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Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by drew, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. drew

    drew New Member

    Our house in Lagos will be finished shortly. Can anyone recommend web sites for obtaining quotes for buildings/contents insurance? Can you get a combined buildings/contents policy?
  2. fabian

    fabian New Member

    Last Tuesday I paid my annual house / contents insurance premium with AXA.Insurance. I used a local agent, who has local knowledge and for my two houses and contents I paid 241.69 EUROS. Last night I checked Schofields insurance online for a quote. They asked for my address (no doubt I will be bombarded with junk mail) rebuild value and contents value. Their quote was 561.00 POUNDS sterling.

    I also have my two cars insured with them and I asked for and got a small discount.
  3. Vitor Mota

    Vitor Mota New Member

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  4. OwnerInvest

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    House Insurance Portugal

    Hi There

    I just recently placed house insurance on 3 bedroom townhouse located in Spain, this property is now rented out.

    I have buildings/contents and public liability insurance on this house and it was 107GBPs per annum

    Holiday Home Insurance and Second Home Insurance from Intasure

    Hope that helps
  5. schofields

    schofields New Member

    Good Afternoon,

    We would like to clarify fabian's post above if that’s ok.

    Any information provided when getting a quote is only used to process applications that are submitted. No data is stored when simply getting a quote.

    Schofields do not send junk mail or share any information with third parties as per our privacy policy.

    I hope this helps.

    Schofields Holiday Home Insurance
  6. I would reccomend LIBERTY INS.
    They are very fair when it comes to a claim & offer earthquake (but as an extra) which many consider to be important.They offer property & contents cheaper than either alone.The cover is "new for old" so don't undervalue -with any company you'll only get the percentage covered if you claim for a partial loss.

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