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Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by propertyinvest, Jan 16, 2007.

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    Like i have mentioned i have already invested in this resort, after looking looking at the development again and seeing what else was available, i am very happy with my choice. If you are just starting to look into morocco or not sure what project to invest in , i would recommened the tanjah. there are alot of reasonswhy, if some of you are not sure i can help with any concerns you may have .Some people i have come accross have come accross the paradise about 5km up the road which is a little cheaper, but it is not even close to the spec of the tanjah. Tanjah is beach front ,5 star , low deposit and a 10% rental guarantee , the paradise has none of the above.

    I used a company worldwidefrontiers , i spoke with them today about other topics and they have just been given the BA AWARD OF EXCELLENCE FOR INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY SPECIALIST TO DUBAI & MOROCCO for the service they give so its good to know that i am dealing with a credible company.

    I know how much time and money it took till you find a location ,then the right area , and so on . So hopefully this will help to give youa head start.

    If any others have invested or are just looking can you let me know.

    Morocco - Tangier - Tanjah Beach & Golf Resort

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    Tanjer beach

    I have been asked what was so bad about the Nigtmare trip to Tanjer Beach.

    Well, where do I start, it was badly organised, no one could give any answers to any questions that about 120 of us were asking, the site was flooded and there was no plans or title deeds that we were told would be available, there were also journalists there who said this was the worst site visit they had been on.
    The term cowboys was used on more that one occasion and Dream World appeared to have little or no expertise of Morocco or International property investment.

    as far as I know all who went on that trip cancelled their reservation
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    Hi , went well then :)

    When did you go on this trip

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    Hi .

    I have been quite concerned with some of the bad press about the tanjah Why is it after a day after i post something about a resort there is post saying some bad things about it. I done some research spoke to some companies who deal with these projects found out that there are people who work for other projects trying to sabotage there competion , its makes sense to do that if your in business , but how we as investors know what to believe.

    If it was that bad why is it nearly sold out, they have proof of documents for the build and who else is offering 5yr 10% rental, which such small outlays , there isnt hence the bad posts. I can send anyone info or documents to prove this is a great deal, it is a shame some people will pull out all the stops to get our money.

    As i have invested here i wanted to know what is going on, so regards to the plot being flooded aload of rubbish, there are building a golf course with big lagoons there, They are spending a serious amount of money here to make this a great development. If you go to any travel agency there really isnt any resorts like this now, so in 3 years it is going to a big change , even with others projects in the area it will be a great place to go.

    Also all contracts are being done by uk lawyers beacause as you know there are always problems with contracts, they are making it so it suits the investor not the developer, there will be a 3 month grace period after that 5% a month is paid to the buyer.

    Morocco will not allow anything to go wrong with any developments the king is looking over everything himself .It is all new and everything is has to go through strict procudure .

    Do you really think they would allow people to come to there site and not know what there doing , doesnt make sense.

    This development is the best by far out there in Morocco. As a investor i would be glad to help others who want the correct info .

    All the best
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    Another point dreamworld dont do the inspection trips Ahoda another company involved does it, so ????????
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    You wont have any problems, i know of 3 cases that 3 investors who i met through the company i bought from didnt go ahead and every1 recieved there money back. I was in contact with quite a few investors so we can all help each other and pass info . I have been in contact with the CEO of dreamworld , what is your name and i can ask if this is genuine.
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    It just seems strange that a new reply comes on here but is there first reply on this forum. I would be more concerned if it was someone who has posted more than just 1 reply. Sorry but just my opinion .Also if you check out previous posts by people who give bad press it seems always to be negative , not helpful like these forums should be, or it is to slate 1 company but praise another, in my view they all seem to be good developments but each 1 has differnent options for the investor.
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    Tanjer beach

    I made the descision not to proceed with Tanjer on informed choice, I could not find an agent that I contacted that were happy with Dreamworld, or the plans and I understand most of them have dropped Tanjer Beach from their choices.

    Also when I went down there I asked for the plans, they could not give any of them and we all ask them to send them on, so far nothing as come through to any of us. My self and several others asked about the dam, and the plans and how that would work with the position of Tanjer across the road. Again we have had nothing back from them.

    I appreciate what your saying about the King overseeing this but in reality he does,nt. I have been dealing with Saffron Villas who check out all of their developers, and they too said they had nothing from Dreamworld that gave them any indication of Title deeds e.t.c, the same with another agents I spoke to as well. So it appears Dreamworld is now selling direct, that is down to them, I also had difficulty getting on to their web site as well.

    I have to make the desicions on risk and if you think Tanjer beach is worthwile then that is your desion, I chose a development that has all the title deeds, registration and planning consent in place and in a beautiful area that is not on a flood plain.

