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I am looking at investing anywhere in between 70-85k on a buy to let property. It would be a cash buy as I have just came in to some money how much should I be looking to receive in rent on a property of this cost and what would i be best investing it in I.e a flat or semi or terraced house, 2 or 3 bedroom etc. I am from glasgow so would be in glasgow or north or south Lanarkshire I would be looking at. Thanks


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Why you wouldn't invest in foreign property, somewhere in the south of Europe. For example in Greece. Last year I've invested some cash in Greece property for around $70K. As my advisor told me I think I'll get my money back in a few years. And because of coronavirus, prices are falling down, so maybe now is the best time to invest your money in foreign property.


Personally I would:-

- Stick to markets you know (i.e. the UK)
- The pound has fallen on currency markets so more expensive when converting to Euros/Dollars, etc

From what I read there are some decent rent yields available in Scotland even if potential for capital growth might be a bit more limited.

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Hi Glasgowboy,
Personally if i were you I would be trying to find Buy, Refurbish, Refinance, Rent properties so you can refinance and pull your money back out. This way you can 'recycle' your money and you haven't got it stuck in 1 property. If you are not confident in finding deals I would suggest using a deal sourcer as they will save you a lot of time and possibly money.

I hope this helps,
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While I dont personally expect property prices to collapse I think there will be a reduction in the short term as the market is effective frozen by the government. After it is reopened I dont think previous sellers would be keen to "give" their properties away and we may well see a shortage of stock.