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International City - China Cluster

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Sadozai, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Sadozai

    Sadozai New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    This is the most helpful resource that I could find over the internet relating to the international city development in Dubai. Good efforts and feedback from everyone is more helpful than the Nakheel "Customer Services" or the ill-informed Estate Agents. I have two apartments in Persia Cluster and one apartment in China cluster.

    Most of these threads on this forum are relating to the persia cluster and I assume that most of us here have apartments in Persia cluster. However I'm deeply distressed and upset because I have letter from Nakheel that my china studio is ready for handover at November 15th, "LAST YEAR". Can anybody please tell me what in the world is going on. Does anyone know anybody else who has received possession of their apartments in CHINA :( cluster?????? plz any information will be welcomed. Thanking you in Advance.
  2. amrita

    amrita New Member

    What is the name of the agent you are dealing with. Is it MBC realty. I have an apartment in Persia N10 & they haven't handed over to me as yet.
  3. KEM

    KEM New Member

    i too have bought a property in china buildings but i have been really lucky in the fact i picked my keys up at xmas and have since rented it out ! :) :) Which agent have you bought through Sodozia i cant believe you stil havent got handover ?
  4. wayneis

    wayneis New Member

    Nakheel are to blame for the delay

    Nakheel is to blame

    I was at the Nakheel sales Office last week and asked why the delay in handing over the building, The building owner who was present said they were waiting on a final notice of payment from Nakheel. I was present when the building owner said to the Nakheel rep that he had his cheque book and would pay on the spot.

    Nakheel could not produce the document so the building hand over saga continues.

    Take a drive down to the sales office on Beach Road. It is ridiculous only a limited number of people from Nakheel are qualified to deal with hand overs or sales of International City.

    The words Monumental Stuff Up come to mind however it does not help with the hand over process
  5. amrita

    amrita New Member

    Please send an e-mail to [email protected], giving full details of your apartment # , Bldg # & Estate agent name. She is the customer service representative for International City & it will help that Nakheel knows we are questioning the delays.
  6. Sadozai

    Sadozai New Member

    Well the building is E7, and the developer is MBC Realty, and the agent is Rustar Real Estate. First these MBC ppl charged me extra 30000 AED claiming that the studio was actually bigger than the rest of the 480 ft. apartments, and claimed that the size was 637 ft. Since i was in pakistan at that time and had no way to double check the claim, and when my agent told me that it is a bargain, i chose this apartment because of the bigger size, only to find out that it is the same as all the other studios. I considered suing MBC but my agent told me that it'll be a waste of money and time.

    Anyway i just want my apartment now since I wanna start my own business in Dubai, and this delay is killing all my plans. Does anybody here own an apartment in E7 China?
  7. gtmash

    gtmash New Member

    Hey Sadozai, the residence visa with the property will allow you to come into the country easily, but it does not allow you to work. Eventually you'll have to switch to a company visa.
  8. Sadozai

    Sadozai New Member

    yes gtmash, i know that, i've heard, to my utter astonishment, that they r even charging 8000 dirhams for the residence visa. so i'm not planning to apply for it since i'll be registering my company at DIC. i just wanna know if i'm the only one in china cluster without the possession? all this talk of persia is making me nervous since china was first on the list :(
  9. dalvir bains

    dalvir bains New Member

    china photos

    :) hi guys,
    check out my china apartment photos, on the i/city photos post
  10. amrita

    amrita New Member

    I have spoken with MBC Realty on Thursday 22nd March. He said that China
    E7 keys would be handed over in 2-3 days . Please let me know if u have got them !!!
  11. Sadozai

    Sadozai New Member

    Hey Amrita,

    I did'nt speak to MBC ppl on the phone but emailed them at [email protected] without any response.... then I asked a friend in dubai to talk to them, the guy Naresh said that the apartment keys will be handed over in a month, since they have'nt made the final payment to Nakheel, Nakheel is not registering or handing over any units untill MBC pays Nakheel the remaining 30% amount.

    Do you have an apartment in China E7??? mine has'nt even been registered in my name yet :(
  12. Javaid Kamar

    Javaid Kamar New Member

    Hello Sadozai,

    I too am having problems in China E7.

    I bought three apartments as well in September 2005. I was originally booked in China F8 but my agent Gowealthy double-booked and I have been shifted four times now and have ended up in China E7.

    I too have not had a Nakheel contract (Unit Sale and Purchase Agreement) back yet.

    I will definitely demand cash compensation from Gowealthy if I do not get my apartment and will take legal action if I do not get it. Having said that Gowealthy have offered me a cash premium but I am going to hold out and try and get my apartment.

    Best of luck
  13. amrita

    amrita New Member

    Hey Sadozai & Javed Kumar,
    I have an apartment through MBC Realty in Persia N10. But when I asked for handover , Naresh said he is busy with E7 handover which will be done by end of March. Now it seems this is not happening. So I have created a template of a complaint to MBC Realty which my husband who is currently in Dubai can take to MBC Realty. Nakheel has already confirmed to him that they are ready to handover as soon as they get the payment from MBC . Could you sign this letter & let us start to put a common pressure on MBC Realty. It is sickening that we have to suffer because other people don't pay.
    If you know any more people who have invested with MBC , please also pass on this letter
  14. wayneis

    wayneis New Member

    Name and Shame them

    A***TA you should post your experience to let others know what you are dealing with
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2008
  15. Sadozai

    Sadozai New Member

    hey amrita,
    thanx for the complaint template, but i doubt it will achieve anything, i was considering legal action against MBC as i mentioned in my earlier posts, but my friends in Dubai advised me against it. I don't think MBC will even respond to our letter let alone compensate us. I guess this kinda pain always accompanies while investing in Sheikhdoms. btw what r the rights given to us in the Nakheel contract, i have'nt even received that yet :(
  16. Ameer

    Ameer New Member

    The contract gives all the rights to the developper including a delay of one year in handover. We have practically no rights...

    I bought in france and did get the contracts with Nakheel a long time
    ago just to realize that balconies have gone...tried to complain but
    contract says they have the right to modify things...I wrote about this
    almost one year ago

    We simply have no right...
  17. Sadozai

    Sadozai New Member

    Damn, no balconies???? I haven't seen my apartments, hope they have the balconies, otherwise it'll feel like a jail cell :( as far as the 1 yr delay right is concerned, hasn't this project been delayed for more than a year already??? 1st owners please advise..
  18. laguna33p

    laguna33p Member

    I was under the impression that compensation was payable to the buyer if a delay had occurred over 6 mths. I have checked my contract, the anticipated completion date was dec 2006, but it says the buyer is only entitled to the amount he/she paid in the first palce if there is a delay of 6 mths or more. Well who wants the original amount back when clearly one could re-sell their apartment for a lot more. But I am sure it says something about compensation in the contract, will have to read it again.
  19. amrita

    amrita New Member

    Hello Sadozai,
    I am also sure we can't get any compensation, the rules in Dubai are not investor friendly currently....I just wanted MBC to know that now they are dealing with a group of people together rather than individual unit owners. It will hopefully make them sit up. I am sure the threat of going to the newspaper will get them worried, because they wouldn't want any bad publicity.
  20. Javaid Kamar

    Javaid Kamar New Member

    Hello Amrita,

    I have only just noticed your compaint template/petition. I would definitely add my name to your petition, but I have not actually had any dealings with MBC Realty yet. I have dealt entirely with Gowealthy so far, and it is against them I have the complaint.

    I am prepared to give Gowealthy more time, but like Sadozai, I haven't even received a Nakheel contract for China E7, so I am completely in limbo at the minute.

    Thank you anyway for your suggestion
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