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Refunds From Tanjah - Dreamworld

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by nagalka, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. nagalka

    nagalka New Member

    If you are attempting to get the deposit refunded by Dreamworld note that Companies House are putting them through a dissolution process - this is because the year end accounts have not been produced 2 years running.

    If DW were to be dissolved what chance there is of getting refunds will be impossible as the company will basically not exist. Private prosecution may be possible (and may be the way we have to do it as a group).

    However, it is possible to challenge the dissolution - which is then assessed, and a delay of 3 months is emplaced - this process can then be repeated after the 3 months.

    The contact details are as follows:

    [email protected] <[email protected]>

    FAO Dissolution Department - do it straight away and maybe a backup by post to:

    Main Office
    Companies House
    Crown Way
    CF14 3UZ

    PM me if you wish to join a fighting group please PM me with your name and email address...thanks.

  2. karl

    karl New Member

    Hi nagalka
    i am also pulling out also 3 of my friends, if you need any help just let me know. also my sister pulled out last year and recieved full 100% refund.I have sent email to harvinder & jimmi anne smith & Addoha confirming i want a full 100% refund because i have been with them since early 2007,and i have proof of letters promising full refund, sorry i could'nt pm with my email address as iam new to this forum and i dont no how to.I also tryed to contact you through bluefish but was unable to get through....karl
  3. nagalka

    nagalka New Member

    Karl see private message - send me your emails details and your friends
  4. karl

    karl New Member

    Hi Nagalka, i could not see private message because iam not a active member put email
    address on forum and i will email you
  5. nagalka

    nagalka New Member

    Karl - I don't like displaying my email address on forums - think they get "spidered".......anyhow use this

    nagalka @ lycos co uk [join up obviously] - let me know when you do it - or if you go to bluefish forums for tanjah you could pm me there......

  6. nagalka

    nagalka New Member


    Just checked that lycos account has vanished....

    Here you go its k ei th a 9 9 AT using gooooogle mmmaaaiil
  7. nagalka

    nagalka New Member

    Update from Companies House:


    Dear Sir/Madam

    Thank you for your email dated 15/04/2009 regarding the above company.

    I can confirm that your objection has been registered and that the
    dissolution action has been suspended for 6 months from the date of this

    If you wish to maintain the objection after that date, you would need
    to apply again in writing enclosing documentary evidence of what action
    you are taking against the company. This evidence should be received at
    least 2 weeks before the objection expires

    Clare Wilder
    Customer Registration support

    Apparently the Inland Revenue are showing an interest.......
  8. EMS

    EMS New Member

    Hi Nagalka & Karl,
    I am interested in joining up with you in taking action against Dreamworld. I have gone through the correspondence route with them without success.
    I will try to email you directly.
  9. manor park

    manor park New Member


    I would also be interested in the details that you have so far, can you send me some contact information via this website or Bluefish (same user name)


  10. nagalka

    nagalka New Member

    MP - can you pm me on Bluefish and give me your email address or work out mine from the post above, and dop a line so I can add you to the list.

    Setting up a spreadsheet today - should be out tomorrow for people to complete......
  11. nagalka

    nagalka New Member


    Please note that the "REFUND FIGHTING GROUP" has formally commenced - an email with a questionaire / spreadsheet has been issued to all those who volunteered their external email address. If you wish to join the group please PM me ON BLUEFISH with your email detail.

    NOTE: It is imperative that we also receive support from those that have received full or even partial refunds - their detail may well be crucial - particularly if refunded in 2008 onwards.


  12. Anton1

    Anton1 New Member

    Refund Fighting Group


    I too have pulled out of the Tanjah Golf and beach resort to be told that I cant recieve the deposit as we have passed the 1year period. I would be grateful if you could send me a PM as Im a new member I cant send messages and I will provide you with my contact details in order for me to join the group.

  13. nagalka

    nagalka New Member

    Anton, It won't let me do a PM - either register on Bluefish and PM me - or look at another post on here and I have phonetically spelt out my email address...not diff to decipher!

  14. conawo

    conawo New Member

    Tanjah Refund

    Hi - my business partner and I also wish to pull out of the Tanjah development, but are being told various different stories by employees at Viceroy Invest. We are now being told that all the deposit money was transferred to Dreamworld and that because we allegedly signed documentation with Dreamworld, that our fight is with them.

    However, neither myself or my business partner have a copy of any documentation that we signed with Dreamworld and the deposit money was actually paid direct to Viceroy Invest. I believe it is Viceroy Invest who should refund this money.

    Steve Mahoney has informed me today that it is possible that the developer may refund part of the deposit money, but that is not cast in stone and is dependent upon the number of sales made at Tanjah.

    Can anybody else shed any light on this state of affairs? It seems that no-one wants to own this problem at all and we are getting pushed from pillar to post!
  15. nagalka

    nagalka New Member

    conawo - pm me on bluefish with your email address and I'll send you some detail from the fighting group.

  16. conawo

    conawo New Member

    Hi - I'm sorry, I don't know what "Bluefish" is! Can you explain? Many thanks.
  17. nagalka

    nagalka New Member

    google bluefish forum
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