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House Insurance

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by drew, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. drew

    drew New Member

    Hi to every one,
    Can anybody tell me where to get a good house insurance from in Yambol area or Bulgaria & how to go about getting it or can I insure the house in England. Is it true that you can only get white goods insured for the contents of the house? I keep getting told different things I?d like to know what?s rite Please can someone help
    Thank You
  2. zackary

    zackary New Member

    Hello Drew,
    Have an insurance company in England, after months of searching for one here and there - this is the best deal I found they are Lark Insurance and can be found on

    Lark Insurance

    Had them now for about a year, my annual is around ?250 and I pay monthly - only firm in England I believe after searching through tons of them

    Hope this helps
  3. Taffy45

    Taffy45 New Member

    Tried Larkhal but found service better at Underwood email [email protected] premiums the same and both offer Hiscox insurance Tel 01633 247742
  4. oldlag

    oldlag New Member


    There's a British owned company in Bulgaria carrying out property insurances try [email protected]
  5. Taffy45

    Taffy45 New Member

    I don't think Underwoods do but I emailed them and they replied immediately
    Hope this helps, There telephone number is 01633 247742
  6. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

    A plain English Property insurance policy underwritten by Norwich Union and administered in the UK via helpful and knowledgeable staff.

    Try Holiday Home Insurance from Intasure they cover most area's.;)
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  7. Taffy45

    Taffy45 New Member

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  8. TH4S

    TH4S New Member

    Was worth a try.

    Where are Underwood insurance based do you have any adress.rather than just a phone number and a e mail adress.May be better for members to see.;)

  9. Taffy45

    Taffy45 New Member

    Underwoods are placed in Newport, South Wales
    Full address 58 Careau Road, Newport NP20 4HH Tel 01633 247742
    email is [email protected]

    I know form the business I have placed with them there are very few countries they don't insure

    They also offfer UK underwritten insurance for all of Bulgaria and not just Sunny Beach and Bansko
  10. tiger

    tiger New Member

    Property Insurance for Bulgarian Properties

    Hi everyone!

    You can contact Halifax Consultancy Ltd. for affordable Bulgarian property insurance through several insurers.

    The e-mail: [email protected].


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  11. thetravelbug

    thetravelbug Banned

    I use Bulstrad. Good service. You can insure for whatever value you feel appropriate. For contents, you decide value and they will then only pay out up to that value, if your contents are actually more.

  12. vito

    vito New Member

  13. rossmark68

    rossmark68 New Member

    I have just found this site and started browsing through, I own in Sveti Vlas I use a UK based insurer, the policy is backed by Hiscox and includes 2million public liability. For my policy it is £192 for this I get £50,000 buildings and £6,000 contents, you can alter the price by paying different excesses but the one I went for cost £192. You can pay by direct debit for no extra charge. You enter details in the site and they ring you and email you the quote, if you want to go ahead they take the details of you over the phone. It takes about 5 minutes and is relatively painless, they do cover for all around the world. This is the link for the Bulgaria insurance page

    Intasure - insurance that speaks your language

    Hope this is of use, I got it via an agent I know
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  14. rossmark68

    rossmark68 New Member

    Just to update the last post, I have been told Intasure are now Lloyds backed

  15. najnaj

    najnaj New Member

    I usualy use Bulstrad or Allianz and there were no problens with them so far
  16. rossmark68

    rossmark68 New Member

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