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Golf at Saidia

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by howellmr, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. howellmr

    howellmr New Member

    Couple of questions regarding the 3 golf courses at Saidia. I have continually asked Azur Developments these questions but my emails get ignored.
    1. Have any of the courses been designed by a big name designer?
    2. What are the expected green fees?
    3. What are the "discounted" membership rates offered to property owners, specifically owners of the Fairways Villas.

    I see Azur are now offering NEW owners free membership for 3 years. What about the current owners?

    Does anyone have any insight to these questions?
  2. Mr Ri

    Mr Ri New Member


    Its worth checking out the website of segales golf who are constructing (and possibly designed) the courses in Mediterrania Saidia. On their site they have the layouts and some photos of the three courses, El Palmeral (nearing completion), El Oasis and Las Lagunas (under construction).

    I would guess Segales Golf will also run the courses, so may be able to help with green fee information too. If you find out let us know.

    I'm not 'old enough' to post a url but its segales[dot]golf - swap the [dot] for a .

  3. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Im hearing 30 euros per day LJDF owners. Im not a golfer yet, so I cant be sure it was the cost per day / per game!
  4. Mr Ri

    Mr Ri New Member

    I note from the Segales Golf website, that the El Palmeral course is reported as being open. Anyone got any more information?
  5. The Soup Dragon

    The Soup Dragon Senior Member

    Investy. 15 Euros a round was the figure getting batted around a year or two ago, but there was nothing in any contracts about price of a round, so think most will have taken figure with a pinch of salt.

    Mr Ri. I hadn't realised it was open either - Segales site is the first I have heard of it. I'm surprised the recent LJDF update Email didn't mention it being open / about to open. mentioned on HPC that would like to see close up pictures of the greens - the one pictured in Segales site isn't close up and doesn't look great.
  6. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Soup I've emailed you a better picture from a different view.

    I'd assumed that first course is not finished, for a start the grass does'nt look lush compared to Segales other courses shown on thier website which look a lot more established.

    Which golf course will be the one that surrounds the golf villas?
  7. The Soup Dragon

    The Soup Dragon Senior Member

    Got the picture thanks. My comments on Email (responded before seeing your post) are along the same lines as those you made above.

    Think the other two courses have same artists impression to show course layout, but miss the part that loops round VVT8. Not sure which one will be closest, but there isn't much to view yet for either.
  8. Steve C

    Steve C New Member

    The drawn maps on Sagles website only show 'the back nine' part of the El Oasis course (which is actually shown below Las Lagunas course on the map).
    VVT-8 is on 'the front nine'. VVT-8 wraps around the whole of hole 4. The drive off is at the bottom point (south). Driving up north around a dog leg to the western edge of VVT-8, where it then joins hole 5 driving down south
    There are very large sandy bunkers at the northern end (around hole 4-5). These normally tend to look good on courses and are usually a visual asset to the nearby villas. All of the villas at the northern end of VVT-8 (the dog leg part) will back onto the sand. There are no water features (lakes/lagoons) in this section of the course however.
    I've got detailed colour drawn maps all of the courses. Sorry but I've no idea how to post them up (no scanner), but if you send me a PM with your tel. no. I'll be happy to fax them to you.
  9. howellmr

    howellmr New Member

    Golf course update from Azur


    Following is an extract I received from Vicki at Azur regarding the golf courses:

    "We have been waiting to gain further information regarding the golf courses and golf clubs and I have had numerous requests which I have had to put on hold whilst awaiting it.
    We are unfortunately still waiting for FADESA to come back to us with confirmation both as to whether there will be a signature to any of the courses and as to how much the green fees will be.
    We have a member of staff permanently on the ground in Saidia, so I have also asked them to look into this and I hope to have further information for you shortly.
    Information I can give you, is that the Spanish designers Cegales are responsible for all 3 courses and that the 1st course (El Palmeral) is now complete. The course around V7 is called Las Lagunas. "
  10. Mr Ri

    Mr Ri New Member

    El Palmeral opening in May 2008

    The Segales golf website is now reporting that the El Palmeral course will be opening in May 2008.
  11. The Soup Dragon

    The Soup Dragon Senior Member

    Steve C. I have an early plan of the two non championship courses. The plans are, as far as I can see, identical to the layouts on the Segales website. If these plans are representative of what holes and features will be where, then aspects for VVT owners will be something like this:

    Hole 7 takes the golfers to South Eastern tip of VVT8. There will be a stream along the southern side of this hole and a pond behind it.
    Hole 8 starts near South Easter tip if VVT8 and takes golfer all the way to the North Western end of VVT8. There will be a pond between Northern side of hole 8 and the road.
    Hole 9 involves doubling back towards the South Easter tip of VVT8. The white tee will leave the golfers with circa 100m of pond to cross to reach the fairway. Pond continues along Northern edge of fairway and tucks in behind the green.
    Holes 10 and 11 aren’t next to VVT8. They take the golfer over the road and loop round V6, providing golf views not just for V6, but also VVT7 (premiership footballer properties), V5, AP14 and AP15. There are no water features over these two holes.
    Hole 12 starts near North Western tip of VVT8 (golfer crosses road to get to tee.) This hole looks like fun. Fairway is almost entirely surrounded by water and green looks to be in an island with only a little rough around its edge.
    Hole 13 tees off quite far from VVT8, but green is near North Western tip of VVT8. Pond wraps around two thirds of fairway and green. Hole 14 runs from North West to South East almost the entire length of VVT8 (runs along Western edge of VVT8.) Pond mentioned for holes 12 and 13 also runs length of hole 14, between fairway and VVT8.
    Hole 15 takes the golfer away fro the South West tip of VVT8 and back towards the club house. No water features here.

