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Types of property in France - decoded!

Discussion in 'French Property' started by benjamin, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. benjamin

    benjamin New Member

    Hello all,
    bastide - Provencal country house
    bergerie - sheep farm
    chai - warehouse for wines and spitis
    chaumiere - thatched cottage
    colombage - half-timbered (Normandy)
    une etable - cowshed
    fermette - farm cottage
    fournil - bakehouse
    gentilhommiere - gentleman's country abode!
    grange - barn
    grenier - attic
    hotle de ville - town house
    longere - long stone built farmhouse
    maison d'amis - weekend house
    maison bourgeoise - mansion
    maison de maitre - gentleman's residence
    maison paysanne - farm house
    mas - low L-shaped (S France) farmhouse
    pigeonnier - pigeon tower
    Thanks in advance
  2. bennett

    bennett New Member

    Hi Benjamin,
    French apartment types are determined by the number of rooms in the apartment. The kitchen, bathroom and toilet are not counted in this naming

    Studio Bachelor/studio apartment: one room with small kitchenette in the room
    F1/T1 One-room apartment: separate kitchen
    F2/T2 Two-room apartment: typically a living room, a kitchen, and a separate bedroom
    F3/T3 Three-room apartment: typically a living room, a kitchen, and two separate bedrooms
    F4/T4 Four-room apartment: typically a living room, a kitchen, and three separate bedrooms
    F5/T5 Five-room apartment: typically a living room, a kitchen, and four separate bedrooms
    Good luck
  3. kradical23

    kradical23 New Member

    This is a very helpful list. Thanks!
  4. Cannes Flat

    Cannes Flat New Member

    I've just bought a one bed in central Cannes and rental income is very good if you're not greedy. Best to buy as new as possible to keep fees and upkeep down.
  5. ptemple

    ptemple New Member

    Some translations for Nice

    Parfait pied a terre - it's *really* small
    Avec chambre de bonne - it may have running water but it's still just an oversized cupboard in the attic
    Permis de construire etait accorde - he chatted some guy in the Marie who said it would probably be ok
    Le partie communes sera refait - the common areas are dire, but he really wants to make the sale (excused if he has it in minutes of Assemble Generale)
    A cote de le tram - in the middle of nowhere
    Quartier des Fleurs - depends, the supposed area appears to be growing each week
    Vue sur les toits - it is in the Old Town and is 5/6th floor with no lift
    Avec parking - knock 50k off the price if you don't need it

    benjamin, if ever I need a place with a pigeon tower then I will owe you a debt of gratitude. And bennet you are correct but you just need to watch out that if the property lists "un salle a manger et un sejour" then these are often counted separately. Only applies normally to very large apartments.

  6. dymphnaboholt

    dymphnaboholt New Member

    Hey Benjamin, bennett, and Phillip, thanks a ton for the basic information. Every bit helps.
  7. mike28

    mike28 New Member

    and might i just ask "what about maison de bourg"
  8. odond

    odond New Member

    Philip this is hilarious and unfortunately quite true!

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