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Oasis Beach & Golf

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by Isadora, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. Isadora

    Isadora New Member

    As there was some confusion regarding the Oasis Gardens Group we have decided to re name the group "Oasis Beach and Golf".
    The aim of the group to is to share information and knowledge and views . So all Oasis buyers are invited to contribute .
    The new address to write to:

  2. blindsiderider

    blindsiderider New Member

    Oasis photographs


    Does anyone have any up to date photographs of the OASIS Gardens development - Thanks
  3. Isadora

    Isadora New Member

    I will be going out on 12th November and I will take some photos. Also hope to meet up with Antione so email me at with any questions you would like me to put to him.
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  4. chris786

    chris786 New Member

    Isadora. I have purchased one of the Pines Villas and other friends and family have purchased appartments or villas. Any information you are able to obtain would be most welcome. The Bristol office seems to be closed?
  5. traceyw8727

    traceyw8727 New Member

    Oasis office

    Hi Chris,

    Oasis are no longer at the Aztec centre. I called in about a month ago only to find out that they had moved.! I have since been informed by them that they have moved to offices on the Badminton road trading estate ( Yate). I plan to pay a visit when i have some time, hopfully within the next couple of weeks so ill let you know what i find.

    Isadora- could you please reconfirm the owners group address as im having difficulties e mailing you at the address you have posted. Thanks
  6. Isadora

    Isadora New Member

    Hi Tracy, the address should be OK. I have been receiving emails from it, including ione today from Chris. Try it again.
    I am not having any problems getting through to the Spanish office in Benahavis.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2008
  7. chris786

    chris786 New Member

    Office in Bristol

    A friend of mine obtained this information yesterday:

    Sue Pyzer has left Oasis and has been replaced by James Clark in September 08.

    I finally managed to speak to James today and he apologized as he ‘was overseas’, (sounds like one man and his phone operation).

    He pretty much confirmed the financing problem referred in your e-mail. He also confirmed that work had temporally been stopped and he was hoping that things should recommence very soon.

    He also confirmed that they have not received full building licenses for pines and palms as yet but thought it was imminent.
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