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Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by TokyoInvestor, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. TokyoInvestor

    TokyoInvestor New Member

    I have a Studio in sportscity I am looking to sell.

    It's currently going for 121,000 USD and I have a 30% premium on it. I would be willing to go under the sales price - 118,000 for the right buyer.

    Anybody interested please drop me a PM or email me: [email protected]
  2. martinm

    martinm New Member

    were in sportscity is your studio?an why do you want to sell?
  3. Dubai Expert

    Dubai Expert New Member

    when is the handover? which project?

    i might be interested
  4. Ratib Investor

    Ratib Investor New Member

    Sports city

    Hi People,

    sports city is a very good place to invest in. before it was a good plan, but noe that it is a freehold and not a lease hold are, makes it a fantastic place.
    like all areas you need to choose the project carefully.

    sports city boasts some excellent investment points.
    the david lloyd tennis academy (the best tennis coah there is)
    the butch harmon golf academy (the coach for tiger woods)
    the manchester united football academy (great academy but no further comment as i am a liverpool supporter)
    Cricket academy

    add to this you have stadiums, malls, schools, mosques, parks

    in fact 70% of this area is lanscaped, and 30% is buildings. have the vision in your mind imagine that when thisis built, people coming to dubai would rather live in a place that is not a concrete jungle.

    you obviously have to choose wisely.
    and again obviously i can advise you.

    have a look at my forum to get more info in other areas of dubai.
    email or call me for more info


  5. yousuf

    yousuf New Member

    if you are looking for a property in dubai sports city. we have available in 5th and 8 th floor its just AED580/- per sq.ft with furniture any help i am more than happy to assist you e mail me at [email protected]
  6. Robert Gavin

    Robert Gavin New Member

    can you give price comparisons for other develpoments nearby

    That seems a little expensive
  7. rich1

    rich1 New Member

    Does anyone know of the stage at which the villas on Victory Heights have reached? Are any built or even out of the ground yet?
  8. blinkybill

    blinkybill New Member

    We had a meeting with Victory Hts developers a month ago, and they showed us some aerial photos. All that was evident were foundations, and only for a few of the villas - no structural work at that time. They said to expect completion in 1st qtr 2008.
  9. rich1

    rich1 New Member

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks for the info. I'm going out to Dubai next month. Did you meet the developers at their offices or on site at DSC? Do you know if you can even access the site to look around? I have bought a townhouse villa and I will be amazed if we see any completion by spring 08.
  10. blinkybill

    blinkybill New Member

    Victory Heights

    I met them at their office - in the building attached to the convention centre. The Victory Hts office is inside the DSC office, although I think they mentioned they'd be moving to an office on site soon. You can see a bit from the Emirates Road, for villas on that side of the development. Also, the main roads are made so you can drive around them and see a bit more.
  11. rich1

    rich1 New Member

    Thanks, bill.
  12. Stephendxb

    Stephendxb New Member

    If you would like an update on your property let me know. The townhouses are now in an advanced stage. T yype A and B villas following behind. The C1, 2 and 3 villas will be several months late (approx 9) That said, as a pilot I take a keen interest from the air of the development...and its starting to look good.
  13. rich1

    rich1 New Member

    Thanks Stephen for the reply. Yes I would love an update on our townhouse in Estella village if possible. Anything you can tell us would be great.
  14. zlajoni

    zlajoni New Member

    Hello guys,

    Can anybody give me any updates on oasis tower 2?

  15. Stephendxb

    Stephendxb New Member

    Glad to help, but I cannot post or send you photos at present as I am not sure the email address system works within the forum. The good news is current market value. The development has increased in per sqft value over the last few months and I know will continue to do so as various stages in construction are met. I guess you are not dubai based?
  16. rich1

    rich1 New Member

    No, not Dubai based more like Hertfordshire, England. Just read your reply. Could you send any up to date images if I were to give my e-mail address?
  17. memo123

    memo123 Member

    Just came back from DSC

    I bought 2 apatrment in DSC and was very keen on seeing the place
    i went there you can access it from motor city
    i was impressed they had F2 race going on , one very high tower was built
    up to the 10th floor of Falak buildings were built
    The chanal in the centre for water is done
    there was a big huge stadium
    thre was many lots already surrounded with sheets and picture of what the buildings will look likw
    it is really fast . one place was already covered with grass
    i wouldnt sell just yet
    it looks like it had plenty of upside .. some of the villas in vectory hights only in one side were in the second story already .
    hope I was of help
  18. Stephendxb

    Stephendxb New Member

    I am planning on a flight just before the end of the month..I will try to get my camera through airport security (don't ask why, but it is restricted) So yes, if you can send your address I will email some photos.
  19. investorppty

    investorppty New Member

    I have been offered Eagle Heights at GBP66000 (AED485000). 30%Capital Growth per Annum and 3yrs rental guaranteed.
  20. Stephendxb

    Stephendxb New Member

    Dear investorppty,

    Capital growth is the increase in value of your property portfolio over time and should be considered alongside the properties yield. While there is no guarantee your property will gain in value over any given period, and capital growth will largely depend on where and ultimately what you buy in Sports City. However I believe Dubai will continue to show steady growth over the long term, but 30% is still only someones estimation and will not be guaranteed. As for the 3 yrs rental guarantee thats fine, depending on the returns.
    All the above said, the best investment will be one that is on schedule and ensures that your hard earned money is not sitting idle.

    Completion dates from many of the developers have been seriously delayed. I know one project that is already four years please check with Eagle Height developers.

    I also know of some other interesting investment opportunities within DSC.


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