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Discussion in 'Romania property' started by Gregs100, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Gregs100

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    1st time purchaser who's due to complete in Bucharest in the next couple of months and am after any feed-back on the above company or if anyone has had any dealings with them?

    We need to funish our appartment for letting purposes and have been contacted by the above company offering to do this on our behalf. We've checked their web-site which looks fine, but I can't find anything else on the web about them...which in this day and age is slightly unusual. We've also got concerns that they won't take payment by card, want payment to a spanish bank a/c and contact is made via e-mail unless they call us etc.

    Compared to the package being offered to us by our agent...who shall we say is one of the biggest names in the business and on our TV's....the package from Furniture Direct works out about EUR4000 cheaper.....but we are just worried about how genuine they are etc?

    Has anyone had any dealings with them in the past or with my agent *** who are are charging through the nose.

    Any advice regarding this or furniture packs would be appreciated.

  2. Joan

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    Hi Greggs,

    Dont know about Furniture direct worldwide, But we have been badly stung by a company called springblue furniture. They conned us out of 6,000 euro.

    They wont answer their phone or reply to emails.

    Luckily my daughter paid by credit card, but it will take her months to get the money back.

    Dont pay anything iinto a spanish bank, unless you want to kiss your money goodbye.

  3. David howe

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    Furniture Packages

    Try property management romania com They are a subsiduary of Investment Romania who also look after rentals.
  4. hovis

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    furniture packs

    Hi Greggs

    this is my first time replying on this site - so keeping my fingers crossed that this has got through. It sounds like we are buying through the same agent and I agree that their initial costings were just too high. I too was contacted by Furniture Direct and compared their prices to me doing it myself. By the time I lost my income from my own business, did the flights and accommodation etc, then it was worth my while going with their fees and so I have agreed to use them - but I have to admit to being a little nervous.

    I did pay by credit card and they seem set up for installation mid may for me. As you say, contact with them is not ideal. I do email but get no response and will need to call next week. When I have called before they have answered my queries and sent through extra information that I have asked for. Equally, they advised they would pass my details onto a rental firm in Romania who they work with and sure to word - they have contacted me

    I hope you are now sorted but I am chasing this company and will probably feel nervous until the day the furniture is installed and thereafter, until a tenant is found. I am a first time purchaser overseas and the whole experience has been daunting.

    Hope this helps
    Hovis - the dog
  5. David howe

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  6. alarprba

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    Furniture Direct Worldwide - Are they OK?

    Hi Gregg

    I am in exactly the same position as yourself - due to complete early next year in Bucharest through a major overseas property company. Furniture Direct Worldwide contacted me a few weeks ago to offer me their package (with 60% to pay upfront). I was nervous of touching them, and was also mystified how they knew the details of my property and its purchase price, so I contacted the property company that I am investing with. They came back after a few days to say that Furniture Direct Worldwide (FDW) is currently being investigated by the Spanish Police!! My property company then quickly produced details of their own "quality" furniture package - substantially more expensive than FDW. I have still held back from doing anything with anybody - not least because of the current strong Euro/weak Pound.
    Just today FDW have contacted me once again - a new person, as if approaching me for the first time. So I went onto the Net to see if I could find out anything about them (beyond the site & details posted by themselves) - That's how I found your message. I'm not much help to you - except to say that I would advise you to be cautious. Will they produce the goods? And if they do, how can we get any idea in advance of quality? And if they have furnished so may properties so well and economically, why is there virtually no mention of them on the world-wide web.
    For myself, I am not rushing in anywhere, but I am at present more inclined towards the more expensive furniture package of my proven major overseas property developer
    Take care!
  7. David howe

    David howe New Member

    Very interesting topic and a warning that will surely benefit some. One thing I would like to clarify is that you are comments are directed at "Furniture Direct Worldwide (FDW) " Also and this is not in defence of them, but being investigated does not mean they are guilty. I think to prohibit any libel issues this should be included so people can then make an informed decision, although I do think there could be problems with the validity of the thread due the source of your information.
  8. alarprba

    alarprba New Member

    I have simply reported a written statement made to me by one of the largest & best-known overseas property investment companies regarding "Furniture Direct Worldwide". I have not at any point suggested that they (FDW) have done anything wrong - though in these circumstances anyone who did not exercise caution could be asking for trouble. I assume that the large property company which I mention will be prepared, if necessary, to stand over the written statement they have made to me
  9. David howe

    David howe New Member

    Delighted to hear it is not just a verbal representation. Well done :)
  10. mickthepropertyguru

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    FDW have a statement on their website that will be of direct interest to you and pretty much casts a shadow on what you were led to believe by the so called self proclaimed experts.
    It s a pity that people feel they have to go with the expensive option because this is purely due to a lack of experience and information.
    Some would say that investors like you have paid a premium so far without knowing it !
    There are always other options, read back through the discussions about furniture packs on other threads and get a few ideas. It will probably save you some money and will pay a few months or more of a mortgage if you have one.

