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KL for property investment

Discussion in 'Malaysia property' started by Elphaba, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Elphaba

    Elphaba New Member

    Good time or bad time? Cash buyer looking for capital growth over indefinite period.

    Your thoughts welcome. Thank you
  2. prohdv

    prohdv New Member

    Malaysia property is in the up cycle now..this can be seen with numbers of new projects launching. Prices are not cheap too! BLR is still attractive. Financing package is so creative to attract more buyer.
  3. sourplum

    sourplum New Member

    IMHO, KL high end condo is in the up cycle. you can find a bargain in the foreclosure sale

    two weeks back. i witness a sale of Binjai Residency at RM780psf..
  4. eyeC

    eyeC Senior Member

    can you please tell me what sort of development is selling for RM 780 sqf where is it located and what facilities ,finishing level ,etc

    how much can it be rented for ?
  5. capstonic

    capstonic New Member

    Where can i see the new build apartment in KL ?
  6. itsmazlin

    itsmazlin New Member

    KL is good but property prices are high.. if you insist to buy property in KL then think about resale flats also. You can get good deal for resale flats !!
  7. Kendro

    Kendro New Member

    it depands yourself...dare or not dare
  8. dcmhomebuyers112

    dcmhomebuyers112 New Member

    Malaysia’s pulsating capital Kuala Lumpur started out as a tin mining town in 1850s. It developed as a key trading point, particularly during the World War II when the sought after tin and rubber it traded on were in high demand. Kuala Lumpur achieved city status in 1972, becoming the first settlement in Malaysia to be awarded the honour.
  9. sasukemon

    sasukemon New Member

    its always a good time in bad times.
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