What price represents current value per square meter of luxury in Natal?

  1. 2000USD

  2. 3000USD

  3. 4000USD

  4. Sky's the limit >4000

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Natal how much is Value and how much is Hype?

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by PropDoc, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Welcome to the forums Felipe and good luck with your purchase. I'm actually supposed to go past the NOC site on Monday afternoon - lovely part of the state.
  2. Felipe

    Felipe New Member

    Say hello to Nadya for me, she is one of the ladies who should be there from
    Property Frontiers
  3. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Indeed she is - in fact I'm picking her up at the airport in a couple of hours. I'll tell her you said "hi".
  4. Felipe

    Felipe New Member

    What a small world, let me know how the development is coming along if you go to site,
    I would appreciate that.
  5. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    Just to let you know (I'm sure you'll get a more detailed report from Nadya) we went past the site, there were a lot of people busy working on the apartments and we had a nice walk around the development and were chatting with the guys there for about two hours.

    Having looked at an apartment which is well advanced in construction it looks very nice - the qualities of the finishes and the layout are all very attractive and it looks like it'll be Natal's first real five star resort once it is finished.
  6. Felipe

    Felipe New Member

    Thanks for the update, I will get in touch with Nadya also.
  7. Norbert

    Norbert Senior Member <br /><img src="http://img.propertyc

    The REAL difference

    is that, regardless of their classification and revenue, these other resorts are up and running.
    The Natal Ocean Club, and the Natal Reef Club are STILL not open. There is supposed to have been a soft opening last year, but there is no evidence of that. And they claim that towards the end of 2013, the resort (or both resorts) will be completed and fully operational. :wink: ;)
    You'd assume that you can make reservations for the hotel that is going to be open in 8 or 9 months.
    Not possible with the Preferred Hotels, of which they claim to be part of, nor any other reservation company.

    Makes you wonder .....

  8. navaraS

    navaraS New Member

    dumb foreign investors have increased the price in natal....
  9. navaraS

    navaraS New Member

    too many apartments and listed under rent and to sell sections....prices will go down big time after world cup.
  10. Felipe

    Felipe New Member

    How is that dumb??
  11. navaraS

    navaraS New Member

    Dumb because these foreign investors are over paying for properties in Natal. Natal is nice and its growing but there are lots of sleezy agents and developers out there...all these sleeze backs are hyping things up and they always get some rich sucker from other parts of brazil or a sucker from foreign country. There are so many properties for sale and rent and ridiculous prices....some of them are still in the market after 1 year. SO many greedy sellers trying to find a dumb foreigner...if you are smart and look at the right places you can find properties int he exact same locations for fraction of the price or the real market price.

    Natal will soon have a sewer probelm and lots of these builders are breaking the federal and municipal laws and some of the projects will be delayed...its already happening since 5 years ago....

    Sure the city is growing but the building and houses are popping up at much higher rate.....the supply is already far greater than demand but these sleeze backs are hiding the facts with hype and still finding suckers.
  12. Felipe

    Felipe New Member

    Another sucker....

    You make some valid points Navara, and they do need to be questioned.
    I am one of those 'suckers' you speak of. I am also the one who started this thread, so it is easy to manipulate people like myself....and others.

    I for one have actually been there, I will reserve my views, and still am yet to meet someone who has actually bought there.
    Most people here are other agents, or people who have terrible grammar and bad spelling.

    Have you bought there?? If not, why are you so concerned?? If you mean well , that is fine, your heart is in the right place, but you may just have allot of "nothing" to say, really!!

    Have a think about "suckers" like me, who actually has invested and is riding this through, we don't really need people speculating and enticing doubts amongst us.

    Any now this has become a Leviathan this thread and I certainly don't take to much advice from it no more, but for those here who are printing money from bricks and mortar and comment on these sights, continue doing whatever it is that you are doing, cause it must be working.

    Summarizing, there are problems happening in NOC/NRC let the investors, Lawyers, Developers bat this one out......I am sure it will be what it becomes, I hope for all involved it is a success in some way...take care.
  13. Murfster

    Murfster Member

    Isn't that a contradiction in itself. If you are selling for a fraction of a price doesn't that "fraction" become the real market price? A real market price is of course the price the market will pay. Maybe I just read it wrong on second view and now agree with the point you are making :)
  14. navaraS

    navaraS New Member

    I didn't know you started the thread (wasn't paying attention to the poster names). My grammar/spelling may also be very bad...

