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  1. shw

    shw New Member

    Hi All, I have also had emails with Leisure Launch telling methat the Habitation Licence has been issued and collected yesterday. I have contacted lawyers and the bank to try and get this moved forward but am aware that holidays are coming up!!! we live in hope..... see you all soon

  2. phil jones

    phil jones New Member

    Hi All, I received summons to deeds for 21st June and my lawyer is confident it will complete if not on the 21st certainly next week
  3. pollitico

    pollitico New Member

    We are in Portugal at the moment trying to get everything tied up. Also had confirmation of habitation licence.

    Its a real slog but hopefully everything is coming together for deed on 21st.

    Will post update on how we get on

  4. symon

    symon New Member

    Hi P,

    Did you manage to sign OK?

    Did you manage to take any photos of the development whilst you were out there? Im concerned about pool area was this all finished now? If you can please post some pics up that would be great!


  5. andy cap

    andy cap New Member

    plataforma legal are now known as 'property legal advisors' and today confirmed that habitation licence still has not been issued...
  6. pollitico

    pollitico New Member

    Fuseta update

    We completed deeds on Friday and are now in the process of getting utilities sorted out.

    We have attached some photos. The site looks really good and even better than we envisaged. We were also impressed with the quality of work in the property with only minor snagging issues.

    The pool area is still not finished but Paulo said that the pool should be full and working in the next week or so. Fingers crossed.

    The ‘island’ beach area is currently being rebuilt and should be back to normal in the next couple of weeks, the village of Fuseta was as nice as we remember with a good summer buzz about the place.

    We did some shopping while we were over and found Radio Popular at Algarve Shopping Retail Park good for Electrical goods, Leroy Martin is similar to B&Q in the UK (good for garden furniture, tools, etc) and is also based at the retail park. There are also several other decent stores at the retail park as well.

    Tavira Shopping Centre is pretty good for household goods, and we met other Fuseta residents who advised that a trip into Spain is worthwhile for bedding etc. No doubt we will all find the best places to shop when we are there, and hopefully we can all continue to share what we find.

    We look forward to meeting with all over the summer hopefully. We are due back later this month and will be staying in the property.


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  7. eric

    eric New Member


    Hi Folks,
    we own an apartment on Formosa Village so appreciate some of the problems you have encountered. Our experience with habitation licence was worse!
    You will find Fuseta an extremely friendly community and we have made some good friends on our site. Generally we dont rent out our apartment commercially but from our experience some of you might want to come out before your apartment is furnished and also perhaps to do other jobs.
    Our apartment is currently unoccupied until the 26th of july and from the 7th until the 23rd of august. If you would like to rent at a very cheap rate as prospective neighbours you can call me on my mobile number 07981705825.
    Just as an additional snippet of information there is a very good magazine called east algarve and they have a website called eastalgarvemag.com , if you go to the april issue there's an article on Fuseta.
    In the meantime good luck and perhaps we might meet some of you in the bars and restaurants in the not too distant future.
  8. Vie 10

    Vie 10 New Member

    Hi All

    My mortgage fiasco seems to be resolving itself so I am making a flying visit this weekend. Is anyone around as it would be good to meet up with our future neighbours say on saturday but appreciate it's short notice.

    Will take some photos and happy to distribute on my return.

    All the best

  9. bj_bazza

    bj_bazza New Member

  10. andy cap

    andy cap New Member

  11. pollitico

    pollitico New Member

    We are in process of getting utilities connected. Water done, waiting on electric and then gas.
    We are hoping to move in on Tuesday but looking unlikely at the moment if no electricity. Disappointing - yet again.
    Is anyone else going over this week? It would be good to meet up.

  12. symon

    symon New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Our deeds have been signed and we are in process of getting utilities connected now! Water done just gas and electric now! We are out on 11th July to sort furniture etc. I hope the pool is ready cant wait to test it.

    It’s been a long stressful process and there are things we have not been and are still not happy with but we are past the point of caring about it all now and we just want to enjoy our new holiday home!!

    See you all soon around the pool!


  13. bj_bazza

    bj_bazza New Member


    we are there from July 10th and hoping to move in on the 12th. Will hopefully meet up around the pool.

  14. pollitico

    pollitico New Member

    Fuseta update

    Hi folks

    We have moved in. We have electricity and water but as yet no gas, so cold showers which is actually great as the weather is really hot. Have had some teething problems with air con but quite quickly sorted.

    There is no further progress in the pool area so no water or cafe. Hopefully water in next couple of days. Also no communal area lighting at present so torches are in use, trying to get that sorted too.

    Having a great time and enjoying being in at last. Views, weather and apartment are everything we had hoped for.

    Hopefully we can meet up with anyone coming over in next few weeks, catch a beer/wine and a blether

    Got limited internet access but will aim to keep all informed

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  15. Gibbo147

    Gibbo147 New Member

    moving in

    Think deeds were yesterday or maybe Monday!! Coming out on 15th July hope to see you then.
  16. shw

    shw New Member

    Hi all, sounds like things are at last going well.... We anticipate our deeds in the next week or so and then intend to get moving as soon as possible after that.

    We have contracted the snagging company to connect utilities which doent seem to be a very smooth process!! how is it going for those of you there already?

    also has anyone any feedback on getting snagged items fixed... our snagging report had quite a few issues.....

    However, all seems to be a little more positive and look forward to taking up residence as soon as we can....

    Hope to see you all soon

  17. andy cap

    andy cap New Member

    property legal advisors

    has anyone had contact with teresa in the past few days? have tried calling her mobile and emailed but no reply
  18. symon

    symon New Member

    Hi all

    we finally have electric and water just waiting for gas!

    We will be out on Sunday for a week so see you all around the pool if it's ready?

    It's not going to be much of a holiday for us as we will be spending most of the week kitting it out!

    Good luck all

  19. andy cap

    andy cap New Member

    fuseta ria rental 20-27th july

    our property completion is running behind so we need a property to rent for 20-27th july
    we would rather stay on fuseta site, if anyone would like a weeks rental income please let me know via <snip>
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  20. symon

    symon New Member

    Hi Phil,

    Nice to meet you this week, we have forgot the cleaning contact us you told us about can you please PM their details ASAP, thanks

    Simon & Sara

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