Is there any real estate course in India?

Discussion in 'India property' started by adi001, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. adi001

    adi001 New Member

    Real Estate Industry is booming day by day. I am a student of management and want to persue some course based on the industry. Are there any such courses available in India? If yes, which institution offers such courses?
  2. shalem raju

    shalem raju New Member

    real estate education

    I want to do PPRE course in Indian institute of real estate ;Pune. I am confused about it. Can i get job guarantee after completing it.oh please anyone guide me.THANK YOU.
  3. prashant7711

    prashant7711 New Member

    there are no courses like to do you should keep on urself :dontknow:
  4. DonalyPiter

    DonalyPiter New Member

    Hello everyone! i think this >> www[dot] will help you :)
  5. DonalyPiter

    DonalyPiter New Member

    and this >> www[dot]realestateindia[dot]com website also will help you
  6. luckikong

    luckikong New Member

    I agree with prashant7711. sometimes you need to learn it by yourself. Courses are nothing and no many sense.
  7. krishna1987

    krishna1987 Banned

    As for as my knowledge is concern now a days MBA is being in Real Estate sector .So doing mba in real estate sector is one of the best option for making bright future.

    I hope so

    Cheers !
  8. delhi2gurgaon

    delhi2gurgaon New Member

    Many Institutes/Colleges offers real estate courses in India to grab knowledge and make career in real estate such as IIRE offers real estate education learning and related training skills, with updates and courses leading to a deeper knowledge on real estate practice also IDS-NIREM which is established by 'The Industry Development Society for Real Estate (IDS Real Estate)', India a real estate sector development and promotion body
  9. aayush

    aayush New Member

    No Course Require

    No course require to work in this industry. More and more experience give you more exposure.
  10. atimes

    atimes New Member

    Real Estate Courses

    Yes, there is an institute started by Accommodation Times in 1999 and all the study materials written by Niranjan Hiranandani, Sunil Mantri, Ar Premnath, Anil Harish, Prakash Nagori of Kilk Nickson Ltd.
    There are 14 trade associations have recognised the courses. There 25 such courses.
    Visit the website : atirem. com
  11. miler

    miler New Member

    I agree that courses are nothing you have to learn many things by yourself and only helps you when you do it and you know how to convert the theory in practicle.
  12. Amol555

    Amol555 Banned

    Real estate is a practical field so you have the practical knowledge in this field, there is no any course for that.
  13. RafaelJames

    RafaelJames New Member

    Real Estate Course

    You will find the details for Real Estate Courses on these links:
  14. caharsh0089

    caharsh0089 New Member

    Real Estate Course

    I am a Chartered Accountant and want to pursue an Real estate course in india ? what are the options ?
  15. aahnagupta

    aahnagupta New Member

    Yes, there is an institute for real estate in India. Organization name is India Institute of Real Estate (IIRE). IIRE offers real estate education learning and related training skills, with updates and courses leading to a deeper knowledge on real estate practice. IIRE course programs are all distance learning programs which can be completed online.
  16. caharsh0089

    caharsh0089 New Member

    I dont wanna pursue any online course are there any full time course in india ?
  17. Paras Tierea

    Paras Tierea New Member

    There is no course for it.You can get practically experienced by joining real state company after completing your MBA from marketing or finance.
  18. jumbopencil

    jumbopencil New Member

    Real estate course

    You need to do it yourself, do not believe in any courses.
  19. sarvodyaseo

    sarvodyaseo New Member

    I dont think you need to do any course for this. But you should know the marketing strategies.
  20. Rohitin

    Rohitin New Member


    I am also not hearing about real estate course. Still if i get any info about it i will definitely share.

  21. Rajiv_UDB

    Rajiv_UDB New Member

    I don't think any courses required for this. You can learn it by joining a real estate company will help you a lot.
  22. Ayush Singh

    Ayush Singh New Member


    For real estate courses in India, India Institute of Real Estate and NIREM are the two leaders. Also there are specialized courses on real estate and infrastructures.
  23. samjawed

    samjawed New Member

    There are only distance learning programs in India for real estate education learning and related training skills, with updates and courses leading to a deeper knowledge on real estate practice. And these are also online only.

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