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Discussion in 'Romania property' started by hudco, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. hudco

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    having been informed of further delays in completing yet again & been sent a document to authorise & accept this. are there any others out there in the same situation & what measures have you taken and is there any other action that can be done .we have also heard that sewarge is to be via septic tank & that due to the land being mortguaged we will not be able to obtain a romanian mortguage. these are at the moment unconfirmed reports & would welcome any comments
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    Hi Hudco

    We too received the same letter informing us of the delay due to Electricity supplies. Can you send me a personal email and we'l chat about it?;)

    [email protected]
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    We too received the same letter informing us of the delay due to Electricity supplies.

    It all seems a bit dubious to us at the moment..................

    We were told 5 weeks ago that we couldnt get a mortgage, we thought this was due to the land issues and Romanian Companies etc but we think its because the development has been way way way overpriced in the first place and the banks know this.

    Then we received the letter from the builder asking us to sign the new extended completion date.................
    Then 2 days after receiving that email all of a sudden we can get a mortgage and they want paperwork etc from us

    I personally think that property is not worth the amount being asked from the banks. so ther not goin the lend it without some sort of security, now are they????...... and what is this security going to be, bet ya its our UK homes!!!!!

    Wer hitting our heads against a stone wall, one week one thing the next another.
    If the extention on the completion date now runs to early next year, why are they asking to start the mortgage process so early ???!!!!!

    Any other thots from anyone else in the same boat
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    Don't sign any contract extensions!

    I received a letter telling me of delays, but i certainly didn't sign anything to allow the developers to extend it. i have got onto my lawyer to see what he can do about compensation which the contract does denote (although he doesn't think i'll get too far unless i take them to court). Don't know about anyone else but i had a mortgage in place - a really good deal from pireas bank which has now fallen through because of the 7 month delay, i'm now finding it almost impossible to get a mortgae after the credit crunch, the one i've been offered is an incredible 9% (i had a CHF linked mortgae off er of 4.5% before). Because this situation is the developers fault and not my own i'm thinking of playing them at their own gain game and delaying payment for 6months to see if the crunch settles down a bit? :rolleyes:
    Can anyone out there tell me where you got your mortgages from?

    I think as Sydney buyers we really do need to stick together. We're all stuck in the same boat! For example with respect to renting if one of us panics and sets the renatl bar too low we will all suffer, but if together we all agree on a reasonable rental rate for our properties then that is what we will get, the same goes for selling.

    I'd love to hear from all you Sydney purchasers individually, i expect like me you've got lots to talk (complain) about. maybe as a united force we could help each other out. If you are buying a Sydney leave your e:mail address apparently i can't leave you mine until i've used this site 5 times (4 more to go!)
  6. David howe

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  7. korby

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    Sydney Purchase

    Interested to speak to other buyers in sydney and the action they are taking

    Send me a personal message to get in touch
  8. korby

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    Has anyone heard from Andrei from Taru & Associates?


    After reading this forum i appointed Andrei from Taru and Associates as my lawyer, I have tryed to contact him sending 3 emails and 3 phone calls over a week now and not heard from him. I am posting here to see if anyone can help in contacting him.

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    We have purchased a property in Syndey and Melbourne, after a series of delays and our mortgage application being postponed because of this delay. we have been told on Christmas eve we have to sign a final sale purchase agreement on the 20th January, also on Christmas eve we were told that we had no chance of getting a mortgage in place. we would be interested in any suggestions or any other similar situations.
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    I think I may soon be in the same situation as you having recieved the same E-mail having bought in Adelaide. Have you tried any other mortgage brokers other than the useless one given by the agents. I have spoken to a couple of others who say they can give mortgages but I'm not in as much of a hurry as Adelaide is not due for completion till March. ( But may not be ready till Sept).
    Also you should have a 3 month grace period in which to find a mortgage. I've been told the mortgage situation is expected to ease in the early part of this year.
    Would be interested to hear if what I've been told is true and if you've been told any of this?
  11. atul

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    We have also bought in the adelaide developement, we are hearing of mixed dates when its due for completion, can not get a sure response from anyone. Capital World Finance was supposed to arrange our mortgage but now they say they can not. Can you please give us details of the other mortgage brokers.

  12. steve01

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    Hi Atul

    Give these a try
    Easy credit bucharest

    Sorry can't post a link till I've made 5 posts
  13. steve01

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    Or Romanianhomeloans . com

    Just a couple I've found that said they can help. would like to know if you get any joy.
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    I am a journalist writing a feature for the Sunday Times about British buyers who have been left in the lurch by overseas developers. I would be interested to hear more about your experiences in Bucharest. Has anybody started an action group yet?

    Do get in touch. Maybe the publicity will help bring more people forward.
  15. atul

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    Susan please email on [email protected] com
    I would be happy to answer any of your questions

  16. David howe

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    What you are doing is admirable. Check the Forum on our website and you will find some interesting information and please feel free to contact me direct and I will gladly call you and enlighten you as to what some of the unscrupulos British & Irish agents did out here.

    David Howe LLB. LLM

    INVESTMENT ROMANIA - Investment in Romanaia, Property management, Due diligence, Renting in Romania
  17. barbersfort

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    Hi Susan

    You can contact me on 'barbersfort at gmail dot com' to share my experience
  18. Niallr

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    You can email me at niall dot robinson at btinternet dot com. I'd be happy to answer your questions.

  19. Tony Farmer

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    Hi, I've purchased in Adelaide. Happy to contribute my experience and to understand what actions others are taking
  20. pash

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    Im in the same boat with Adelaide,havn't heard anything yet regarding completion then again i havnt seen any pics of the development in construction, if the other two projects have been delayed then i suspect the same will happen with this as ive been told that the 3 month grace will take place.

    Any thoughts please contact

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