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Property rentals

Discussion in 'Cyprus Property' started by dplees, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. dplees

    dplees New Member


    I have bought a property at the st georges hills development in coral bay paphos and am interested if someone could possibly tell me how much i would realistically receive in rental income once it is competed?
    The property is a one bedroom apartment and has excellent facilities
    www stgeorgehills com
  2. Nigel Howarth

    Nigel Howarth Member

    I suggest you take a look at and see what others are renting their properties in the area for AND their availability.

    This should give you a good idea of what you can expect by way of rental income.

  3. snakesinthegrass

    snakesinthegrass New Member

    A few more websites to look at are:

    Look at as many as you can and that way you will get a good idea of what to expect. It's worth looking at the availability calendars of properties on these website and that way you will be able to see how many weeks a year they get booked out. To maximise bookings, it's probably worth getting your own website.

  4. Njackie

    Njackie New Member

    that was great help! the websites had enough of the information.
  5. dplees

    dplees New Member

    rentals and mortgage

    Does anyone ever cover their mortgages with rental income? I am so fed up with ever getting involved in offplan property. I just want to get out, but i dont think that is ever going to be possible
  6. Nigel Howarth

    Nigel Howarth Member

    I came across a very good website for those wishing to maximise their rental income. Just Google "Lay my Hat" and you'll soon find it.

  7. Mikeyv

    Mikeyv New Member

    hey guys you should take a look at private rentals direct with the owner . . . . .like so Holiday Lettings

    I hope this helps
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