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Discussion in 'Romania property' started by hudco, Sep 28, 2008.

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    I've seen pic's taken this month and the top level of blocwork is not even started on. There is not a chance of the March completion date being met, probably looking more like September which with the 3 month grace period would give us untill the end of the year too find a mortgage. Not sure if the situation would have improved by then but I don't think I'll be relying on *** to find me a mortgage.

    Anyone with any info on motgage situation would be greatly appreciated.
  2. pash

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    Where did you see the pics, is there a link I can go to?
    Do you know if the other two projects are finished?
    Are you sure the 3 month grace applys to us aswell as I thought we only had 30 days as from completion?

    Many thanks for any news you have.
  3. pash

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    Hi Susan,

    I have purchased a complex called Adelaide,
    (cant post proper email until ive had 5 shots on the forum).....
  4. pash

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    Have you heard from Andrei from Taru and Associates?
    As i managed to speak to him yesterday but would also like to speak to any of his clients aswell?
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    My name is Lydia Stockdale and I am a journalist on a UK magazine called Property Week.

    I would like to speak to people who are at risk of losing the deposits they have put down on property developments due to delay and cancellation.

    I am also keen to speak to those who have invested money in schemes which have fallen dramatically in value.

    I'm writing a feature about people who have put a substantial proportion of thier savings into property.

    You can tell me as little or as much as you like. The article is about the people behind the investments.

    I am contactable at lydia dot stockdale at ubm dot com

    Many thanks,

  6. Sydney, Romania

    I am so glad I found this website! For months now I have been trying to get in touch with anyone that has bought from Sydney apartments, Romania. My property is completed but due to the European economic downturn and exchange rate I have not been able to complete or get a mortgage. Any advise would be welcomed as I am desperately trying to sell the property. Any suggestings would be welcomed! Thank you Tracey
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    We are Sydney buyers. Our deposit return Court case is in November 2009

    we are fellow Sydney buyers and our case to return our deposit is going to court very soon. We may well be able to help others in a similar situation with the experience we have gained. Could you send us your details and phone number etc so we can get in touch. the more of us who are in this together the merrier,

    John Butlin 01202 466478 [email protected]
  8. thebutlins

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    Fellow Sydney Buyer

    We are taking the developers to court in order to return our deposit.our hearing is in November 2009 (a few weeks). We may be able to give some of the advice we have gleaned from our lawyers etc. Would you be willing to reply with your details etc we might be able to help each other out.

    John on 01202 466478 or 07818 132212
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    Adelaide timings...

    Hi, we have bought a couple of adelaide appartments and have been told the latest date for completion is in June/July. I can't get them to confirm if this is true or not. Has Melbourne and Sydney been completed yet? Has everyone got mortgages, are they rented? Lots of questions, but would be great to hear from anyone that has actually got through the whole process.

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