Is there any real estate course in India?

Discussion in 'India property' started by adi001, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. bryansmo12

    bryansmo12 New Member

    I don't think so that for real estate u need any courses, because for this you need to learn by yourself.
  2. abhi26july

    abhi26july Banned

    I do not think that to go to in real estate business you need to do any course .You just need to have buying and selling skill
  3. Bindu9

    Bindu9 New Member

    There are no special courses to do for real have to go through the related topics and analyse the important points which helps...
  4. anniee

    anniee New Member

    Yes many are there like etc.
  5. jackson01

    jackson01 New Member

    If want know about these courses you should go your nearest property advisor and discuss about it.
  6. ihpuser

    ihpuser New Member

    There is no any course of Real Estate in India, but you can learn this by doing meeting, research and development to the some Real Estate agents by yourself.
  7. akhilesh125

    akhilesh125 New Member

    Now a days such as courses available in mostly city in india.
  8. MadhavJha

    MadhavJha New Member

  9. easyloans

    easyloans New Member

    Doing a course in real estate is a very provocative step.
  10. piushagarwal

    piushagarwal New Member

    There are several institutes in India which offers various programmes in real sector, Such as certification programs, executive courses and diploma course.

    Some of the top real estate institute which offers real estate program are
    1. Institute of Real Estate and Finance
    2. Real estate management Institute
    3. India Institute of Real Estate
    4. NIREM Institute of Real Estate Management

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