    So people make informed choices, you made yours I made mine
    Good luck and I hope that it is not another Royal Asssilah beach club that was sold but never happenned.
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    I think that is the hardest bit finding a company to put you at ease with everything so i understand your point, but just beacuse someone cant find a credible company to go through doesnt mean it is all bad.

    With regards to plans ,licenses etc being given out, they are not aloud to give any of these details out until passed, as you all know the planning bill is the hardest to get then it is procudure for everything else , constuction bills , drawings etc.So planning is granted and that can now be shown but all other information cannot be given out until futher notice so that is why no one get it. You might think it is risky waiting fot these douments but dreamworld are a big outfit with over 20yrs of experience , i have spoken to the lawyer direct who i was put in contact with from my agent and everything is coming on fine, I learnt alot more and given me more confidence in my decision with the Tanjah

    I wish you well with your investments in 2007
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    protertyinvest, i'd be grateful if you can send me details on Tanja Resort, im quite interested in finding out more about the development with a view to making a reservation.

    There is one factor,is it true that the main road runs in-front of the site?
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    Property invest ,

    I have ben following some posts for a few weeks now and they have been very helpful,
    thankyou for the reccomendation for worldwide frontiers , i am going to also go ahead with the tanjah golf and beach resort. I spoke to Ian , very helpful and had made me feel comfortable with my decison.The biggest thing i think is that when you speak to a fellow property investor and not a sales person within a company you get alot more info and the correct facts. Thanks again ,will keep you posted

    regards Oscar:)
  13. propertyinvest

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    Hi Oscar

    Im glad it was of help to you.Looks a great investment.

    All the best for 2007
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    New alternative to Tanjah Beach

    Hi. For anybody having a think about Tanjah Beach or Paradise Beach there is a new development on the Property Showrooms web site - check out the investor report in the IPIN section for Asilah Marina Golf Resort. NOT built on a swamp GENUINELY on the beach. HAS the option of a bank guarantee and you can invest on release, not 6 months after all the best units have gone. Plus building licence in place, construction starts the end of March - for holidaymakers, Phase I is completed in 21 months - for investors, phase IV (front line golf) completion is due for 2012. 60% mortgages available and the developers Inspection trips take you passed the Tanjah and Paradise "Beach" (helloooooo!) sites for you to compare. did I mention it´s at least 15% cheaper. (Sorry purchasers at Tanjah - there´s no "cash-back"). visit the site or pm me for more info.
  15. propertyinvest

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    Ive heard of plugging a new project but this takes the biscuit. Talk about slating other projects and saying this new project is the best thing since sliced bread. I think this forum is turning into a advertising haven for property agents, investors beware .
  16. andyk2

    andyk2 New Member

    You´re having a laugh (I hope)

    IPIN is an Investor site. This is the first project outside of Saidia and Lixus that we have recommended (we did Alkudia Smir for a while until Fadesa screwed up). This project is a good alternative to anything outside the Kings resorts or Emaar for people looking at the low end of the market (no insult intented), but you tell me propertyinvestor, what is your exit strategy at Tinjah? How is the rental guarantee justified when there´s no building licence in place? When the site is comprised on sand and swamp, how deep are the foundations? Does your project have the option of a bank guarantee? What due diligence have you done? How many times have you/your agent been to Morocco this/last year? Do you want me to go on?
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    I go on these forums for advice and share ideas.Not to be lectured. I have spoke to everyone involved with this project, banks ,lawyers developer etc etc , i feel the problem is everyone has different opinions with investing that whats causes conflict.Im sorry if i question your actions i do what i feel is the best educated decison at the time and if it turns out right then great, if not another lesson learnt.
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    Again we must repeat, every one has a right to join the forum,and voice there opinion,Agents and investors,

    I am a agent,beware,;) ;)

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    I looked this before i bought at the Tanjah. The building License is in place , the guarantee rental will be in the contracts and is backed by the bank who is giving the mortgage.A good thing i found out that everything is done by u.k law not morrocan , the terms are very investor freindly ie if builders are behind we receive a% every month until completion. When i visited the site i looked at the area that is mianly sand and water, for anyone who knows anything about building a golf course this is prefect , drainage etc. The apartments blocks are built around the side of the course when the land will have better foundations for building. There are already properties built just below the site so this shows there wont be any problems. I spoke to dreamworld a few times after i went though Worldwide Frontiers - Overseas Offplan property investing in Morocco, Dubai ... . They have been very helpful with providing me with the correct info.

    Of course the payments terms are a huge bonus with the tanjah as on other project can get close to it, but by having these terms doesnt mean it is a good investment, so by knowing the true facts ,the tanjah offers a great deal all round.


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