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Hurghada or Sahl Hasheesh?

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by SueEllen, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. SueEllen

    SueEllen New Member

    I am visitng Hurghada in May and considering purchasing. Sahl looks good but wonder if I have missed the boat as the prices seem somewhat inflated. Hurgahada prices look better but wonder if it will end up like Blackpool ! (Packed). Anyone know if I can still get a good deal in Sahl, if so where and who with? Like most I am looking for Sea views that will still be there when I complete and not obscured by a hotel they forgot to mention in front of my investment !
  2. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

  3. Lsab

    Lsab New Member

  4. SueEllen

    SueEllen New Member

    I am interested in an apartment preferably 2 bed (although wouldnt say no to a 3rd bed if the price was right). I am aware of Ocean Breeze, El Andlous,Piazza Beach and Sunset Pearl at Sahl but wondering what else is out there or coming up so I can benefit from pre realease pricing and positioning
  5. NeilHollingsworth

    NeilHollingsworth New Member

    Hi SueEllen, you also have Red Sea Pearl the second phase of Sunset, although these are more expensive than Sunset. Sunset are at a very good price as they have been slightly reduced so not sure what prices you have looked at. They also have a couple of 2 beds left in very good locations. They are more expensive than Hurghada but you are buying a different product, but compare these to Serrenia, and apartments there start at £250,000. At the end of the day you need to buy something you are happy with. Good luck and if you need anymore help let me know.
  6. shogun294

    shogun294 New Member

    Sahl did it for me

    Hi Sue Ellen

    I was looking to invest in Hurgahda and had not even heard of Sahl Hasheesh when I went for an inspection trip. I ended up buying in Palm Beach Piazza after my first visit there, yes it was a lot more expensive than most (but not all) Hurghada developements but seeing is believing.

    I am glad that I visited all of my options before making a decision but whatever or wherever you decide on I wish you luck.

    Take a look through all the posts and threads on this forum for some more information and don't be afraid to ask questions...
  7. Hello
    My opinion if you have the budget you have to go for Sahl Hasheesh, other wise you buy in HUrghada, prices now in Sahl Hasheesh now for 1 bed in Palm BEach Piazza 64 square meter is 90000 Euro which equals around 75000 GBP
    and it was last month 60000 GBP but the increase happened first of April, so if youhave the budget for Sahl catch it now as if you wait till may the 2 flats left will be sold out I think.

  8. hello there is other projects in Sahl Like Paradise Garden & another one called Verdana Resort, to tell you other above three projects will be sold out of flats soon , for example there is only two apartments only 3 bedrooms in Al Andalous for 160000 GBP and it got amazing location with seea & Golf View
  9. Verdana Resort Sahl Hasheesh

    Veranda is the perfect project for anyone looking to benefit from all of the advantages of the luxurious Sahl Hasheesh resort, and who does not want an apartment in a blocky apartment building.

    Veranda has the feel of a Spanish village about it with 669 units in low-rise buildings set around a large, 130,000m2, open-plan site set among beautiful landscaped gardens and bountiful water features.

    Located on one of the highest points on the Sahl Hasheesh site, Veranda has stunning views in all directions - down to the blue waters of Sahl Hasheesh bay on one side, and over the golf course that surrounds the project on two sides.

    Veranda offers buyers the ultimate in relaxation and tranquility in an upmarket environment which offers an unequalled quality of life with a variety of unit sizes to choose from.

    Verdana Prices start from:
    Studio - Min 0-bed/1-bath Apartment 42sqm for 38285GBP

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  10. wemyss1960

    wemyss1960 New Member

    Hi George,

    where did you get these prices from?
  11. I just got it yesterday from The main contact for me in Sahl Hasheesh
  12. Louise-UK

    Louise-UK New Member


    Dear Sue

    I was also like you looking at Sunset Pearl for a while, but found a new project called Veranda. At first we were looking at the Studios since it was only me and my husband, but my daughter and son in-law decided to join so we chose the 2 bedroom apartment called Alexandria. The reason we chose this was that we could have a garden and that the project is overlooking the golf course (my husband and my son in law is very eager golf players)...

    The best part is that we got 9% discount on the reservation price because it is still early days. Im not sure if this is still possible, but thats what i got last month

    We bought from an British woman working for a real estate company.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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  13. Hi louise congratulation for your purchase :)
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  14. Louise-UK

    Louise-UK New Member


    Hi George

    Are you selling Veranda? I bought directly from the developer however ofcourse i am curious to see the price difference and see how much i have saved (if anything)

  15. yes we do :)
  16. wemyss1960

    wemyss1960 New Member


    Hi SueEllen,

    Not sure if you only require Sahl Hasheesh but,there is a new frontline/beachside project called the Samra which will be released in the next 4/5 weeks.This is a fantastic frontline development located next door to the Intercontinental hotel in Hurghada's touristic area. Anyone who knows Hurghada will agree this is a great location.Details will be available very soon.

    best regards

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  17. swim-maestro

    swim-maestro New Member

    Hi louis,we have bought a 42m2 studio in veranda at a 9% discount pre launch price of £34500.I hope this helps!? You never know we might be neighbours!! :)
  18. congratulation Maestro and wish you all the best
  19. Jersey Bean

    Jersey Bean New Member

    Hi Louise,

    My wife and I have made a reservation on an Alexandra appartment as well. We are also new to this and had been looking at other developments before deciding on Veranda. The golf swung it (oh dear !) for us as well.

    Where is your appartment on the plan ?

    Marcel and Jayne
  20. swim-maestro

    swim-maestro New Member

    Hi. we have also bought an apartment at veranda.Did you buy direct from the developer or through a agent? :)
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