    Anyways, I haven't purchased anything in Natal yet. I am moving to Natal next week. Will be renting a place for the first year and then i am planning buy some land and build a house in a good area. I am building this for myself, not to rent it out or as an investment....it is going to be my house.

    I have been doing a lot of research for rentals and buying and from what I understand the best bet is to go there get a temporary place to stay and get everything done in person rather than over the internet.

    Whenever I tried to ask something related to rentals or buying, all these agents who represent properties in Natal would hype Natal up. Others who represent properties in cities like SJ, Maceio etc would talk down Natal and hype their locations up. But I am not stupid....thanks to some insights from others. I am guessing if you got sucked in, it was most likely few years ago because these forums weren't big back then to warn others. This forum and few other forums have many agents pretending to be a client and posting positive feedbacks about their investments. There are many empty houses and apartments/condos that are only 30% full (sold)...don't believe the hype.

    There are so many agents out there who would paint this image as if they are trying to act in your best interest but they are all very sleezy. My wife's brother is in Natal and he checked out lots of places and sale/rental signs and he told me that there are bunch of places available. He looked at places that are right beside some of these over priced ads on the internet and these places cost way less (in other words the real market value). Natal is not Rio or SP in terms of real estate value, yet these agents beg to differ.

    Finally if you started the thread, you should see if you can edit and add another option to the poll...(less than $2000). But again, its most votes would be from the agents. Like i said, do everything in person. Don't trust the internet.
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  15. navaraS

    navaraS New Member

    What i meant by fraction of the price is the real market price. The real market price is fraction of hyped up prices set for suckers.

    Fraction of the hyped up prices.

    Fraction of the price = the real deals or the real market price.

    Most of the ads that you see are hyped/inflated prices with a hope of getting a sucker. After all there is a saying, a sucker is born every minute!
  16. Felipe

    Felipe New Member

    Sounds nice mate, good luck.
    Brazil would be great to camp up at for a
    while. Like you said, a 'sucker is born every minute'
  17. Five of the 10 most-shorted stocks in Brazil are homebuilders; demand for homes is cooling

    There is a big difference between the "Asking Prices" market and the "(Real) Selling Prices" market.
    Now lots of property is for sale for a long time, 3 month, one year, two years, and the sellers are not able to find a buyer.
    When there is a boom, this would not happen.
    Lots of sellers are offering now a "Special Discount" of 15-20% in the hope they can sell.
    When there is a boom, this would not happen.
    A few weeks ago I showed an example of apartments in Pipa they were selling in sept-2007 for R$ 180.000 and now, jan-2013 (more than 5 years later), these apartments are still for sale for R$ 180.000. Not one R$ more.
    When there is a boom, this would not happen.
  18. About this Poll:
    Average RE prices NATAL - per M2 jan/2012 - jan/2013

    A drop from +/- R$ 3420,00 /M2 (jan-2012) to +/- R$ 3140,00 /M2

    This is the (negative) variation in R$.
    But you, foreign investor.

    jan/2012 1US$ = R$ 1,75jan/2013 1US$ = R$ 2,00

    jan/2012 price/M2 = US$ 1950,00
    jan/2013 price/M2 = US$ 1570,00

    Drop: 20%.

    (Source: AgenteImovel)
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  19. Natal how much is Value and how much is Hype?

    This is an old question.
    Let's jump in the past, an old toppic from 2007.
    See what has changed, what was realized or finished (projects - aiports - David Beckham schools etc), booming prices since then ..............
    Or are the dreams still the same ?

    Blindness and stupidity when investing in Brazil

    From the past we learn.
  20. Their imagination has no limits.
    This I found on an other sellers site:

    Other major developments for the north side of Natal in 2013 include

    Disney park in Touros(90kms north of Natal)

    New town in Jacuma (35,000homes)(30kms north of Natal)

    New Olympic park in Extremoz(16kms north of Natal)
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