. DC

    DC Member

    We can help. What do you implie by your words above.
  3. pookie

    pookie New Member


    i didnt get what you mean ?
  4. DC

    DC Member

    Please write down what you are looking for.
    Budget, Criteria, Timescales, Country. Exactly then we can help.
    You need a full building, is that a constructed property, how many units do you want.
    In a city? Do you want offplan or resale? Are you the client or is for someone else?

    We need facts to give you want you want. KR Darren
  5. pookie

    pookie New Member

    Hey , i want a full building in international city !! its the name of the project happening in dubai !- UAE , and france is the cluster name !! . im living in dubai ! and i didnt mean literally an international city ! did you get me ?
  6. kilani

    kilani New Member

    I have a building in international city (france) for sale.
    send me a short e-mail at mahmoud.alkilani(at)engelvoelkers(dot)com, and i'll reply to u with details.
  7. supershabb

    supershabb New Member

    1 Br units...

    Dear Pookie,

    Saw your post, can u forward me info on intl city 1 Br im looking for some 3 units & studio 3 units. I also have some offers, but, I need better offers.
    If any distress seller, pls inform.
  8. kul0001

    kul0001 New Member

    hi pookie

    if you still lookin plse mail me on
    kulbirsingh001 at msn dot com

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