People's experiences of Property Joint ventures (JVs)?

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I'm keen to hear anyone that's had some experience of doing property JVs with other parties. Financial JV partners, business partners or sourcing partners e.t.c.

Has anyone done a JV with a builder?
Has anyone done a JV with an Investor?

I have done multiple JV's as a property developer and experienced investor myself where I have required funds to acquire and develop sites. This has worked extremely well for both parties and has always been a win/win experience...

Keen to hear about any good or bad experiences you or someone you know has had!


While not my personal experience, I have seen friends and colleagues working with “friends and family” in joint venture property deals. How is it that we are all warned about working with friends and family yet many people still do it? Personally, I think it is best to keep your business life away from your personal life and “never the twain shall meet”.


Personally, I think that significant property development is not a one person role. There are many things to take into consideration such as finance, building contractors, estate agents and many more. Bringing together two or more people who each have different skills can prove to be extremely beneficial in the long term. Finding these people, that is a whole different ballgame!


I have never done an overseas deal yet but I would guess it would be useful to have a joint venture partner in the country where the property is located. How you would find a trustworthy partner - any ideas?


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This is a road I have looked down a number of times but failed to take the plunge yet. My main issue is trust, the only person I really trust is me. Plus, if I make a mistake I pay the price but in a JV if the other person makes a mistake the all parties suffer. Not quite ready to move in this direction just yet.