    THUNDERCAT New Member

    Greetings from a newby to this site.
    I bought a 1 bed apartment on Greenfields and am approaching the point of looking for a furniture pack and rental company.
    I bought from the tv chaps but feel their furniture packs and invitation to join their club just to get a snagging list is an expensive option.
    I have misgivings about FDW and wonder if investment Romania might be better for me as another thread suggests they do not ask for funds until completion.
    I appreciate that organising and fitting the furnishing oneself is a cheaper option, but I would suggest that many people myself included would not have the confidence or skills necessary to accomplish this task in a foreign country with limited time away from work and would consider the extra expense worth the reduction in hassle.
    I would be grateful for any tips and advice on offer as I try to filter out the property companies hype.
    I know that the consensus is that Romania is a healthy investment, but with the weakening of Sterling against the Euro I don't want to end up with a millstone round my neck as I view this as a short term investment simply to help pay a shortfall on my uk mortgage.
    Please advise if it is unrealistic to expect a rental income to cover the mortgage payment per month.
    I also paid a fee to a mortgage adviser in the Bucharest office to set up a Romanian bank a/c on my behalf and look at suitable mortgages.
    My apologies for the rambling nature of this post but I am trying to arm myself with as much info as I can.
    In truth if it hadn't been for SWMBO's desire to be a property tycoon, I would never have even considered property investment!
  12. hovis

    hovis New Member


    I too am in the process of buying a one bedded apartment in Greenfields. I went out to see it last week-end as we were beginning to hear that the site was no where near ready for completion on 1st May, and also the rentals expected were not coming anywhere near to what had been predicted two years ago. We went out to see the site for ourselves and also talk with some agents out there.

    Prior to going, I had booked a furniture package with FDW - there price came in as what seemed more realistic. However, I did cancel the package for other reasons just before I went out and I am glad that I did so. In our opinion the site is no where near ready for completion on 1st May - and we accept as someone pointed out to us, that our version of 'complete' is very different from the romanian version. But what we saw last week-end, and I had the opportunity to physically go into the apartment I am buying, is a site where works are still going on, the roads around are still building rubble (right up to our front door) and inside is just not ready. I have been told by our agent who promoted this site, that we'd be surprisesd at how quickly all of this can be put right, but we are not of the opinion it will be in a state ready or suitable for anyone to either live in as their own home, or even to offer to a tenant for potential rental.

    We met with the lawyers and expressed our concern and sought answers to a list of things. We also intructed that no further documents are signed on our behalf pending answers to those points. I am glad that I cancelled the furniture package for the moment as in our view, it would simply be sitting on a building site collecting dust.

    In terms of furniture packages, I am more comfortable leaving this to someone else to complete for me. The Ikea in Banesea is more epensive than you would think and then you have the delivery charge and fitting etc. I was happy with what I could see FDW would give and there are other threads on this site which seem to recommend them from previous use. I also went to see some furniture packages in situ with Investment Romania and have to say they looked really good too so I think you have some good choices.

    Regarding rental income, we are prepared for the mortgage not being covered or even coming close to it really. The income that is likely to come in will not break even at all at the moment. Given that the mortgage will revert to the variable rate at the end of the promotional year one, then this will exacerbate the situation for us even more. We are now recalculating the entire purchase and running costs to make sure we are aware of everything that we need to know.

    I hope this helps you but I'd be glad to hear from you again and how you are finding the process.


    THUNDERCAT New Member

    Oh dear this does not inspire me with confidence. The FDW chap that rang me was suggesting a completion much later in the year.
    I will be in Bucharest in a couple of weeks, from what you say is there anything specific I should be bringing to the attention of the lawyers and would I be right in assuming I could not stop the deal and retrieve my deposit.
    Working on this assumption if I try to sell the apartment should I sell as furnished or unfurnished and let the buyer furnish to their own taste?
    If it came to it, how would I go about selling the apartment?
  14. hovis

    hovis New Member


    My comments are given in the spirit of someone who is purchasing themselves and not as an expert so please receive them in this manner - there are a couple of good agents in Romania who are happy to talk to people re potential letting, selling and furniture packages so your queries around those points are better directed to these.

    Regarding the legal issues - there is a thread on this web site that David Howe has posted recently which I think brings some of the legal issues to the surface. It was posted on 9th April and is called 'Greenfields Bucharest' and is clear and helpful.

    My understanding of the contract is that the deposit is non-refundable so if anyone does decide to withdraw and not to complete, then they would loose their 30%. But again, you may need to check this for yourself.

  15. willowtree1

    willowtree1 New Member

    Does anyone know exactly where this company FDL is registered and where its warehousing facilities and showroom is as i am very interested in purchasing some furniture !
  16. David howe

    David howe New Member

    Try Speaking with Silvia at Property Management Romania dot com. You will find she is very helpful with a proven track record in Romania and do not necessatate all money up front. 0040 728 014 680

    David Howe

    Investment Romania - Property Romania, Invest Romania, Investment Romania
  17. hovis

    hovis New Member

    Hi. From what I can gather they are based in Spain. I'm not aware of any warehousing facilities though. Their packages are really competitive and from other threads on this site, there seem to be people who have used them more than once. Perhaps they are able to offer more detail for you. Hope this helps
  18. David howe

    David howe New Member

    I have Just spoken with Silvia and she has had the opportunity to actually go to see the Sydney development. She had found the apartments are not as big as people were of the opinion that they were and approximately 50 meters is taken up by the car port and patio and that air con and kitchens are not necessatated. She now states that she would be willing to do basic rental furniture packages for 7,750 euro and can have it in place within 2 weeks of ordering on payment of a 30% deposit with residue within 10 days of furnishing.

    David Howe

    Investment Romania - Property Romania, Invest Romania, Investment Romania
  19. Furniture packs should not cost more than 6,000 EUR for medium quality furniture.
    Question is: do you need to buy it anyway? If a place has no rental potential why the **** put money in furniture? Or maybe it tickles your pride you buy furniture packs from such "big names"?

  20. David howe

    David howe New Member

    6000 euro for a 3 bedroom house will be very sparse, are you taking into consideration that this is 3 bedroom with delivery arrangement nd other snagging? Whilst it may be possibe I think it is very tight.


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