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property deeds

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by bren, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. bren

    bren New Member

    :mad: Why is Nakheel holding owners “yes” us people to ransom by withholding the hand over of property deeds until the second year of service charges are paid.

    I think this is blackmail and a breach of contract?

    Are we caught by the short and curleys again.:mad:
  2. Ameer

    Ameer New Member


    Nobody contacted me for the service charge yet. I am also waiting for Nakheel to
    inform me about when to start registration. This is going to be my second year so I should expect to have a similar problem like u.



  3. BobbytheBuilder

    BobbytheBuilder New Member

    The email I received said costs had gone up 25% but they were only charging as 10% extra, due to the credit crunch.
  4. gtmash

    gtmash New Member

    I got my deed from the building owner, but affection plan will be delayed. I recieved that same email about 10% service charge increase, but that is the last I heard from Nakheel.
  5. Ameer

    Ameer New Member

    I taught that the deeds for the units should be given directly to unit owners
    and not through the lousy building owners!

    I will contact Nakheel to try to avoid the building owner all together especially after he submitted all required docs to nakhee (after one year of chasing and delays). he was a real pain!!
  6. gtmash

    gtmash New Member

    While most building owners are individual dipshts or corrupt real-estate agencies, my "building owner" is actually just an investment firm that has professional staff handling these extras for free. No extra service charges other than what Nakheel and the Land Department charges (and I have paid all that through the "building owner" so far). I got lucky.
  7. tbashir

    tbashir New Member

    I need to pay my second year service charge installments and collect my title deeds, unfortunately though I don't live in the UAE. I'm sure several other people are in a similar situation. How are you guys making the payments and collecting the documents?

    My building owner Profile properties has very generously offered to RIP me off by trying to charge DHS 2500 for the privilege of doing this for me. Are anyone else's building owners trying the same thing?

    "Due to cases like yours, our management has decided to put up a title deed collection & dispatch service for unit owners are based abroad. We are charging minimal fee of 2500dhs for this process which includes paying the service charges, collecting the title deeds & sending it to your current address. All we require is the minimal fee & an attested & notarized POA which you need to send us. Please let me know if youre interested so i can send you more info regarding this."
  8. anil

    anil New Member

    Yes, it is expensive.

    But still cheaper than flights/hotel/time to do it yourself, and they know it!

    Having said that, Profile have been pretty reliable for me in the past.
  9. gtmash

    gtmash New Member

    Why did you buy property here if you never plan to visit it? The deeds are not a pre-requisite to making money from rent. Just pick it up for free when you visit Dubai.

    Of course, if you just bought the place just to sell it again, then you are just a speculator. :mad:
  10. anil

    anil New Member

    Hi gtmash!

    I have visited it and it is already rented!
    But I probably will not come to Dubai for another year or more.

    Considering the inefficiencies in the Dubai property market, it is better to have all of your paperwork sorted asap. Title Deeds are the final thing for ownership.

    Yes, I do consider myself a speculator because I do not live (or intend to live) in Dubai and buying property is a gamble, especially in Dubai.;)

    However, I don't buy to sell, I buy to let and earn income. Of course, I will sell it when I think I can do better with my money somewhere else.
    Although a yield of 20% is hard to beat.

    No need to be angry about it.. this is all part of being in a free economy.:)
  11. gtmash

    gtmash New Member

    My deed was kept ready by my building owner since November. I just picked it up this month. So if you trust whoever has your deed now, they can hold it for you.
  12. investor_from_uk

    investor_from_uk New Member

    My building manager is also Profile property. I haven't heard from them on this issue for at least a few months. However, the last time I checked with them about land registration was in September 2008, and they said that they would do it free of charge. Let me know if have an update from them.
  13. BAkhtar

    BAkhtar New Member

    I am told that today it came in the newspaper that all owners in International City are advised to have their units registered with the land department and get title deeds at the earliest, otherwise their ownership will be declared null and void. Did anyone alse come accross anything like this??!!
  14. gtmash

    gtmash New Member

    Didn't read any such thing. Ask yer buddy for a source, as every paper here has a website.
  15. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    Nothing like that. If you don’t pay your service charges by the end of the month, from next month you will be paying 2% interest. Registration is already done if your building owner submitted the papers
  16. michaeltw

    michaeltw New Member

    It's insanity

    I have been dealing with this issue for 2 years now! I am frazzled about the entire process I went through to buy my place (morocco studio) from Homes Dubai. It has been constant worry and stress. NOW, they won't give me my title deed saying it's in process! 2 years of process!! I even went to Dubai and demanded it and got no where!!! I have a good renter in my place which is good, but there is no maintainence contract there and that is why we have not been billed. I got in early so I should make a good profit, but I cant sell it without the title deed! Its criminal really. I own the place, yet I can not sell!!! I am stuck with many others. In the meantime IC is turning in to a dump! It's so bad. 95% rentals and no maintainence. It's trashed! Looks like low income slums. I want to sell so bad and just be done with it.
  17. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    How much are you asking for the studio?
  18. SSM

    SSM Member

    "In the meantime IC is turning in to a dump! It's so bad. 95% rentals and no maintainence. It's trashed! Looks like low income slums"

    This much insight based on one fleeting visit?.....or were you describing the majority of States in the US?
  19. aveshbachav

    aveshbachav New Member

    ARY buyers

    I was wondering if any other poeple who purchased from ARY got their title deeds yet?

    I have my place in u8 italy sector? has anyone from italy sector got their title deeds??

    Also, does the title deed enable me to firectly sell the apartment without the involvement of the building owner?

    What is MoU selling?? if anyone can elaborate?
  20. BobbytheBuilder

    BobbytheBuilder New Member

    You can sell it with a MOU but you will probably find it harder to sell and most of the established real estate agents wont sell it for you and future buyers will offer you less for your property. The MOU allows the buyer to go directly to Land Department/Nakheel and get the title deeds once they are ready. Its a total disgrace that these building owners are still not registering the buildings.

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