    There are plenty of bunkers over these holes - too many to list in my description.

    As mentioned earlier, this is an old plan and may not represent what will be seen from VVT8.
  12. Steve C

    Steve C New Member

    Soup Dragon, the hole numberings on my maps are totally different from yours. I'm sending my copies to Popcorn and she's going to post them up on the site for reference. I was sent them last year by Superior. My El Palmeral map is identical to the Sagles website version, but the Las lagunas is different.
    Their El Oasis 'back 9' is a very similar layout to my map but the Sagles one has more water.
    They don't show the 'front 9' for me to compare them but, like I said, my layout sounds very different to yours. But which one is the more accurate. :confused:
    I would assume that the new theme for the El Oasis course is to add more water.
    Hopefully you'll see my map versions soon after popcorn gets them. It might be worth sending her yours as well for the record.

    BTW I'm on the El Palmeral course on the old Superior Palms site (now Oasis Palms).
  13. The Soup Dragon

    The Soup Dragon Senior Member

    Steve C. Will have a look at your golf course plan when popcorn places it on the website. I received mine from Property Showrooms around 18 months ago. It’s a paper version that I have, but if we find out it is the correct plan I’ll look to have it scanned and send it on for the LJDF Group. The two certainly sound very different. I’m hoping mine is more accurate as ponds / water features will enhance the views (and be better for property prices.)
  14. Alan01

    Alan01 New Member

    El Palmeral Golf Course

    I was in a meeting with Fadesa/Adohha last week where, amongst other things, they confirmed that the El Palmeral course (i.e. course number one on the west of M-S) was due to open officially in July 2008.

    We have got the plans for El Palmeral and Oasis/Las lagunas (which share some fairways), together with information on the par and distance etc for each of the holes on all three courses on our Property Matters Overseas website.

    You need to open up our website, then click on "Countries" and open any of the Morocco pages, and then look in the Information Library to find the relevant documents.

    Alternatively, here's a link (if it works):

    P Property Matters Overseas

    Best wishes

  15. Mr Ri

    Mr Ri New Member

    Thanks Alan. You're a star.
  16. The Soup Dragon

    The Soup Dragon Senior Member

    Thanks Alan, that is the plan I have and described above.

    Only holes 6 & 16 in Las Lagunas course share the same fairway and even then it is more a case of fairways merging for a small part of the respective holes. (Otherwise it is only the practice area that shares a strip of grass.)
  17. kesam

    kesam New Member

    The water to the left of the fairway that abuts vvt8 seems a new feature and not one that is on the site map. Am I reading this correctly
  18. just-alex

    just-alex New Member

    saidia golf

    Can someone please tell me which is the golf course that the V2 villas look over .Is that El Palmeral?
    One of the rather duboius reasons that the golf course was delayed according to the head of FAdesa (now departed) was that 'they couldn't irrigate it in the summer'!!!!.....where does the water come from for that purpose and is it now in place......? locals were concerned that they were going to pipe it in from the river in the adjacent conservation area.....If they are going to use precious reservoir water then watch out for a big pressure drop in your shower in summer! I shall be therefore very surprised if they open the course in the hottest summer months.

    The other problem is that the ground is very salinated ( as you would expect in that location but they hadn't thought of that it would seem..!!....) It is therefore is going to take alot of washing through and soil treatment before the grass will ever be any good...........Hence it is a jolly good idea to know who exactly is dealing with the issue and what experience they have had....

    Any information gratefully received....
  19. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    Just Alex

    I heard the water source had something to do with the mountains in the area.

    I cant envisage the golf course being closed in summer, that would be a joke. There are plenty of Spannish, Turkish and Mid East golf courses in very dry areas, indeed drier than relatively green Saidia. According to my Sons Atlas that part of N Morocco is classified as Temperate, which was surprising. I've been watching videos on YouTube filmed in the general area (that have nothing to do with Med Saidia) and there does appear to be a surprising amount of greenery.

    As for salinated ground, surely this is the case for all coastal golf courses? The golf developers are Segales of Spain, that have apparantly been in business several decades. I would imagine there are grass strains suited to coastal conditions, and for sure there is no shortage of grass in the coastal area of Wales my parents have retired to, where the grass grows right up to the dune line. The grass is very salty as evidenced by the local Welsh black cattle, the meat of which is notable for it's saltiness.

    I hope they will not take water from the nature reserve, that would be awfull. There are a few vidoes made by Moroccans on Youtube that highlight what they see as an enviromental degredation, but I cant understand the language in detail.
    I'm very much into nature, and I suspect there will be some degredation, however, there will be benefits to local wildlife bought about by the new well irrigated man made enviroment and far more lush grass.
    I draw the analogy withnown in the UK motorway construction which actually provide a net benefit to wildlife as green corridors, in the fiorm of motorway verges are established thus replacing intesively farmed monocultural spaces.

    A new large solar plant was opened by the King nearby which will apparantly serve much of Med Saidia's needs, which bodes quite well.
  20. Investy

    Investy Senior Member

    In the original VVT8 bumf, we were told the develiopment would be an island surrounded by water. I always had a gut feel this would'nt come about, and now it appears the water will only abut some of the development.
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