Superior Real Estate Group and Carol Vorderman Overseas Homes

Discussion in 'Caribbean Real Estate' started by clibbens, May 16, 2008.

  1. clibbens

    clibbens New Member

    Having read the thread on the Morrocan property forum about the connection between these two companies and various denials, I was surprised to receive in the post my pack regarding St Lucia from Carol Vorderman Overseas Homes today. The accompanying letter, printed on CVOH letterhead states:

    "Thank you for contacting The Superior Group regarding purchasing property in St Lucia I am pleased to inform you that we are an independent agent on the island with a vast collection of property to suit everyone, with a selection of apartments, townhouses and villas on carefully selected developments. Whether you want to be on golf, beach, marina or slightly off the beaten track, Superior are here to help you find your dream home ... If you require further information or have any questions at this stage, please feel free to contact me directly on XXX or email me at [email protected]"

    Well this clearly shows that they are one and the same company.

    Nice properties though.
  2. rossantony

    rossantony New Member


    that's funny, really funny.
  3. rumpola

    rumpola New Member

    LMAO. I wonder if they will still deny they are one and the same?

    Grimreaper, its over to you..................
  4. pbritton

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    Hey Clibbens. Id love to see a copy of that. Can you post a pdf. perhaps?
  5. clibbens

    clibbens New Member

    hope this works ...

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  6. MalagaDave

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    I have been reading this thread and I was wondering if anyone has considered that non of this matters at all. It could be that Carol Vorderman owns The Superior Group because the Registered Office on her company headed notepaper is the old Superior Real Estate Group Address.
  7. Serene

    Serene New Member

    Ex employees

    I think most of the people involved with this particular string are ex employees, not that that is a bad thing really as they are probably the only ones that are able to give the honest answers...GrimeReaper being the exception it would appear.
    I myself have had dealings with the Superior Group in various capacities and can probably enlighten regarding various questions, but don't take that as an admittance of any collaboration, just more of a "spill the beans" scenario;)
  8. Markp

    Markp New Member

    interested to know if you would rate superior as a sales organisation?
    Did they sell a lot of property directly through their sales team?

    was it all about inspection trips or did advisors know their stuff?

  9. rossantony

    rossantony New Member

    team soops

    the staff at superior group were highly trained, and were known as being amongst the best in the industry..we also had overseas offices in Spain, Morocco and Florida, all with highly regarded staff. Having the overseas staff meant we could be updated immediately on changes and new information.

    apart from being very well trained, we were also very well paid, and the "inner core" were all known to be efficient closers, because the majority of us were were property owners, and had invested ourselves in the overseas market.

    as well as sending clients on inspection trips we would sell many units "unseen" either by phone or at exhibitions. We didnt have the biggest stand at PITS so we could hand out brochures...

    I think the main problem we ran into as highly trained, motivated staff, was a lack of clear and truthful information from developers/owners who paid our wages.

    Saying that we were sales advisors, and as such it was always our job to shine the light on our own product...but thats the job of every sales person worldwide..everybody from the painter to the priest is selling something..but I can tell you that on the sales floor we were (and still are) a good bunch who liked to use the truth, and real facts and figures in our efforts to bring home the bacon.

    I am in contact with a lot of my bought clients, and I hope that the vast majority are happy with what they bought..for the record I sold


    A telling insight is that although when Soops went into administration, it did so leaving me, and a lot of my friends, severely out of pocket, I will always look back on the time I spent there with fond memories..and that is because of the staff that were employed there.

    the following list is missing some big names, because my memory is selective, so sorry if I left you off..its not in any order either, so no favourites, im not cliquey..

    the reason your name is here is that you made me laugh, or I spent many an hour laughing about may just bring a smile to your face seeing us all listed together again!

    Lisa and Red
    Georgy and the Beard

    May you all continue to bring light to the dark..

  10. Serene

    Serene New Member

    Yes I would certainly rate the company with regards to the knowledge that the sales staff had within their own fields. Unfortunately as the number of people that were being employed to market their properties through various mediums was constantly growing, the emphesis was on the sales team to produce more sales. It was at the point when the management declared that any sales person was allowed to sell any development in any country that the who fabric of the company came apart.
    Instead of enquiries coming in and being transfered to specialists within that particular field, they were literally handled by the person that answered the phone in a more general manner and without being able to give specific answers to initial questions.
    This, much to the demise of the company was seen from a potential clients point of veiw, as being the sort of responce you would get from a call centre not a company renowned for its 25 years of experience and knowledge within the industry.
    The majority of the sales were done through their sales team rather than through their agents so this more generalisation in their approach to handling incoming enquiries was the main reason for their downfall........thats my opinion anyway;)

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