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Discussion in 'Caribbean Real Estate' started by Chavo, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. Chavo

    Chavo New Member

    We are independent brokers here in the Dominican Republic looking for promoters to refer people to us for a nifty commission.

    Would anybody be interested? Contact me for any information!
  2. martha

    martha New Member

    I am very interested in owning property in the Dominican Republic. I would like to find a place and settle in longterm. I have been talking to friends who also might be interested. What kind of property do you have?
  3. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    Where in the dominican would you invest what part?.
  4. Markp

    Markp New Member

    Dom Rep

    I am also interested in Dominican Republic property.
    Where do people suggest?
  5. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    Nobody knows????????
  6. Markp

    Markp New Member

    Dont follow?
    I can suggest places, but it would be good to hear the arguments for other destinations.
    Your a Cap Cana agent right? Where else do you think is worth considering
  7. Pal101

    Pal101 New Member

    Punta Perla


    I'm pretty close to signing up for one of the golf apartments at Punta Perla (off plan). Ive done quite a bit of research and the location plus the deal make it look a safe bet. Has anyone here considered Punta Perla?
  8. Markp

    Markp New Member

    Punta Perla

    Yeah, i think it looks like a good deal, especially with the buy back option now.
    Proximaty to Golf is good, what sized villa/appartments are you looking at?
    Also the set up at Punta Perla is a good.


    I'm pretty close to signing up for one of the golf apartments at Punta Perla (off plan). Ive done quite a bit of research and the location plus the deal make it look a safe bet. Has anyone here considered Punta Perla?[/QUOTE]
  9. Pal101

    Pal101 New Member


    Hi Mark

    Thanks for your reply, its good to hear someone else thinks its a good deal, Im a naturally sceptical buyer, perhaps too much. Im looking at one of the 2 bedroomed apartments, the agent, Seek and Buy Punta Perla Properties are also offering a £1000 cashback on sign up so I think Im just about convinced.


  10. awahee123

    awahee123 Banned

    Seems like a good deal then...
  11. purpleagent

    purpleagent New Member

    We are launching an overseas website in Feb 08. Send me the details would be interested in hearing from you
  12. Markp

    Markp New Member

    Punta perla deal

    Hej Pal
    Golf properties attract golf parties.
    Although i absolutely stink at the game i am reliably informed that you tend to play Doubles or fours, please tell if i am wrong by the way!
    Have a think about this when deciding on the number of rooms you want to buy, you might just fractionalize your resale or rental market in the future.
    I.e a group of four lads on a golfing holiday probably wouldnt rent/ buy a studio. 3 bed is ideal if the budget stretches. one for the owner couple, one for the kids and one for the golf partner

  13. Markp

    Markp New Member

    Sorry, mis read your reply.
    Two bed should be fine i would have thought

  14. Pal101

    Pal101 New Member

    Good advice Mark

    Two beds is the best I can stretch to, but as you say this should be enough.
  15. Markp

    Markp New Member

    Let me know how you get on!

  16. Chavo

    Chavo New Member

    Punta Perla

    Actually, to be completely honest, there seems to be a LOT of controversy regarding the Punta Perla project. Most issues they supposedly have are problems with the land titles. Also, on paper, Punta Perla has sold out its properties, if not, sold MOST its properties.

    However, they have been selling for quite some time, but I've been hearing construction hasn't commenced yet.

    Reason why they promise high returns, is to attract new buyers ASAP while they're hardly doing anything.

  17. Chavo

    Chavo New Member

    Punta Perla

    There has been a VERY long discussion regarding Punta Perla on another website.Singing Pig - PUNTA PERLA

    Just in case the link above doesn't work, go to the website and look under Property investment - Overseas and you'll find 20 pages of discussion devoted to Punta Perla.

    IF in case you are very interested in Punta Perla, I suggest to review each page thoroughly before you make a buying decision. It seems there are a lot of uncertainties.
  18. Chavo

    Chavo New Member

    Actually, I USED to be a Cap Cana agent, sales assistant actually, but I've decided to go independent.

    Other places worth considering... it does depend a little as to WHY you are buying a property and how much money you plan on investing. Are you looking for a vacation home where, perhaps you could gain rental income while you're not using the property or are you rather interested in acquiring properties purely as an investment with the potential for first class rental income while accruing excellent resale value prospects in the medium to long term.

    To get back to the actual topic, La Romana has always been and still is a great place to invest. Punta Cana, obviously, is a great place to invest in. Juan Dolio is also a great place to invest in. On a comparitive basis, Juan Dolio isn't as developed as Punta Cana, La Romana and Puerto Plata.

    Juan Dolio is smaller than the Punta Cana/Bavaro region. As small as Juan Dolio is, there's not enough land to build future projects, which is why many 10-20 floor buildings are being built. In the long run, it will be as high priced as Miami's South Beach.

    Samana (Las Terrenas) is also a good place to invest in.

  19. Escott

    Escott Banned

    Dominican Republic

    I have been investing, developing, building on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic for 7 years.

    Personally I like Sosua/Cabarete and Cabrera areas and own in these places.

    Capital Gains have been GREAT and since it is the NUMBER 1 Tourist destination in the Caribbean rentals are solid.

    I just sold a piece in October for 333,400 US dollars I paid 34,000 US for and put about 40k into infrastructure and landscaping. It was a 4-5 year hold.

    This is still the least expensive, Democratic Caribbean country as far as real estate goes.

    I purchased a piece in Haciendas El Choco also in October and am developing the site now. It is a gated project with the "Gentleman Farmer" in mind but is developing with nice homes that go to Mansions.

    I have built about 1000' of Stone walls, Servants Quarter in construction and tons of plantings already.

    This is the most UNDERPRICED undernoticed project I have seen and think there is a GREAT upside here. Search it on the internet. Good size parcels are selling from 14 m2 to 27 m2. The last property I sold was at 61 m2 in a similar project way inferior to this one yet less than a kilometer away.

    This place is booming and I anticipate it will keep up for many years. Today most of the investors are European, Canadian and then US although the US is the closest.

    If I can help with questions feel free to ask. I retired from the Real Estate business in the US 9 years ago and never thought I would even own a thing again but here life is easy and I have a full time maid for 120 US a month and a full time gardener for 180 US a month so I got back into the game.

    This area has NEVER been hit with a Hurricane since they have been tracked as opposed to the rest of the country which was a major reason I am here.

  20. Markp

    Markp New Member

    Dear pal 101
    It looks like everything is fine with the deal you were looking at.
    By all accounts all the permits are in place now and they have broken ground.


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